Radio: Chelsea Boyd on Psychedelic Medicine
Chelsea Boyd

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The Regulatory Landscape of Psychedelic Medicine
Chelsea Boyd & Stacey McKenna

Humans have been harnessing psychedelics for mental, emotional and spiritual healing for hundreds, possibly thousands, of years. Though known to affect sensory perception; increase introspection and…

Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy For Treating Mental Health Disorders
Chelsea Boyd

In the United States, half of all people will be diagnosed with a mental health disorder in their lifetime, and depression is the leading cause of years of life lost due to…

A Long, Strange Trip: Psychedelic Use in the Treatment of Mental Health Disorders
Alexandra McCandless

In a new paper, R Street Institute fellow Chelsea Boyd explores current evidence around using psychedelics to potentially treat mental health disorders, examines existing policies that govern their…

R Street Expands Team to Tackle Integrated Harm Reduction
William Gray

WASHINGTON (Oct. 4, 2021)—Over the past few months, the R Street Institute has been laser-focused on broadening the scope and expertise within its Integrated Harm Reduction policy program. Our…

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Puritan War on Public Health
Steven Greenhut

Puritanism is a weird thing, in that its modern-day adherents don’t seem to rely on any consistent principle beyond wanting to legalize behaviors they personally find acceptable and banning those…

Microdosing as a Therapeutic Alternative for Mental Health Issues
Stacey McKenna

Reviewed by: Stacey McKenna

Review of: Toby Lea et al., “Microdosing psychedelics: Motivations, subjective effects and harm reduction,” International Journal of Drug Policy (2020). 


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Newsflash: There Are Drugs at Coachella—Let’s Help People Use Them Safely
Carrie Wade

Coachella, the giant annual music and arts festival in California’s Colorado Desert, began April 12 and ends nine days later. As America’s largest event of its kind, it kicks off festival season…

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