Prosecutorial Reform


, The Crime Report
The False Choice Between ‘Progressive’ and ‘Old-Fashioned’ Prosecutors
Lars Trautman & Jonathan Haggerty

From The Crime Report:

For example, many jurisdictions have found success with empowering police to deflect individuals away from jail, including sending those charged with public intoxication…

, The Crime Report
Prosecutors Ponder Their Role During Nation’s Health Crisis
Arthur Rizer & Lars Trautman

From The Crime Report:

That was the tough question posed on Thursday to an online panel convened by three conservative groups: Right on Crime, the R Street Institute and the American Conservative…

How Legislators Can Support Prosecutorial Reform
Corinne Day

WASHINGTON (April 22, 2020) – Prosecutors across the country have shown the incredible potential of prosecutorial reform. However, they cannot reach these heights alone. Legislatures must get…

A Legislative Guide to Supporting Prosecutorial Reform
Lars Trautman

Prosecutorial efforts can only realize their lofty potential for positive change with the active and enduring support of state legislatures.
Press release: How Legislators Can Support Prosecutorial…

, American Viewpoints
Podcast: R Street Institute’s Lars Trautman On Prosecutorial Discretion and Reforms
Lars Trautman

From American Viewpoints:

The R Street Institute’s Lars Trautman discusses his recent op-ed, “It’s Not Anti-Law-And-Order To Back Prosecutorial Reform”.

It’s Not Anti-Law-And-Order To Back Prosecutorial Reform
Lars Trautman

If there is an invisible hand to the justice system, then it belongs to a prosecutor. Prosecutors stand at many of the most momentous points in the criminal justice process, wielding the power to…

, The Hill
Why prosecutorial discretion must be less discreet for criminal justice
Lars Trautman

It might seem entirely reasonable to expect that prosecutors will always prosecute an offense. After all, it is right there in the name. However, in becoming the latest legislative body to draw this…

Jury is still out on whether the justice system can be fixed
Steven Greenhut

SACRAMENTO – My latest experience with jury duty highlighted some of the well-known flaws in how our system determines an accused person’s guilt or innocence. I was close to being impaneled when…

, Washington Post
Prosecutors should address the issues underlying crimes
Lars Trautman

Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey A. Rosen’s assertion in his Nov. 28 Thursday Opinion essay, “Prosecutors who won’t enforce the law,” that local prosecutors ought to prosecute vigorously…