Prosecutorial Reform


, The Newnan Times-Herald
Prosecutors can be the catalyst for justice reform
Marc Hyden

Like myriad other Americans, I watched the grainy Ahmaud Arbery video showing the young man’s terrifying final minutes before being gunned down. I was demoralized, outraged and also perplexed. The…

Improving prosecution one checklist at a time
William Gray

Prosecutors have a critical role to play to address mass incarceration and racial and ethnic disparities in case outcomes. But, they are overwhelmed and the system they work within is…

How a checklist could improve prosecution
Lars Trautman

A prosecutor decision checklist would operate at two levels. First, it would force line prosecutors to pause briefly in the administration of justice and consider each decision in the context of…

, Fox News
Prosecutorial Reform in Focus
Arthur Rizer

Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, on Saturday denounced President Trump’s commutation of Roger Stone’s prison sentence as “unprecedented, historic corruption.” But as former prosecutors, we believe…

, The Crime Report
The False Choice Between ‘Progressive’ and ‘Old-Fashioned’ Prosecutors
Lars Trautman & Jonathan Haggerty

From The Crime Report:

For example, many jurisdictions have found success with empowering police to deflect individuals away from jail, including sending those charged with public intoxication…

, The Crime Report
Prosecutors Ponder Their Role During Nation’s Health Crisis
Arthur Rizer & Lars Trautman

From The Crime Report:

That was the tough question posed on Thursday to an online panel convened by three conservative groups: Right on Crime, the R Street Institute and the American Conservative…

How Legislators Can Support Prosecutorial Reform
Corinne Day

WASHINGTON (April 22, 2020) – Prosecutors across the country have shown the incredible potential of prosecutorial reform. However, they cannot reach these heights alone. Legislatures must get…

A Legislative Guide to Supporting Prosecutorial Reform
Lars Trautman

Prosecutorial efforts can only realize their lofty potential for positive change with the active and enduring support of state legislatures.
Press release: How Legislators Can Support Prosecutorial…

, American Viewpoints
Podcast: R Street Institute’s Lars Trautman On Prosecutorial Discretion and Reforms
Lars Trautman

From American Viewpoints:

The R Street Institute’s Lars Trautman discusses his recent op-ed, “It’s Not Anti-Law-And-Order To Back Prosecutorial Reform”.

It’s Not Anti-Law-And-Order To Back Prosecutorial Reform
Lars Trautman

If there is an invisible hand to the justice system, then it belongs to a prosecutor. Prosecutors stand at many of the most momentous points in the criminal justice process, wielding the power to…