Prosecutorial Reform


Calling on President Biden: Now is the Time for a Prosecutorial Task Force
Christi Smith & Jillian Snider

Article:  “The Case for a Presidential Task Force on 21st Century Prosecution,” Fair and Just Prosecution, 2021.

The Biden administration is facing increased pressure to make good on a…

Prosecution & Public Safety
Lars Trautman

Public safety is typically not far from the minds of prosecutors. Its promotion and protection is generally a core priority and considered by those outside of prosecution to be an integral component…

Prosecution & Human Dignity
Lars Trautman

It is hardly a secret that the criminal justice system frequently runs roughshod over the inherent human dignity of those individuals unfortunate enough to find themselves enveloped by it. To see the…

Prosecution & Liberty
Lars Trautman

While taxes and regulations frequently draw the ire of Americans interested in liberty and limited government, by far the biggest imposition on individual freedom comes from the criminal justice…

Prosecution & Equity
Lars Trautman

Equal justice under the law. It is at once an ideal critical to the legitimacy of the criminal justice system and one that all too often remains unrealized. Demographic data on criminal justice…

Prosecution & Fiscal Responsibility
Lars Trautman

In the pursuit of justice, concerns over money can seem dirty, inconsequential and downright wrong. Prosecutors rarely talk about the financial ramifications of their decisions and the only time that…

Prosecutorial Roles in Reducing Racial Disparities in the Justice System
Jillian Snider

From Philanthropy News Digest:

Racial disparities within the criminal justice system are among the most pressing problems facing criminal justice policy makers and practitioners, with Black…

Prosecutorial Roles in Reducing Racial Disparities in the Justice System
Nila Bala & Casey Witte & Lars Trautman

Executive Summary

The most pressing problems facing criminal justice policymakers and practitioners are racial disparities within the criminal justice system. In many instances, the data on…

, Orange County Register
Progressive DA’s shake up tough-on-crime status quo
Steven Greenhut

SACRAMENTO – One need only look back at decades of news reports about the behavior of various California district attorneys and attorneys general to come to a sobering conclusion. Most people will…

In SUPPORT of LB 151, AN ACT relating to criminal procedure; to adopt the Prosecutorial Transparency Act, and to provide severability.
Lars Trautman

My name is Lars Trautman, and I am a senior fellow for Criminal Justice and Civil Liberties policy at the R Street Institute, which is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, public policy research organization….

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