, The Gazette
Iowa has a plan to fix policing, but is it enough?
Arthur Rizer & Casey Witte

By all accounts, 2020 has been a watershed year for policing. Now more than ever, Americans are looking at how police go about keeping the peace — and they are asking questions. The deaths of…

, Sphere
Video: What Would Meaningful Police Reform Look Like?
Arthur Rizer

From Sphere:

Police are supposed to preserve and protect, but problems in policing have begun to dominate the national debate. And what will the resulting policy changes look like? And will…

Citation in Lieu of Arrest
Lars Trautman
, The Gazette
A call for transparency in policing
Arthur Rizer

From The Gazette:
Simply requiring officers to collect the data can improve individual behavior, according to Arthur Rizer, an expert from the right-of-center R Street Institute who spoke at a…

Alternatives to Police Responses
Lars Trautman
, Daily Dot
‘Second Amendment only applies to white people’: People point out double standard following Breonna Taylor gun photo
Steven Greenhut

From Daily Dot:

Yet, those same advocates have seemingly failed to speak out in support of Taylor and Walker, even though her case, according to Reason, poses a risk to Second Amendment rights.

, Marketplace
How constant surveillance puts protesters at risk
Nila Bala

From Marketplace:

And that same company, GEDmatch, was recently purchased just last year by a company that has close ties to a policing agency. And this company is not just about finding…

If You Walk Without Rhythm, You Won’t Attract the Worm
Shoshana Weissmann

From The Remnant with Jonah Goldberg:

Show Notes:

–Start a 30-day free trial of The Dispatch

–Jonah’s Wednesday G-File, un-paywalled due to popular demand

–This week’s…

, Tertium Quids Media
Radio: How To Fix The Police
Steven Greenhut

From Tertium Quids Media:

On this Wednesday edition of Freedom & Prosperity Radio Joe Thomas is joined by Steve Greenhut, Resident Senior Fellow and Western Region Director, State Affairs…

, Talk 107.3
Radio: Mornings with Brian Haldane: Arthur Rizer – October 2020
Arthur Rizer

From Talk 107.3:

On this segment from Mornings with Brian Haldane we talk with Arthur Rizer from The R Street Institute about the current state of police reform in our country.

Listen here.