Memorandum to the Public and BPD Members
Nila Bala

November 15, 2019
Memorandum to the Public and BPD Members
RE: Draft Policy 1207, Youth Interrogations

The Baltimore Police…

, The Hill
Police officers should not have to handle every crisis in their paths
Lars Trautman

The crises playing out daily in streets across the country are diverse, yet the people responding to them tend to be the same. Whether an incident involves a person committing a crime, suffering a…

, Washington Monthly
The Conservative Case Against Trump’s Immigration Policies
Arthur Rizer & Jonathan Haggerty

Since the Trump administration has implemented its extraordinarily strict immigration policies, stories of officials ripping children from their mother’s arms have abounded. These kinds of…

, Washington Examiner
The problem with ‘law and order’ approach to criminal justice
Lars Trautman

Law and order, or criminal justice reform?

To hear Attorney General William Barr and others hostile to recent reforms tell it, the two are incompatible. In their eyes, “tolerance” is a dirty…

, Forbes
Supreme Court Traffic Stop Case Could Drastically Limit Drivers’ Fourth Amendment Rights
Arthur Rizer

From Forbes:

Several of the coalition’s members, including the Fines and Fees Justice Center, the Institute for Justice, and the Southern Poverty Law Center, joined with the Cato Institute and R…

, Institute for Justice
Diverse Groups to Supreme Court: Drivers’ License Suspension is not an Excuse to Pull Someone Over
Arthur Rizer

From Institute for Justice:

The amicus brief, which was signed by the Cato Institute, Fines and Fees Justice Center, the Institute for Justice, R Street Institute, and the Southern Poverty Law…

, AllOnGeorgia
COLUMN: New Law Leaves Georgians Dazed and Confused
Marc Hyden

“Exact science … is not an exact science. The machine simply does not operate as expected,” David Bowie said as Nikola Tesla in the movie The Prestige. While this quote referenced one of…

, The Crime Report
Black and White Justice
Emily Mooney

All he wanted was a slushie.

But after making a “wide turn” on his way to do so, black teenager Tae-Ahn Leawas pulled over, frisked, and handcuffed by officers from the Louisville Metro…

, National Affairs
Changing Police Norms
Daniel Semelsberger & Arthur Rizer

*This article was peer reviewed by professionals who are subject matter experts in the field of police diversion. Reviewers include: Nixon Camilien, PhD, Jac A. Charlier, Elizabeth Sinclair, and…

, Newsy
Jon Haggerty on Newsy’s The Why
Jonathan Haggerty

From Newsy:

Jon Haggerty discusses the policy implications of President Trump’s ICE raids.