, PA Post
Some police departments say publicizing use-of-force policies builds trust. Others say the public can’t be trusted
Arthur Rizer

From PA Post:
But the scenario of criminals deliberately pushing police officers’ boundaries to trigger unnecessary use of force is ludicrous, said Arthur Rizer, director of criminal justice…

Senator Murray Cosponsors Bipartisan Amendment to Stop Transfer of Tear Gas, Other Military Equipment to Police Departments
Arthur Rizer

From US Senator Patty Murray:

Additionally, a 2018 policy study by R Street notes that another reason for an increase in violence by a militarized law enforcement is that law enforcement is more…

, National Review
Podcast: Episode 127: Que Sera, Serra
Steven Greenhut

From National Review:

Will talks with historian Robert M. Senkewicz about Junípero Serra, founder of the California missions; object of veneration, admiration, and hate. In other news, Steve…

, Arnold Ventures
‘We’re Talking About Access to Justice’: 8 Key Quotes From the 2020 Innovations Conference
Arthur Rizer

From Arnold Ventures:
Panel: Community Supervision: Long-Term Reform And Short-Term Responses (Sponsored by R Street Institute)
Arthur Rizer, R Street Institute

The history of community…

ABD’de Polis Şiddetine Karşı Yasa Tasarısı
Arthur Rizer

From VOA:

Eğer söz konusu yasa tasarısı yasa haline gelirse polisler için yasal doktrinin kaldırılmasıyla yasa dışı ya da anayasaya uymayan polis hareketleri karşısında kurbanlar…

Draft Law Against Police Violence in the USA
Arthur Rizer

From VOA:

There is a movement in Congress to pass a new law that will lift the ban on law suits against police officers. Arthur Rizer, a policing expert, believes that the movement is a positive…

, Captured Economy
This Week in Occupational Licensing, June 24th
Shoshana Weissmann

From Captured Economy:

Shoshana Weissmann writes in a Washington Examiner opinion piece that its often easier to lose a cosmetology license than it is to lose the ability to be a police…

Radio: How do we reform our police?
Jonathan Haggerty

From WHO AM:

R Street’s Jonathan Haggerty discusses overcriminalization and policing in the United States. Haggerty tackles the question of how do we reform our police system?

Video: What Does Defund the Police Actually Mean
Jesse Kelley

From National Center for Civil and Human Rights:

The recent murders of unarmed black men and women, including Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and here in Atlanta, Rayshard Brooks, and the…

Video: “Heart to Heart” Series: The Future of Police: Abolish, Reform or Refocus?
Arthur Rizer

From FAMM:

Today, we’re having a discussion about how cities can protect and serve all communities.

Our special guest:
Dominique Johnson
Arthur Rizer

Watch here.