Police data collection in Chicago creates accountability and improves officer safety
SteVon Felton

In a last ditch effort to undermine criminal justice reform efforts, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions solidified his opposition to consent decrees by limiting their use by the federal…

, Crain's New York
City law promises to make police courteous
Jesse Kelley & Nicolas John

In the Big Apple, the simple practice of swapping business cards is taking on a new meaning. As a direct result of the 2017 Right to Know Act, which took effect last month, New York Police…

Criticism and Transparency are Good for Police Departments
SteVon Felton

California has entered into a new era of police transparency after passing Senate Bill 1421 and Assembly Bill 748, which make public previously protected personnel files related to officer misconduct…

, TechTank
Protecting second chances for the formerly incarcerated in the age of facial recognition
Nila Bala & Lars Trautman

Computers are once again learning something that humans have long understood: Putting a name to a face can be an elusive endeavor. Indeed, as facial recognition software is added to everything…

, Playboy
From the Punisher to 50 cent, how the war on terror made tactical gear stylish
Media Coverage

From Playboy:
In a policy paper published earlier this year entitled “Equip Police More Like Batman and Less Like G.I. Joe,” Iraq War veteran and former police officer Arthur Rizer argued that…

R Street letter in support of Senate Bill 1303 (Pan)
Steven Greenhut

Dear Governor Brown:

The R Street Institute urges support for SB 1303 and respectfully requests your signature on the measure. R Street is a Washington, D.C.-based think-tank with offices in…

, Western Free Press
If the Left Desires to Curb Police Abuse, They Must Confront Their Allegiance to Unions
Media Coverage

From the Western Free Press:
In this regard, police unions are rarely ever different from other unions in the public sector. Just like firing bad cops is rarely ever done, firing bad teachers and…

To confront police violence, progressives must first confront their allegiance to unions
Media Coverage

Steven Greenhut cited in Foundation for Economic Education:
In this regard, police unions are rarely ever different from other unions in the public sector.

, InsideSources
Sagging pants should be a low priority for legislators
SteVon Felton

In states like South Carolina and Montana, elected officials are moonlighting as the fashion police. As if the social pressures to look presentable are not enough of a hassle, some government…

, OC Register
Defunct law firm deal doesn’t settle concerns on police union ‘playbook’
Steven Greenhut

The recent announcement that a now-defunct law firm will pay $600,000 to a former Costa Mesa mayor and a current councilman and his wife puts to bed an ugly chapter in that Orange County city’s…