, Reason
Want Better Policing? Make It Easier To Fire Bad Cops.
Steven Greenhut

If you’re a Realtor, contractor, or insurance agent who engages in serious misbehavior, the state can strip you of the license that allows you to practice your profession. Occupational licensing…

, The Crime Report
Don’t Defund Police, Spend More on Training
Anthony Lamorena

Over decades, we have repeatedly witnessed examples of bad policing in our communities. Most recently, they include the murders of Eric Garner in 2014, George Floyd in 2020 and Daunte Wright in…

, Politifact
One year after George Floyd’s death, police reform talks linger
Jillian Snider

From Politifact:
Our Sources
Jill Snider, policy director of criminal justice and civil liberties at the R Street Institute, Statement to PolitiFact, May 24, 2021

, Tennessean
To build on Tennessee’s success in public safety, let’s rethink community supervision
Casey Witte

In his February State of the State address, Gov. Bill Lee sent a clear message that public safety in Tennessee is a top priority.
By announcing over $4.7 million in funding for reporting centers…

R Street on the One Year Anniversary of George Floyd’s Death
Corinne Day

WASHINGTON (May 25, 2021)—On the one year anniversary of the death of George Floyd, R Street’s Director of Criminal Justice and Civil Liberties Jillian Snider released the following…

In SUPPORT of SB 111 – Delaware Clean Slate Initiative
Jillian Snider

Chairman and members of the committee,

My name is Jillian E. Snider, and I am the policy director of criminal justice and civil liberties at the R Street Institute, which is a nonprofit,…

, California Policy Center
Oh, the irony!
Steven Greenhut

From California Policy Center:

Some states are finally getting serious about addressing police misconduct

, The Newnan Times-Herald
Passing the Buck on Atlanta’s Crime
Marc Hyden

After another tragic week, Atlanta can no longer ignore the increasing crime that has unfortunately become the norm. According to a recent Atlanta Police Department report, year to date, murders…

What Massachusetts can teach us about police-assisted referral programs for substance use disorders
Stacey McKenna

REVIEW OF: Melissa Davoust et al., “Examining the implementation of police-assisted referral programs for substance use disorder services in Massachusetts,” International Journal of Drug Policy…

, National Review
Biden’s Menthol Ban Is Bad Policy
Eli Lehrer

The proposed ban won’t improve health outcomes, but will bring more people under government coercion.

After more than a decade of reports, conferences, petitions, proposals and protests,…

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