, California Policy Center
Oh, the irony!
Steven Greenhut

From California Policy Center:

Some states are finally getting serious about addressing police misconduct

, The Newnan Times-Herald
Passing the Buck on Atlanta’s Crime
Marc Hyden

After another tragic week, Atlanta can no longer ignore the increasing crime that has unfortunately become the norm. According to a recent Atlanta Police Department report, year to date, murders…

What Massachusetts can teach us about police-assisted referral programs for substance use disorders
Stacey McKenna

REVIEW OF: Melissa Davoust et al., “Examining the implementation of police-assisted referral programs for substance use disorder services in Massachusetts,” International Journal of Drug Policy…

, National Review
Biden’s Menthol Ban Is Bad Policy
Eli Lehrer

The proposed ban won’t improve health outcomes, but will bring more people under government coercion.

After more than a decade of reports, conferences, petitions, proposals and protests,…

, reason
Some States Are Finally Getting Serious About Addressing Police Misconduct
Steven Greenhut

The nation has finally learned what it takes to remove a bad officer from a police force and provide some modicum of justice in a police-abuse case. We need only capture on video an officer slowly…

, reason
Fight Crime by Ending Civil Asset Forfeiture
Steven Greenhut

From reason:

“Unfortunately, state reforms aren’t enough because police agencies have concocted a clever workaround,” Steven Greenhut pointed out earlier this month in Reason. “They take…

The verdict will not bring George Floyd back. Here is where we go next.
Nila Bala

On Tuesday, former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all counts in the murder of George Floyd. As President Joe Biden said, this verdict is a step forward. It symbolizes a…

Community supervision needs reform
Anthony Lamorena

Did you know that one in 72 adults in the United States are on probation?

Probation and parole were supposed to fix our nation’s over-reliance on incarceration, but after nearly four decades and…

, Times Colonist
‘Justice for George is freedom for all’: scrutiny of police follows Chauvin verdict
Nila Bala

From Times Colonist:

It will be important to focus not on the cases that make the news, but on the lesser-known and far more frequent interactions that don’t, said former Baltimore public defender…

Chance for real bipartisanship: End ‘policing for profit’
Steven Greenhut

During the seemingly endless run up to the last election, my partisan friends would often say to me, “politics is binary.” Their point is that voters only have two serious choices in any…