, The American Spectator
On Police Reform, Business as Usual
Steven Greenhut

Some political observers would have us believe that substantive police reform bills failed in this year’s legislative session because of the COVID-shortened schedule — and the myriad…

, The Crime Report
How ‘Warrior Policing’ Undermines U.S. Law Enforcement
Arthur Rizer

As law enforcement veterans, we found the footage of the Jacob Blake shooting—yet another unarmed Black man gunned down by the police—distressing beyond words.

The profession of policing was…

, Vox
Democrats are running on the most progressive police reform agenda in modern American history
Arthur Rizer

From Vox:

“The Democratic 2016 criminal justice plan is eerily similar to the current Republican plan being pushed by Senator Scott,” says Arthur Rizer, director of the criminal justice…

, The Telegraph
‘The law had failed’: Meet the militia groups taking to the streets against Black Lives Matter
Arthur Rizer

From The Telegraph:

But law and order experts believe the police are not in general relaxed about the rise of armed militias, said Arthur Rizer, the director of criminal justice and civil…

, Talk 107.3
Radio: Mornings with Brian Haldane: Jesse Kelley
Jesse Kelley

From Talk 107.3:

This morning Brian talked with Jesse Kelley with the R Street Institute They discuss what police reforms should be looked at, what data shows the intervention that’s needed and…

Fines, Fees and Police Divestment – August 2020 Newsletter
Arthur Rizer

From Fines & Fees Justice Center:

In Florida, a federal appeals court is about to decide whether to uphold the state’s law requiring people with felony convictions to pay off all fines and…

Podcast: How should we talk about police reform?
Arthur Rizer

From Center for the Study of Liberty:

In a summer of unrest and public debate around the issue of police reform, Dr. Jennifer K. Thompson is joined by Arthur Rizer, Director of Criminal…

PTACC Ticker Wednesday, August 12th
Arthur Rizer


“Cops are very equipped to be the hammer and enforce the law. They know how to use those tools forcefully and effectively; for everything else, they are lacking.” –Arthur Rizer,…

, ArcaMax
Commentary: Calls to defund police clash with push to have officers enforce COVID-19 restrictions
Emily Mooney

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and racial justice protests have come together to produce one of the strangest ironies of 2020: Many of the same people who publicly support defunding the police and…

, Kenosha Reporter
Rizer: “Carpetbagger” rioters are part of the problem; Climate could spark off riots elsewhere
Arthur Rizer

From Kenosha Reporter:

Arthur Rizer, a national security expert for R Street, a D.C.-based think tank, says that conditions are right for riots to spark off in other cities and that some of these…