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This Week in Intellectual Property, June 9th
Charles Duan

From Captured Economy:

Charles Duan of the R Street Institute has an excellent article about the relationship between patents and national security. Even when patents do spur innovation, limit…

Of Monopolies and Monocultures: The Intersection of Patents and National Security
Charles Duan


It was certainly an odd thing for the Department of Justice attorney arguing for the United States to appear before the Ninth Circuit to tell the appellate judges that a federal…

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Could a patent get in between you and a Covid-19 test? Yes
Charles Duan

From The Guardian:

In 2001, the United States faced a credible threat of an anthrax outbreak, yet Bayer refused to license its patents on ciprofloxacin (Cipro), the most effective antibiotic…

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Bret Stephens’ Pharmapologetics
Charles Duan

From Captured Economy:

Now, when the demand for both innovation and access is high, it’s time to think outside the box and reevaluate the relationship between pharmaceutical drugs and the…

Event Summary: Innovation During COVID 19: From Vaccines to Open Source Ventilators to Homemade Masks
Alexa Cunniff

On Wednesday, May 6, the R Street Institute held a panel discussion on the innovation of health products that will help the public during COVID-19 and future pandemics. This discussion was…

, Written Description
Who’s Afraid of Section 1498?: Government Patent Use as Versatile Policy Tool
Charles Duan

From vaccines to ventilators to diagnostic tests, technology has dominated response strategies to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Where technology leads, patent law and policy follow. Recently, some…

, Kaiser Health News
Stat: The Tension Between Public Health And Patents In The Covid-19 Era
Charles Duan

From Kaiser Health News:

The Covid-19 pandemic, devastating as it is, is producing some triumphs of collaborative research and innovation, as everyone from the World Health Organization to…

The tension between public health and patents in the era of Covid-19
Charles Duan

The Covid-19 pandemic, devastating as it is, is producing some triumphs of collaborative research and innovation, as everyone from the World Health Organization to national laboratories,…

, Washington Examiner
Coronavirus reveals holes in American innovation policy — and how to fix them
Charles Duan

If necessity is the mother of invention, then a pandemic must be the parent of genius.

During the last few weeks of the worldwide coronavirus outbreak, the level of innovation in ventilators alone…

, The Hill
New coronavirus legislation shows flaws with patent policy in America
Charles Duan

Senator Ben Sasse introduced a new coronavirus relief bill this week that would shield health providers from several forms of legal exposure as they fight the pandemic. This bill reveals an important…