Better patents mean more innovation
Wayne Brough

Patents have a long history that can be traced back to at least 1474 when the city-state of Venice used patents to attract skilled artisans to the flourishing city-state. But just as importantly,…

, Bloomberg Law
Biden Vaccine IP Waiver Stance Offers Clue on Patent Office Pick
Charles Duan

From Bloomberg Law:

“The WTO petition has shone a spotlight on how Trump’s patent-friendly policies have been in tension with public welfare interests,” said Charles Duan, a senior fellow at…

Gene Patents, Drug Prices, and Scientific Research: Unexpected Effects of Recently Proposed Patent Eligibility Legislation
Charles Duan

From SSRN:

Recently, Congress has considered legislation to § 101, a section of the Patent Act that the Supreme Court has held to prohibit patenting of laws of nature, natural…

, Captured Economy
This Week in Intellectual Property, March 10th
Gary Winslett

From Captured Economy:

Gary Winslett of R Street Institute proposes a compromise solution to the current debate surrounding TRIPS waivers as it relates to COVID-related IP. He proposes a two-year…

, Boston Globe
Biden must boost global vaccine supply
Charles Duan

From Boston Globe:

Ultimately, if vaccine producers are unwilling to open up their technology and know-how to other manufacturers, the federal government could invoke Section 1498 of Title 28 of…

, The New Atlantis
Patents and the Common Good
Charles Duan

The drug company Moderna created its Covid-19 vaccine with the help of taxpayer dollars. Who gets the patents? And so who gets to decide who manufactures the drug and what it costs? If Moderna gets…

Biologics Patent Litigation: Reforms for Lowering Drug Prices
Charles Duan


According to poll data, eight in ten Americans have characterized the cost of prescription drugs as “unreasonable.” As a result, millions of citizens are becoming sicker or even…

How Patent Litigation Can Help Lower Drug Prices
Corinne Day

WASHINGTON (Feb. 17, 2021)—As pressure mounts on Congress and the Biden administration to address COVID-19 and domestic healthcare policy more generally, there has been increasing attention to…

In opposition to the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s (Office) proposal
Charles Duan

Attn: Scott C. Weidenfeller
Vice Chief Administrative Patent Judge
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
PO Box 1450
Alexandria, VA 22314

The R Street Institute respectfully submits the following…

, RealClearPolicy
Market Passed Them By — So Patent Troll or Try
Bill Watson

From RealClearPolicy:

And when it became apparent that smartphone-based payment technologies had passed the company by, it filed patent infringement actions against Samsung, a leading…

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