Opioid Harm Reduction


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Can Harm Reduction Finally Take Root in America’s Schools?
Carrie Wade

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Reviewed Work: “Association of Nonmedical Prescription Opioid Use With Subsequent Heroin Use Initiation in Adolescents”
Stacey McKenna

Many American teens report current or past non-medical use of prescription drugs, most often opioids. On its own, this is a public health concern because youth are at increased risk for serious…

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Georgia Needs Creative Solutions to Combat the Opioid Crisis
Marc Hyden

Over 400,000 Americans have died from opioid abuse, be it heroin or synthetic prescriptions, since 1999. To put this death toll into perspective, roughly the same number of Americans perished in…

Ohio Resolution Seeks to Address Two of the Nation’s Most Pressing Drug Crises
Alan Smith

Two drug crises have fought their way to the top tier of American consciousness: prescription medication addiction and drug trafficking.

Sorting out the appropriate guiderails for the use of…

Reviewed Work: “Opioid misuse initiation: Implications for intervention”
Stacey McKenna

As the consequences of opioid misuse and abuse
continue to be a concern throughout the United States—from a rise in overdose
deaths to emergency
department visits—the priority to hone…

R Sheet on Opioid and Injection Drug Use Harm Reduction
Carrie Wade & Chelsea Boyd

 Harm reduction programs offer crucial services that save lives and decrease disease transmission. They also encourage interaction with medical professionals, which can improve individual and…

Reviewed Work: “The Moral Hazard of Lifesaving Innovations: Naloxone Access, Opioid Abuse, and Crime”
Carrie Wade & Chelsea Boyd

Harm reduction approaches to manage the risks or consequences from opioid use have already helped reduce rates of infectious disease transmission from injection drug use and overdose deaths. They…

Methadone treatment in Essex County jails can save lives
Nila Bala & Chelsea Boyd

In the first ruling of its kind, a federal judge has ordered the Essex County House of Correction in Middleton to provide methadone to Geoffrey Pesce while he is in jail. The ruling is novel,…

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The Canadian model for the opioid crisis

From the Washington Examiner:
Nicolas John for the R Street Institute: By discarding the prescription requirement for naloxone, the Canadian government has helped break down the powerful stigma…