Opioid Harm Reduction


New York Post opioid coverage is divisive, fear-mongering tabloid fodder
Stacey McKenna & Christi Smith

Drug addicts shooting up. Needle-wielding deviants running rampant. Police standing idly by as heroin flows into arms, and needles are swapped in streets and parks. This is the grim picture the New…

Fed financial official slams Congress for cannabis inaction
Stacey McKenna & Jillian Snider

From Marijuana Moment:

The R Street Institute is asking Congress to reject the Biden administration’s proposal to permanently control fentanyl-related substances in Schedule I.

R Street Institute opposes the ONDCP, HHS and DOJ’s recommendation to schedule fentanyl-related substances permanently
Stacey McKenna & Jillian Snider

WASHINGTON (Sept. 8, 2021)—Last week, on behalf of the Biden-Harris administration, the Office of National Drug Control Policy, Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Justice…

More than 140 Groups Urge White House to End Over-Criminalization of Fentanyl-Related Substances
Mazen Saleh

Dear President Biden and Vice President Harris:

The 142 undersigned organizations write to urge the Biden administration and Congress to let the Trump administration temporary “classwide”…

Law Enforcement Exposure to Ultra-Potent Opioids
Stacey McKenna & Christi Smith

In 2020, more than 90,000 people in the United States died of a drug overdose. Nearly two-thirds of those deaths involved synthetic opioids such as fentanyl and its analogues, often collectively…

Five Things to Know About Fentanyl Test Strips
Stacey McKenna

In April 2021, the Biden-Harris administration unlocked federal funding to support the purchase and distribution of rapid fentanyl test strips (FTS). Originally developed to detect fentanyl in urine,…

The FIGHT Fentanyl Act won’t prevent overdoses but it could make the opioid problem worse
Stacey McKenna & Christi Smith

In recent years, synthetic opioids have driven rising overdose death rates in the United States, undermining progress in combating the broader opioid and overdose crises. Since 2019, approximately 75…

Research increasingly suggests compulsory drug abstinence programs are associated with increased risk for drug overdose, but their relationship to HIV risk is less clear.
Stacey McKenna

Article: Assessing HIV and overdose risks for people who use drugs exposed to compulsory drug abstinence programs (CDAP): A systematic review and meta-analysis. (2021). Anh T. Vo, Christopher Magana,…

Model shows incarceration an independent factor in HCV transmission among people who inject drugs
Stacey McKenna

REVIEW OF: Jack Stone et al. “Modeling the role of incarceration in HCV transmission and prevention amongst people who inject drugs in rural Kentucky,” International Journal of Drug Policy…

What Massachusetts can teach us about police-assisted referral programs for substance use disorders
Stacey McKenna

REVIEW OF: Melissa Davoust et al., “Examining the implementation of police-assisted referral programs for substance use disorder services in Massachusetts,” International Journal of Drug Policy…

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