Opioid Harm Reduction


When it comes to fentanyl-related substances, testing—not classwide scheduling—could save lives
Stacey McKenna

In 2018, the Trump administration and the Drug Enforcement Administration issued a temporary emergency order that, for the first time, placed an entire class of drugs, referred to as…

, Orange County Register
Partisan politics derails efforts to improve public health through harm reduction
Chelsea Boyd

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Saving lives should be a winning political proposition regardless of one’s party affiliation. Yet, when it comes to policies like “harm reduction,” politicians are often…

, Senator Cory Booker
Booker Unites Broad Spectrum of Support Behind New Legislation Requiring Scientific and Medical Studies to Develop Treatments for Opioid Overdoses
Mazen Saleh

From Senator Cory Booker:

Today, U.S. Senator Cory Booker (D-N.J.) announced the Temporary Emergency Scheduling and Testing (TEST) of Fentanyl Analogues Act, legislation that would extend the…

The Policy Landscape of Overdose Prevention Centers in the United States
Chelsea Boyd

Executive Summary

The United States is in the midst of an overdose crisis. One promising harm reduction intervention that could prevent overdoses and curb the crisis is overdose prevention centers…

Overdose prevention centers are an important tool in fighting the overdose crisis
Ann Phelan

WASHINGTON (Oct. 12, 2022)–A new report published today by Chelsea Boyd, research fellow for the Integrated Harm Reduction Policy Program at the R Street Institute, examines the benefits of…

Harm Reduction at the Pharmacy
Chelsea Boyd


In many areas, pharmacies are among the most accessible locations to receive healthcare. In fact, according to estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and…

Harm reduction policy can save lives. But government overreach is getting in the way.
Ann Phelan

WASHINGTON (July 18, 2022) –– In a new paper, R Street Institute Resident Senior Fellow for Integrated Harm Reduction, Stacey McKenna, examines the way current public policy may create barriers…

Uncovering Policies That Prevent Syringe Services and Related Harm Reduction Programs from Meeting Community Needs
Stacey McKenna

Executive Summary
To combat rising rates of drug overdoses, the United States government has begun to embrace a public health response that has been saving lives for decades: harm reduction….

, New York Daily News
Put harm reduction first, New York
Sarah Wall

If more than 107,000 lives were lost in one year due to a single cause — say, toxic waste in a town’s water supply — it wouldn’t just be a tragedy, but an outrage demanding immediate…

, The Hill
For harm reduction to work, we need a full defense
Mazen Saleh & Stacey McKenna

With the recent release of the National Drug Control Strategy, the Biden administration has codified its support of harm reduction to reduce the number of overdose deaths attributed to substance…

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