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, R Street Institute
Event: Surveying the Hybrid Speech Governance Landscape
Chris Riley

Speech regulation is an especially thorny issue in the United States: with the First Amendment confining its actions, the government ostensibly cannot pass significant…

, The American Spectator
It’s for the Children!
Steven Greenhut

At a property rights conference in San Bernardino County many years ago, former state Sen. Tom McClintock (now a Republican congressman representing the Sacramento area) and I joined a standing…

, Newnan Times-Herald
The laboratories of democracy need to stop importing bad ideas
Marc Hyden

One of the many benefits of our system of federalism is that states can experiment with different policies, and if successful, other states and even the federal government can consider adopting them….

, R Street Institute
Event: Content and Governance Online: Working Together for a Better Internet
Chris Riley & Eli Lehrer

Joint event of the R Street Institute and the Integrity…

, Duluth News Tribune
Clumsy regulation could create new privacy, 1st Amendment concerns
Josh Withrow

Lawmakers responding to concerns about how digital content may harm some users have become increasingly fixated upon regulating the algorithms that organize online content — especially with respect…

Protecting safety online could become a lot harder.
Chris Riley

Thanks to a recent Fifth Circuit decision, the social media services that have become so integrated into our online lives may quickly become much less safe. To combat this, R Street joined the filing…

Radio: Moving Forward After the Tragedy in Buffalo
Shoshana Weissmann

From Inside Sources with Boyd Matheson:

Over the weekend, a gunman opened fire at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, killing several Black people. The shooter reportedly had white…

Radio: Do We Need A “Ministry of Truth”?
Steven Greenhut

From Inside Sources with Boyd Matheson:

A lot of people are very nervous about the idea of a government disinformation board, believing it’s something straight out of a dystopian…

, NAB Amplify
Social Media Is Making and Remaking Itself All the Time
Chris Riley

From NAB Amplify:

We may be aware that on social media we exist in an echo chamber of news and opinions that seemingly reflect our own but we may not quite understand how it all works. That’s…

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