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Testimony for Fostering A Healthier Internet to Protect Consumers Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act
Kristen Nyman & Jeffrey Westling & Shoshana Weissmann


Thank you for holding this important hearing on fostering a healthier Internet to…

, Politico
Amazon targeted (again) at Dem debate
Daisy Soderberg-Rivkin

From Politico:
OF NOTE — The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation is divvying up $6 million among three Washington-based tech policy groups conducting research on online content moderation and…

Senator Hawley introduces the gold standard of unserious social media regulation
Shoshana Weissmann

On Tuesday, Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., introduced legislation to regulate social media that is so divorced from any reality of how the technology functions that it reads more like a luddite’s fever…

How to realistically keep kids safe online
Daisy Soderberg-Rivkin

What do you picture when someone refers to a “war room”?  Most likely, you see a room filled with screens displaying a crisis scenario, maps of troops’ positions, and a live feed of a military…

, The Washington Times
Holding the technology industry hostage
Daisy Soderberg-Rivkin

During my years at Google, down the hall from the free food, the kombucha on tap and the nap pods, I would settle down on my ergonomic swivel chair and take a deep breath, preparing myself to look…

Hawley’s Attack on Section 230 Hurts Conservatives
Jeffrey Westling

A few weeks ago, YouTube demonetized conservative comedian Steven Crowder for repeatedly making derogatory comments about a homosexual Vox reporter. Unsurprisingly, this outcome made no one happy….

, Morning Consult
Fool Me Once … You Can’t Get Fooled Again
Jeffrey Westling

Despite public pressures, Facebook decided not to remove an altered video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that makes her appear drunk at a public event. In the wake of this incident, many…

, Tech Policy Podcast
Everything You Wanted to Know about Information Fiduciaries but Were Afraid to Ask
Mike Godwin

From Tech Policy Podcast:

The reaction against the ever-growing amount of information collected by tech giants has led to proposals ranging from self-regulation to strict GDPR-style privacy,…

R Sheet On Online Content Policy
Jeffrey Westling & Mike Godwin

The Internet has allowed for an unprecedented level of connectivity across the globe. Accordingly, online platforms that harness this connectivity and facilitate communication between users now play…

, The New Atlantis
The Emergent Order of Twitter
Andy Smarick

When a set of arrangements is making people miserable, coercion is often a big part of the explanation. Think of authoritarianism, discrimination, or vigilantism, where individuals suffer because of…