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, Orange County Register
Twitter’s more like traveling circus than public square
Steven Greenhut

SACRAMENTO – Until fairly recently – namely around the time that the world’s richest man, Elon Musk, bought Twitter – conservatives have been hyperventilating about the threat that social…

, Kibbe on Liberty
Podcast: Censorship Is a Big Government Problem, Not a Big Tech Problem
Wayne Brough & Adam Thierer

From Kibbe on Liberty:

Matt Kibbe is joined by the R Street Institute’s Adam Thierer and Wayne Brough to discuss the state of free speech on the internet. With Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter,…

, Congressional Record
Podcast: Interview with Shoshana Weissmann: Moderating Social Media and Section 230
Shoshana Weissmann

As social media platforms have evolved, how people use social media has changed drastically. What used to be a way for people to stay in touch with friends and family is now a key information source…

, Tech Policy Press
A Module Playbook for Platform-to-Researcher Data Access
Chris Riley

Modularity is a form of multistakeholder, co-regulatory governance, in which modules—discrete mechanisms, protocols, and codes—are developed through processes that include a range of…

JCPA Update: The Dangerous Link Tax That Still Won’t Save Local Journalism
Josh Withrow

While many facets of antitrust enforcement have been subject to fierce debate over the years, it has long been nearly unanimously agreed that allowing businesses to form rent-seeking cartels is bad…

Despite bipartisan venting, few will actually leave Twitter
Marc Hyden

It’s hard to keep up with the whiplashing public reaction to Twitter’s management, as Americans on the political left and right take turns venting their fury at the social media giant.

, Tech Policy Press
The Future of Twitter is Open, or Bust
Chris Riley

Elon Musk owns Twitter. Or rather, whatever is left of it after today’s massive layoffs. It’s hard to see any future for the company at this point, particularly as its twin challenges of content…

Radio: The Supreme Court and the Future of Section 230 and Big Tech
Shoshana Weissmann

From Inside Sources with Boyd Matheson:

We’re watching the Supreme Court’s new term closely. And there’s one case in particular that threatens Section 230… which protects Big Tech companies from…

, The Detroit News
Don’t stifle U.S. tech innovation with Europe’s rules | Opinion
Josh Withrow

After a year of constantly hounding technology companies and internet platforms, it is unsurprising that a bipartisan group of senators – Republicans Lindsey Graham and Josh Hawley and Democrat…

Groups Urge Senators to Oppose JCPA
Josh Withrow

Dear Chairman Durbin, Ranking Member Grassley, Senator Klobuchar, and Senator Lee,

We write today to express our ongoing concerns with the Journalism Competition & Preservation Act (JCPA), an…

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