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, The Hill
For platform regulation Congress should use a European cheat sheet
Chris Riley

From The Hill:

Congress could learn a lot from the DSA, as several experts have pointed out.

, Daily Tech News Show
Podcast: Round Table – What Section 230 Actually Does
Shoshana Weissmann

From Daily Tech News Show:

Are Facebook and Twitter protected by a shield that stops them from being responsible for any of their content? We bring on Mike Masnick from TechDirt and Shoshana…

, The Upload
ICYMI: The Best in Tech Policy for December 2020
Chris Riley

From The Upload:

“EU Advances Groundbreaking Law for Online Platforms — U.S. Lawmakers Should Pay Attention” by Chris Riley

, Washington Examiner
How taking Parler down could actually help save the internet
Chris Riley

More than a few people noticed when, at midnight Pacific time Monday, Amazon Web Services suspended its hosting for the social network Parler. Just days before, Google and Apple removed the Parler…

Podcast: What Do We Do About Tech Censorship? with Canyon Brimhall
Canyon Brimhall

From Hold These Truths with Dan Crenshaw:

How do we get big tech companies like Twitter to abide by the spirit of the 1st Amendment, or at least moderate their users’ content by a set of clear…

, Independent
The Future of Section 230: How Trump and Biden’s Fight Could Fundamentally Change the Way the Internet Works
Daisy Soderberg-Rivkin

From Independent:

Legislation that banned unlawful sex on internet platforms simply drove sex workers into more dangerous environments, both offline with a rise in prostitution-related arrests…

, The Pete Kaliner Show
Podcast: Would repealing Section 230 stop Big Tech censorship? Would it make the internet better?
Jeffrey Westling

From The Pete Kaliner Show:

When Twitter and Facebook censored the New York Post social media accounts and blocked the newspaper’s story about Hunter Biden before the election, calls to repeal…

What Is Section 230 and Why Do Trump and His Allies Want to Repeal It?
Shoshana Weissmann

From Foundation for Economic Education:

Shoshana Weissmann, the head of Digital Media and Fellow at the R Street Institute, recently wrote a punchy (and hilarious) article illustrating this…

, Politico
What Barr’s departure means for Google
Chris Riley

From Politico:

Back in the states, discussion has already begun over what Europe’s new legislation means for U.S. tech policy. “Just as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)…

EU Advances Groundbreaking Law for Online Platforms – U.S. Lawmakers Should Pay Attention.
Chris Riley

While Congress and the President spent an entire election pushing bad ideas to rein in big tech, the world stopped waiting for America to lead.

This week, the European Commission plans to advance…