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, ALdotcom
Ignoring Alex Jones without a tech company’s moral compass
Cameron Smith

One of my favorite Internet finds of all time is a Bon Iver-esque cover of radio host Alex Jones’s craziest statements. The video renders Jones’s angry, conspiratorial tenor as beautifully hilarious…

One Year After Charlottesville’s “Unite The Right” Riots: Following Karl Popper, We Should Tolerate Intolerance, Within Reason
Mike Godwin

Contra Popper’s virally optimized doppelgangers, the paradox of tolerance demands forbearance and restraint.

There are limits to what the First Amendment refers to as “the freedom of…

, techdirt
Senator Mark Warner lays out ideas for regulating Internet platforms
Media Coverage

From techdirt:
On a related note, we should also think carefully about how much of a problem each of the three items listed above are. I know that there are good reasons to be concerned about all…

, KUOW's The Record
When to call someone a Nazi. And when to not
Media Coverage

From KUOW’s The Record:
Since the 2016 election, President Trump, some of his supporters and…

, Reason
Twitter sucks because we suck. Don’t blame @Jack
Mike Godwin

A lot of criticism of Twitter takes the form of public tweets aimed at Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey (@jack). Those tweets have heated up in recent years because Twitter is President Donald…

R Street Comments on International Internet Policy Priorities
Joe Kane

On behalf of the R Street Institute, we respectfully submit these comments in response to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) Notice of Inquiry (NOI) regarding…

FOSTA sex trafficking law becomes center of debate about tech responsibility
Media Coverage

From NBC:
“Every effort to turn platforms into content police favors the well-established, well-capitalized platforms,” said Mike Godwin, senior fellow at the nonprofit research firm R Street…

, Fohla de S. Paulo
Antes de relacionar alguém a Hitler é preciso pensar na gravidade da comparação, diz advogado
Media Coverage

From Fohla de S. Paulo:
Desde que a internet é internet, discussões acaloradas online acabam descambando para extremismos e invariavelmente alguém acaba citando o nazismo ou o ditador Adolf…

Wireless spectrum and markets: a match made in economic heaven
Ann Phelan

Washington D.C. (June 18) – Wireless devices have become a commonplace wonder in today’s day and age. Every day, people all over the world use their devices to stream videos, text friends, look…

The role of markets in spectrum policy
Joe Kane

“…as with other economic goods like land and paper, the most efficient way of allocating spectrum [is]…to create a market for it rather than to give it away for free at the whims of the…