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Facebook’s Zuckerberg Was Right To Skip Canadian Show Trial
Mike Godwin

Facebook is facing a new round of criticism this week for its refusal to send CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg to testify at a hearing in Canada’s House of Commons. That criticism is…

, The Los Angeles Times
A Facebook request: Write a code of tech ethics
Mike Godwin

Facebook is preparing to pay a multi-billion-dollar fine and dealing
with ongoing ire from all corners for its user privacy lapses, the viral
transmission of lies during elections, and…

, Communications Daily
Tech, media experts at CTA, elsewhere dismiss Trump’s battle with Google
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From Communications Daily:
R Street Institute Technology Policy Manager Tom Struble agrees online platforms aren’t biased for some of the reasons Petricone stated. It wouldn’t make economic sense…

Trump expands Google criticism to include Facebook, Twitter
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From VOA:
Zach Graves, associate fellow at the R Street Institute, a think tank in Washington, said PJ Media had drawn flawed conclusions about Google in its unscientific study.

Results ‘not…

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Twitter sucks because we suck. Don’t blame @Jack
Mike Godwin

A lot of criticism of Twitter takes the form of public tweets aimed at Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey (@jack). Those tweets have heated up in recent years because Twitter is President Donald…

, Techdirt
Everything that’s wrong with social media companies and big tech platforms, part 3
Mike Godwin

I’ve written two installments in this series (part 1 is here and part 2 is here). And while I could probably turn itemizing complaints about social-media companies into a perpetual gig somewhere…

What to do about Facebook and big tech? (Guest: Tom Struble, R Street Institute)
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From The Heartland Institute:

People worry about perceived abuse and political bias at Facebook and other big technology companies, but is this a real concern or just a passing panic? R…