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New Jersey Takes a Swipe at the Gig Economy With New Independent Contractor Bill
C. Jarrett Dieterle

From reason:

It could also put an end to flexible employment options many people have come to rely on, says Jarrett Dieterle, a policy analyst at the R Street Institute.

“A lot of workers and…

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Improving Our Political Culture
Eli Lehrer

From CATO Unbound:

The center-right R Street Institute is doing fresh thinking about modernizing unions.

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How the Trump Administration Should Help Nontraditional Labor Organizations
Eli Lehrer

Campaigning in 2016, Donald Trump portrayed himself as a champion for workers. He walked factory floors, rallied with men in hard hats, and promised that the GOP would become “a workers’…

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Guest View: The war on convenience
C. Jarrett Dieterle

When it comes to shopping, modern Americans are obsessed with convenience. We want the world at our fingertips, and we want it now. Two-day shipping, on-demand food delivery and quick checkouts at…

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EIG Applauds Introduction of Bipartisan Legislation to Limit Non-Compete Agreements, Boost Worker Mobility
Eli Lehrer

From Economic Innovation Group:

“Non-compete agreements are unfair to workers, economically damaging for employers, and they undermine the efficient, effective functioning of labor markets…

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Fixing The Gig Economy Doesn’t Require Turning All Uber Drivers Into Employees
Eli Lehrer

From Daily Caller:
As R Street Institute president Eli Lehrer discusses in National Affairs, there are myriad benefits to creating a new “flexible worker” classification:

Like full-time…

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Episode #256: Free-Rider Friday, August 2019
Eli Lehrer

From The Soul of Enterprise:
Here are Ron’s topics
“Free Labor: Government mandates keep unions from better serving workers,” National Review, Eli Lehrer, August 12, 2019.

California After Dynamex: Worker Classification by Favor, Folly and Faux Pas
C. Jarrett Dieterle & Ian Adams

AB 5 legislation, which redefines what it means to be an independent contractor in California, and the employment classification test it creates restricts the freedom of workers, diminishes their…

, National Review
The Next Union Era
Eli Lehrer

Cutting government mandates could help unions better serve workers

Dressed in crisp, deep indigo jeans, a suit jacket, and a dress shirt, David Rolf — former president of one of the most…

, National Review
Don’t ‘Reclassify’ Contractors as Employees
C. Jarrett Dieterle

“Is this worker an employee, or just a contractor?”

It’s a seemingly simple question, but it has stark ramifications under American labor law — and some claim that the so-called gig economy is…