Labor Policy


, National Review
Don’t ‘Reclassify’ Contractors as Employees
C. Jarrett Dieterle

“Is this worker an employee, or just a contractor?”

It’s a seemingly simple question, but it has stark ramifications under American labor law — and some claim that the so-called gig economy is…

, The Hill
Freedom to Compete Act would benefit many American workers
Eli Lehrer

For Americans earning modest wages, the ability to switch jobs provides a means of upward mobility. Yet about 30 million Americans have had to sign noncompete agreements that prevent them…

, Governing
Why Turning Contractors Into Employees Hurts Everyone
C. Jarrett Dieterle

When the California Supreme Court decided to introduce a new test to determine whether workers should be classified as employees instead of independent contractors, the immense costs the decision…

, The Mercury News
Opinion: Crony carve-outs in California independent-contractor fight
C. Jarrett Dieterle & Steven Greenhut

In the aftermath of a far-reaching California Supreme Court decision regarding worker classification, state lawmakers are poised to fail one of the most basic tests of good governance: the equal…

, The American Spectator
Dems to Farm Workers: ‘No, No Puedes’
Steven Greenhut

It’s taken nearly five years of administrative battles, legislative interference, and lawsuits, but the California state government has finally counted farm workers’ votes in a union election at…

, Western Free Press
If the Left Desires to Curb Police Abuse, They Must Confront Their Allegiance to Unions
Media Coverage

From the Western Free Press:
In this regard, police unions are rarely ever different from other unions in the public sector. Just like firing bad cops is rarely ever done, firing bad teachers and…

Barriers to sound postal pension risk management
Nick Zaiac

Congress is considering many postal proposals, and changes to pensions is one of the options on the table.
Postal law that mandates extra-conservative use of postal savings puts letter carriers and…

, California Policy Center
Don’t believe the hysteria: There are other ways for public workers to get benefits
Steven Greenhut

The media coverage of the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent Janus decision, striking down all mandatory union dues-collections as an infringement of the First Amendment, has been met with weeping and…

, Reason
Public Sector Unions Win Big at the California Supreme Court in Getting San Diego Pension Reforms Overturned
Steven Greenhut

A recent California Supreme Court decision, striking down a San Diego initiative that rolled back pension benefits for new public employees, has rightly been portrayed as a win for public-sector…

, The Seattle Times
End of ‘no poaching’ clause is a good first step for the future of the American worker
Eli Lehrer

American workers won a significant, if little-noticed, victory when seven major fast-food chains recently agreed to a settlement led by Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson to end…