Juvenile Justice


Cárdenas, Kennedy Introduce Legislation to Protect Minors
Arthur Rizer

From Congressman Tony Cárdenas:

This bill has been endorsed by Human Rights for Kids, Campaign for Youth Justice, Justice Roundtable, National Association of Counsel for…

, Education Post
Here’s Why Dumping the Discipline Question on the Common App Really Matters
Nila Bala

From Education Post:

Since schools have been shuttered, the number of youth being referred to the juvenile justice system has decreased significantly—by 50%. This is yet another example of how…

An Investment in Juvenile Public Defenders Protects All of Our Children
Alexa Cunniff

WASHINGTON (Oct. 14, 2020)—Juvenile public defenders across the United States are overworked and under paid. However, policymakers can improve the currently flawed system in ways that will benefit…

A Child’s Right to Counsel: Juvenile Public Defenders
Jesse Kelley

Additional support is needed for juvenile public defenders to obtain necessary resources and build expertise, as these current deficiencies are negatively impacting youth within the criminal justice…

, Florida Daily
To ensure equal justice under the law, Florida needs to improve youth diversion
Emily Mooney

The deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and too many others have revived statewide conversations around racial disparities within Florida’s criminal justice system. While much of this dialogue…

, Child Trends
Trauma-Informed Strategies for Supporting Youth in the Juvenile Justice System during COVID-19
Emily Mooney & Nila Bala

From Child Trends:

When replacing in-person visits with video technology, maintain the structure and content of regular meetings as much as possible and show patience as youth adjust to new…

, U.S. House floor remarks
H.R.8319 – Continuing Appropriations Act, 2021 and Other Extensions Act
Jesse Kelley

From U.S. House floor remarks:

Rep. Mary Scanlon (D-PA-5): Mr. Speaker, this legislation is supported by a bipartisan coalition of groups, including, #cut50, the Campaign for Youth Justice, the…

Reimagining Juvenile Detention Can Help Communities Recover
Jesse Kelley

Admissions to juvenile detention facilities are down since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, meaning that fewer youth are being placed in secure out-of-home centers. The costs to maintain these…

, Detroit News
Teenager jailed over probation violation should enrage conservatives
Emily Mooney

This July, Judge Mary Ellen Brennan of Oakland County came under fire for deciding to detain a 15-year-old, referred to as Grace in early reporting, for not completing her schoolwork and thus…

, The Missouri Times
Open Letter: SB 1 will inflict incalculable harm on Missouri’s children
Nila Bala

Dear Governor Parson, Senate President Pro Tem Schatz, and House Speaker Haahr:

We, the undersigned, write to urge you to reject legislation being considered during the special session that will…