Juvenile Justice


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Black and White Justice
Emily Mooney

All he wanted was a slushie.

But after making a “wide turn” on his way to do so, black teenager Tae-Ahn Leawas pulled over, frisked, and handcuffed by officers from the Louisville Metro…

Justice for all in juvenile justice
Ann Phelan

WASHINGTON (July 24) –– The youth justice system in the United States is shrinking. But at the same time, the historic disproportionality between white youth and youth of color in the system…

Promoting Equity with Youth Diversion
Nila Bala & Emily Mooney

“The full potential of diversion policies and programs are undermined when youth of different racial and ethnic backgrounds do not have the same opportunities to be diverted and are not offered…

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The Higher Education Act Could Benefit Incarcerated Students
Jesse Kelley

The Higher Education Act, first passed in 1965, established financial aid for college-bound students. Over time, lawmakers have changed the HEA’s provisions according to the shifting needs of…

It’s time to end solitary confinement
Nila Bala

At the end of last year, two federal criminal justice bills that impact the use of solitary confinement for youth passed on the same day—the First Step Act and the Juvenile Justice Delinquency…

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Trump’s family separation policy never really ended. This is why.
Nila Bala & Arthur Rizer

President Donald Trump signed an executive order last June ostensibly ending zero tolerance and family separations at the border and promising to reunite nearly 3,000 children with their parents….

Opinion: Texas juveniles should be reformed in small, local facilities
Nila Bala

Texas’ large, rural youth prisons are in dire need of reform − this year alone, reports of gang violence, fights, and top level firings of juvenile justice officials have filled the news….

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Why the ‘Culture’ of Juvenile Justice Needs to Change
Nila Bala

Last month, San Francisco announced plans to close down the city’s juvenile hall, explaining that youth violence has fallen to all-time lows and the facility has become mostly…

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How to Fix Alabama’s Adult Prisons: Stop Incarcerating Young People
Jesse Kelley & Lars Trautman

Many folks picture a Sunday in the South to include a Baptist church choir, lemonade on the front porch, and hot, hazy humidity that will hug a person in warm southern hospitality.

It’s an…

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Strip-Search Case Could Reshape Supreme Court’s Immunity Doctrine
Arthur Rizer

From Daily Business Review:

The petition on behalf of the girl has drawn wide support from “cross-ideological groups,” as one amicus brief put it, including the American Civil Liberties Union and…