Juvenile Justice


How Covid-19 Has Changed Juvenile Probation for Good
Corinne Day

WASHINGTON (June 30, 2020) —Government and correctional leaders have rightly responded to COVID-19 by reducing incarcerated youth populations to limit the spread of the virus, while also adapting…

Youth Probation in the Time of COVID-19
Nila Bala & Emily Mooney
[C]oncerns about contagion have already required a substantial shift from normal probation protocols and will continue to do so as we prepare for a possible new wave of cases in the fall. However,…

In SUPPORT of Senate Bills 681 and 682
Emily Mooney & Jesse Kelley

Chairman and members of the committee:

As an institution deeply committed to limited, effective government, we at the R Street Institute strongly support legislation that seeks to keep juvenile…

, Newsweek
The Pipeline for Black Children Needs to Be Fixed, Too
Nila Bala

Thousands have packed the streets in protest, as the nation collectively responds to George Floyd’s death. The protestors include many children—images of innocence that are particularly hard to…

, Racism
The Danger of Facial Recognition in Our Children’s Classrooms
Nila Bala

Schools in China have recently reported using facial recognition to monitor how attentive students are in the classroom. Cameras are installed above the blackboard and, by identifying facial…

, Inside Sources
Reform Juvenile Justice Facilities in Order to Protect Youth From COVID-19
Krystin Roehl

As countries across the world try to stop the spread of COVID-19, world leaders are closing borders, enacting curfews, issuing shelter-in-place protocols, quarantines and store closures.


Adult Jails are No Place for a Child
Nila Bala

Last year, Sonny Rugani—a child—hanged himself in the Broward County Jail, an adult facility. Unfortunately, his case is not an aberration for children transferred to the adult criminal justice…

, The Kansas City Star
New Kansas department could build on past juvenile justice reforms
Emily Mooney

At the beginning of the year, Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly announced a plan to consolidate state agencies focusing on child welfare, mental health and juvenile justice into one large umbrella agency in…

A Conservative Agenda To Improve Youth Policing In Schools
Nila Bala & Emily Mooney

…even the most well-intentioned police officers may cause more harm than good by unnecessarily introducing youth to the justice system, interacting with youth in a manner that leads to a negative…

The Right Approach to Youth Policing in Schools
Corinne Day

WASHINGTON (March 9, 2020) – Two weeks ago, a video went viral of an Orlando police officer arresting a six-year-old at her school, with the little girl crying for a second chance. The incident has…