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Supreme Court roundup
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From Overlawyered:

New resource: database of all Supreme Court nomination hearing transcripts that are yet available (with Kavanaugh’s still to come) [Shoshana Weissmann and Anthony Marcum, R…

Congress and the Judiciary: The top 3 takeaways from a discussion on what the House and Senate can do to fix the courts
Aubrey Neal

On May 14 the Legislative
Branch Capacity Working Group and the American Institutions Network launched a panel discussion to answer the
question: What can the House and Senate do to fix the courts?…

Brown v. Board of Education Was Rightly Decided 65 Years Ago. Why Do Trump’s Nominees Refuse to Admit It?
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From American Constitution Society:

For the last half century, Brown has been universally praised by nominees to the federal bench, irrespective of the president who nominated…

, The Hill
Dems criticizing Michael Bennet on his judicial voting record are wrong
Anthony Marcum

Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado is the latest candidate to enter the crowded Democratic presidential primary race. Yet he is already facing heavy criticism for his Senate record, not on…

Scheindlin v. Scheindlin
Anthony Marcum

Reviewed Work: “Trump
is Capturing the Judiciary at an Alarming Rate”

Author: Shira

Reviewer: Anthony

In an April op-ed
for the Guardian, retired federal district…

, Reason
Hula Hoops and Chinese Food at Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings
Shoshana Weissmann & Anthony Marcum

At Supreme Court confirmation hearings, potential justices sit before a committee of senators who scrutinize everything from their views to their experience to their personal lives. But these…

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The Bulwark: Read This Now
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From The Bulwark:

SCOTUS confirmation hearings as data. Our friend and former colleague Shoshana Weissmann and the fine folks at R Street have compiled a database of all SCOTUS…

Friday round-up
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From SCOTUS Blog:

At R Street, Shoshana Weismann and Anthony Marcum introduce “a new resource for those who want to learn more about Supreme Court confirmation hearings”: a searchable…

, USA Today
Packing the Supreme Court won’t work. Confirmation hearings are already highly politicized.
Anthony Marcum & Shoshana Weissmann

Proposals to expand the Supreme Court, otherwise known as “court packing,” are coming up again, thanks to Democratic candidates, like Sens. Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren. Such a…

Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing Transcripts, As Data
Shoshana Weissmann & Anthony Marcum

Download here – last update April 22, 2019.

We have created a new resource for those who want to learn more about Supreme Court confirmation hearings. This spreadsheet—and a web version (displayed…