Judicial Governance


Even if Joe Biden wins, Trump and Mitch McConnell’s judges could block U.S. progress for decades
Anthony Marcum

From The Philadelphia Inquirer:

Also, those ideas do nothing about the increasingly dense thicket of right-wing justices such as Stickman in the district and appellate courts. Here, the…

R Street Applauds Bipartisan Support for the Open Courts Act of 2020
Corinne Day

WASHINGTON (September 16, 2020)—Yesterday, the House Judiciary Committee marked up the Open Courts Act of 2020. This piece of legislation would make Public Access to Court Electronic Records…

Congress May Remove a Paywall to Justice
Anthony Marcum

Update: On Tuesday, the House Judiciary passed H.R. 8235, the Open Courts Act of 2020, by voice vote.

Would you believe the same committee that voted along party lines to impeach President Trump…

, American Viewpoints
Podcast: President Trump’s Expanding “Short List” Of Potential Supreme Court Justices
Anthony Marcum

From American Viewpoints:

Anthony Marcum from the R. Street Institute’s Governance Project discusses President Trump’s announcement of an additional 20 names to his list of potential…

, California Law Review
Democratizing the Supreme Court
Shoshana Weissmann & Anthony Marcum

From California Law Review:

By, in effect, proposing to determine legal outcomes by changing the judge, court packing is thus scandalous to many, blatantly “politiciz[ing]” a branch whose role…

, Georgetown Law
Video: Free Our Vote: Voting Rights Issues & Tech Solutions
Jesse Kelley

From Georgetown Law:

Voting rights experts discuss how access to justice technologies can help bridge the gap between the right to vote and its implementation in practice.

Democrats want to expand the federal court. They should do it now.
Anthony Marcum

This week’s Democratic convention was principally a made-for-TV event to showcase party leaders and promote its nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden. But every political convention also…

, The Federalist Society
Video: Reviewing The Supreme Court’s 2019/20 Term: A Panel Discussion
Shoshana Weissmann

From The Federalist Society:

The Colorado Lawyers Chapter held a virtual review of the 2019-20 Supreme Court term on August 12, 2020. After Beth Williams, assistant attorney general in the Justice…

, Daily Beast
Trump’s Last Gasp Could Be a Supreme Court Justice in January
James Wallner

From Daily Beast:

“The majority may be deterred from doing what they want by the institution’s inherited rules of procedure,” notes James Wallner, a senior fellow at the R Street Institute…

, TV Technology
Media Groups Ask Supreme Court to Continue Live Audio Access
Anthony Marcum

From TV Technology:

The letter was signed by the American Society of Magazine Editors, Fix the Court, Free Law Project, Government Information Watch, National Press Foundation, National Press…