Judicial Governance


Are Changes Coming to The Supreme Court?
Anthony Marcum

From Inside Sources with Boyd Matheson:

President Biden’s Supreme Court commission released its first recommendations today, which may not please progressives who want to completely…

Three Takeaways from the Supreme Court Commission’s Preliminary Report
Anthony Marcum

Making good on a campaign pledge, President Joe Biden recently created a bipartisan commission to study and draft a report concerning potential reforms to the U.S. Supreme Court. Now, after summer…

, The Fulcrum
Covid consequence: Supreme Court will let you listen in live
Anthony Marcum

From The Fulcrum:

Anthony Marcum with the R Street Institute, a conservative good government think tank, lauded the court’s decision as sending “a powerful message that the court remains open for…

Request for Continued Access to Live Audio Streaming of Oral Arguments
Anthony Marcum

Dear Chief Justice Roberts:

The 76 undersigned civil society, media, disability rights, and government transparency organizations write to urge the Court to commit to providing live audio access…

, R Street Institute
Event: Scrutinizing the Role of Expertise and Scientific Evidence in the Legal and Regulatory Arenas
Devin Hartman & Anthony Marcum

When considering new science-based regulations, regulators are typically faced with imperfect information and must rely on past practices to weigh potentially…

Promising News for New Judgeships
Anthony Marcum

From CATO:

As the R Street Institute’s Anthony Marcum has observed, “one political party has little incentive to award a president of another party the chance to nominate additional federal…

The Right—and Wrong—path for new Judgeship Legislation
Anthony Marcum

When it comes to the federal courts, the one thing Congressional Democrats, Republicans and the federal judiciary all agree on is that the lower courts need more judges. But for 30 years, Congress…

, The American Spectator
Supreme Rejection of California
Steven Greenhut

Democratic lawmakers depicted a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning California’s requirement that advocacy groups disclose their donors to the state as a nefarious attack on the…

Helping Judges Round Up the Right Science
Anthony Marcum

From Center for Truth in Science:

The ability of judges—many of whom have little scientific training—to pick and choose which evidence will be admitted in their courtrooms is one of the most…

Judge blocks Florida’s law targeting large social media companies
Anthony Marcum

“Politicians, when they pass bills like this, they say these big social media platforms they’re violating your First Amendment rights; it’s actually quite the opposite,” said legal expert…

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