Judicial Governance


How the CARES Act Impacts the Federal Judiciary
Anthony Marcum

Passed by Congress and signed by the president on Friday, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) offers $2 trillion in relief for businesses, individuals, federal agencies…

Ending Kool-ified Immunity, OH YEAH!
Shoshana Weissmann & Jonathan Haggerty

He breaks into houses when you’re thirsty. But he never pays damages. Yes, since his birth on July 26,1974, the Kool-Aid man has been wreaking havoc across the country and avoiding responsibility…

, Fix The Court
Major Transparency and Accountability “Fixes” Included in New House Bill
Anthony Marcum

From Fix The Court:

As a result of the impasse, at the start of this congressional session 18 organizations from the government transparency, civic engagement and media trades – led by FTC,…

, Fox News
In Supreme Court dissent, Thomas cites Thomas in arguing to overturn decision authored by Thomas
Shoshana Weissmann

From Fox News:

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“Chevron seems no less than a judge-made doctrine for the abdication of the judicial duty.” pic.twitter.com/fQLrjZkWtD
— Shoshana Weissmann, Sloth…

The Republican Study Committee Looks to Reform the Courts
Anthony Marcum

This month, the Republican Study Committee (RSC) released a report identifying over 100 solutions “to achieve greater efficiency, accountability and reform in the federal government.”


, Fix The Court
“Wholly Inadequate”: In Light of Useless Change to PACER, Advocates Call on Congress to Advance Bills That Would Make It Free
Anthony Marcum

From Fix The Court:

“As the judiciary often notes, it’s true that a large percentage of PACER’s revenue comes from commercial enterprises that can afford it. But it’s also certain that too…

The ABA has not met the bar
Anthony Marcum

Ever since the Eisenhower administration, the American Bar Association has enjoyed a preferred seat at the judicial nominations table. For decades, presidents allowed the ABA to vet nominees even…

, Iowa Starting Line
Why And How To Make SCOTUS More Accessible
Anthony Marcum

From Iowa Starting Line:

Anthony Marcum, a member of the policy team at R Street Institute and a federal judiciary researcher, said there was a number of benefits to witnessing Supreme Court…

Troubling Copyright Bill Goes to the US Senate
Anthony Marcum

From TidBITS:

The EFF has explained more about the CASE Act, and the nonprofit, nonpartisan R Street Institute has also come out against the CASE Act.

Why Congress Can’t Sue to End Military Conflicts
Anthony Marcum

As the Supreme Court has reminded the legislature: ‘Congress has a broad range of legislative authority it can use to stop a President’s war making.’ Oversight, appropriations and legislation,…