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, SCOTUSblog
Think tank hosts debate on court reform ideas
Matt Germer

From SCOTUSblog:

Though you would be forgiven for forgetting the Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court’s 294-page report published last December, it’s becoming harder to miss a wider…

, R Street Institute
Event: Unpacking Court Reform: How to Ensure a Strong Judiciary
Matt Germer

In December 2021, the Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court of the United States released its final report, which outlined the history of the Supreme Court…

, Techdirt
US Copyright Small Claims Court Opens Its Doors Next Week. Two Questions Remain: Will Anyone Use It… And Is It Constitutional?
Anthony Marcum

We’ve been talking about the problems of the US government setting up a copyright trolling small claims court for over a decade now. But, Congress finally passed a law to create one (with no…

Sweeping, splashy “reforms” would harm SCOTUS and the Republic
Alexandra McCandless

WASHINGTON (April 27, 2022) – A new study from R Street Institute Resident Fellow Matt Germer highlights the issues with commonly proposed Supreme Court measures like term limits and court packing…

Opinions on Judicial Reform: A Review of the 2021 Supreme Court Commission
Matt Germer

In April 2021, President Joe Biden created the Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court of the United States to evaluate many of the most popular ideas for reforming the…

, Fox News
1803 Justice Chase impeachment shows Dems may be able to pressure Thomas with political threats: Expert
James Wallner

From Fox News:

The Chase impeachment happened in the wake of the 1800 presidential election when Jeffersonian Republicans swept into power in the presidency and in Congress. This left the…

, Bloomberg
What Senate’s 50-50 Split Means for Biden Supreme Court Pick
James Wallner

From Bloomberg:
3. Could Democrats work around a boycott?
They certainly could try. If, say, Democrats voted to advance the nomination out of committee while Republicans were gone, Republicans…

Preclearance as a Deterrent, Not as Detention
Anthony Marcum

Following the “Bloody Sunday” attack on peaceful protestors in Selma, Alabama, Congress passed the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which “employed extraordinary measures” to combat…

, The Shaun Thompson Show
Radio: The Shaun Thompson Show – SCOTUS Reforms
Anthony Marcum

From The Shaun Thompson Show:

Stores on the Mag Mile are warned about a rash of robberies. Then, Alderman Ray Lopez of the 15th ward joins Shaun to discuss what can be done about…

Radio: Are Changes Coming to The Supreme Court?
Anthony Marcum

From Inside Sources with Boyd Matheson:

President Biden’s Supreme Court commission released its first recommendations today, which may not please progressives who want to completely…

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