Jail Reform


, The Hill
Want to cut the prison population? Start by tackling probation reform
Nila Bala

President Trump recently noted the 3,000 individuals who will be released from prison next month thanks to the landmark First Step Act. Yet each day, we are sending 95,000 more people to prison in…

, Arnold Ventures
Thinking Beyond the Prison Cell
Arthur Rizer

From Arnold Ventures:

“If we’re doing something that doesn’t make us safer, then why are we doing it?” said Arthur Rizer, director of criminal justice and civil liberties at the R Street…

, The Rod Arquette Show
Emily Mooney on The Rod Arquette Show
Emily Mooney

From The Rod Arquette Show:

Emily Mooney, a Fellow with the R Street Institute, joins the program for a conversation about an effort by Utah Senator Mike Lee to reinstate Pell Grants for…

, National Review
Reinstate Pell Grants for Prisoners
Emily Mooney

This session, Congress has an opportunity to dramatically expand access to post-secondary education behind bars by reinstating eligibility for Pell Grants (need-based federal tuition grants to…

, Mic
Prisoner access to Pell Grants needs to be reinstated now. Here’s why.
Arthur Rizer

America has long heralded education as a primary means for growth and transformation. It is for this reason that Congress established Basic Educational Opportunity Grants, later called Pell…

, CBC Radio
Balancing safety with privacy in prison: should ‘smart’ technology monitor inmates?
Nila Bala

From CBC Radio:

Artificial intelligence has great potential to help with all sorts of aspects of our lives – smart homes, cars, workplaces – but can AI help improve our prisons?


If the state can’t control prisons, how can it control us?
Steven Greenhut

Of the 1,000 or so California bills that likely will become law this year, virtually every measure will give government more power to do one thing or another. The consensus in the Capitol…

, The Detroit News
Opinion: Invest in higher education for prisoners
Nila Bala

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer recently signed an executive order, creating a bipartisan task force to improve the criminal justice system. If this is to be a successful initiative,…

, Real Clear Health
Smoking Marijuana Is Bad for Your Health, but Spending Time in Jail Is Worse
Jesse Kelley & Arthur Rizer

From cheesy taglines insisting “This ain’t your grandfather’s marijuana” to hyperbolic headlines warning that “Cannabis Users Risk their Sanity,” we have been lectured for decades about…

, Arnold Ventures
Shining a Light Inside Prisons
Arthur Rizer

From Arnold Ventures:

Arthur Rizer, director of criminal justice and civil liberties at the R Street Institute, says the only way to advance prison reform is to first address the inhumane…