Jail Reform


Postsecondary education in Michigan prisons
Emily Mooney & Jesse Kelley & Nila Bala

“Promoting postsecondary education for Michigan prisoners is not just smart for public safety. It also has the potential to encourage a positive, safer community behind bars; to increase…

Beaten to Death in Prison
Emily Mooney & SteVon Felton

“Reminiscent of a vengeful plot from The Godfather, South Boston mob boss James “Whitey” Bulger was murdered last month shortly after being transferred to U.S. Penitentiary Hazelton. While…

Georgia Must Tackle Cash Bail Reform
Marc Hyden

Last legislative session, outgoing Gov. Nathan Deal embarked on one last ambitious endeavor: addressing the state’s problematic cash-bail practices. And in April 2018, the Legislature approved a…

Lean on me: The importance of supporting family connections to ensure successful re-entry
Ann Phelan

Washington (October 3) – Approximately two million people are currently behind bars across the United States. This extends the impact of incarceration far beyond jails and prisons to millions of…

The importance of supporting family connections to ensure successful re-entry
Emily Mooney & Nila Bala

“Behind most incarcerated individuals is a family that is critical to encouraging positive change on the inside and supporting them as they prepare for life on the outside. Connecting these…

, Hill Happenings
Moving on from money bail: Federal and state policies for bipartisan reform
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From Hill Happenings:
At any given time, our nation’s jails hold around 465,000 people that are still legally presumed innocent. Detained while awaiting their day in court, the…

, Institute for Justice
Friend-of-the-Court briefs stack up against the state in U.S. Supreme Court’s Timbs excessive fines clause case
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From Institute for Justice:
Nineteen amicus (or “friend-of-the-court”) briefs have been filed thus far in Timbs. Among the more notable amici are:

The ACLU, R-Street Institute, Fines and…

, Giving Compass
This social entrepreneur is changing the way we help people in prison
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From Giving Compass:
Bullock has received support from The Aspen Institute, local nonprofits and think tank R Street, but it was New Profit’s Unlocked Futures initiative that has given Bullock…

, The Hill
Pregnant and imprisoned: The crisis thousands of women are facing
Emily Mooney

Imagine you are a white-collar offender, who has just been arrested. As you wait for your trial, in prison, you find out you’re pregnant. Plagued with the reality that there are no perfect options…

, SCOTUS blog
R Street amicus brief cited in SCOTUS blog
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R Street Amicus Brief cited in SCOTUS blog:

Sep 10 2018
Brief amici curiae of The American Civil Liberties Union, et al. filed.