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, Daily Caller
The EARN IT Act Is A Bipartisan Effort To Protect Children On The Internet, But Tech Experts Say It Could ‘End The Internet As We Know It’
Shoshana Weissmann

From Daily Caller:

Shoshanna Weissman, senior manager of Digital Media and Fellow at the R Street Institute, also said the EARN IT Act could be “counterproductive to the overall goal of the bill…

, Washington Examiner
Lindsey Graham pushing ‘child welfare’ bill that would destroy free speech online
Shoshana Weissmann & Daisy Soderberg-Rivkin

A bipartisan group of senators, including Sens. Lindsey Graham and Richard Blumenthal, just introduced legislation intended to combat child exploitation online. Unfortunately, their bill not only…

, Slate
Did the Early Internet Activists Blow It?
Mike Godwin

A couple of weeks ago, I went to lunch with a prominent journalist who wanted to ask me about Wikipedia. I had been general counsel for the Wikimedia Foundation for a few years during a time when the…

, CircleID
Looking Forward to ‘The Conversation We Should Be Having’
Mike Godwin

No, this topic hasn’t yet been exhausted: There’s still plenty more conversation we can and should have about the proposed sale of the .ORG registry operator to a private firm. Ideally, that…

, CircleID
Here’s How We Can Truly #SaveDotOrg
Mike Godwin

Many of my friends in the civil-liberties and Internet-law communities have been criticizing the Internet Society’s agreement to sell the Public Interest Registry, which administers the .ORG…

, Lincoln Network
Lincoln Network Debate: Big tech and the future of political speech online
Mike Godwin

From Lincoln Network:

Despite the convenience and benefits of online platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, the growing power and influence of ‘Big Tech’ have inspired a new wave of critics…

, National Journal
Fight Over Censorship, Human Rights Further Frays Tech Ties Between U.S. and China
Caleb Watney

From National Journal:

“Compared to the other moves that we’ve done against Chinese companies, this is probably one of their better ones in terms of actually being targeted at the actors who…

, Inside Sources
Where Does the Net Neutrality Fight Go Next? To Multimillion-Dollar Court Fights
Tom Struble

From Inside Sources:

Tom Struble, manager of Technology and Innovation for the R Street Institute, explained that based on the court’s definition of “preemption,” the FCC can still trump…

, Morning Consult
Facebook Settlement Shows the Need for Congress to Move on Privacy
Jeffrey Westling

Though it may have gotten lost in the coverage of Robert Mueller’s testimony, the Federal Trade Commission reached a record-breaking $5 billion settlement with Facebook regarding the…

, Daily Caller
TAKALA: Think Google Controls The News? It’s Worse Than You Think, Experts Say
Jeffrey Westling

From Daily Caller:

“Despite some instances of publications refusing to target ‘Big Tech,’ many more benefit significantly from attacking these platforms because of the popular anxiety about…