Internet Governance


, R Street Institute
Event: Free Speech, Public Policy and the Technology Industry
Chris Riley

[Moderator] Chris Riley, Senior Fellow of Internet Governance, R Street Institute
Lauren Krapf, Technology Policy & Advocacy Counsel, Anti-Defamation League

Event: Strengthening Democracies in the Digital Age
Chris Riley

From Stanford Cyber Policy Center:

Technological cooperation is one of the key topics of the transatlantic agenda. The capacity of nations to innovate…

, R Street Institute
Event: Free Speech, the Individual and Online Content Intermediation (Session 1)
Chris Riley

From R Street Institute:

For the past several years, global, federal and state governments have contemplated how to manage online content—from the…

The Great War, Part 4: The Internet vs Truth
Chris Riley

“On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.” This accidentally poignant cartoon from The New Yorker in 1993 kicked off a long-standing tension between the internet and truth. Nearly 20 years…

The Great War, Part 1: The Internet vs Democracy
Chris Riley

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The first slice of the multi-dimensional war for the future of internet governance I…

The Great War for the future of internet governance has begun.
Chris Riley

This is the introduction to a series of posts on this topic. Scroll to the end to find the most recent posts.

Twenty-five years ago this week, John Perry Barlow published “A Declaration of the…

Washington Internet Daily Update – November 19, 2020
Chris Riley & Ashley Nunes & Wayne Brough

From Washington Internet Daily:

R Street Institute hires Wayne Brough, ex-Innovation Defense Foundation, as managing senior fellow, Technology and Innovation team; Ashley Nunes, who led Harvard…

, Daily Caller
The EARN IT Act Is A Bipartisan Effort To Protect Children On The Internet, But Tech Experts Say It Could ‘End The Internet As We Know It’
Shoshana Weissmann

From Daily Caller:

Shoshanna Weissman, senior manager of Digital Media and Fellow at the R Street Institute, also said the EARN IT Act could be “counterproductive to the overall goal of the bill…

, Washington Examiner
Lindsey Graham pushing ‘child welfare’ bill that would destroy free speech online
Shoshana Weissmann & Daisy Soderberg-Rivkin

A bipartisan group of senators, including Sens. Lindsey Graham and Richard Blumenthal, just introduced legislation intended to combat child exploitation online. Unfortunately, their bill not only…

, Slate
Did the Early Internet Activists Blow It?
Mike Godwin

A couple of weeks ago, I went to lunch with a prominent journalist who wanted to ask me about Wikipedia. I had been general counsel for the Wikimedia Foundation for a few years during a time when the…

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