Income Mobility


, California Globe
California Globe Interview with Pasadena Mayor Terry Tornek
Steven Greenhut

From California Globe:

Many Californian cities still haven’t fully gotten out of the Great Recession from over a decade ago. Some, like Stockton, have only recently come out of financial…

, The Seattle Times
End of ‘no poaching’ clause is a good first step for the future of the American worker
Eli Lehrer

American workers won a significant, if little-noticed, victory when seven major fast-food chains recently agreed to a settlement led by Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson to end…

Todd Hitt’s testimony to the U.S. House Committee on Small Business
Eli Lehrer

From the testimony of Todd Hitt to U.S. House Committee on Small Business:
Writing in National Affairs in 2014, Eli Lehrer and Lori Sanders of the R Street Institute also tied geographic mobility…

, California Policy Center
Formerly bankrupt Stockton is fiscally healthy again, but offers warning to others
Steven Greenhut

Two mid-sized California cities, Irvine and Stockton, have topped a national list of financially healthy governments compiled by an influential watchdog group. Irvine’s top ranking shouldn’t…

, American Spectator
LA school bullies back off, but are crushing charters
Steven Greenhut

The nation’s second-largest school system, the Los Angeles Unified School District, is pretty much everything you would expect from a hulking, union-controlled, wasteful, big urban school…

LAUSD can’t top its high-performing charter schools, so it’s tormenting them to death with bureaucratic rules
Steven Greenhut

The Los Angeles Unified School District and some of the nation’s highest-performing charter schools are engaged in what one report has called a “game of chicken” – with the fate of 14 of…

, The Hill
Without reforms, America’s employment prospects are bleak

The American workforce is expected to face multiple headwinds over the next decade, including an aging population, greater automation and continued stratification by skill levels and educational…

, Inside Sources
What to do about men who aren’t working
Eli Lehrer

Even as U.S. economic growth accelerates, one dark cloud hanging over the recovery is that men still aren’t going back to work.

The trend isn’t new. Male workforce participation has trended…

, Forbes
Hey! Teachers! Leave Them Kids Alone: Nietzsche’s ‘On the Future of Our Educational Institutions’
David Bahr

Among philosophers of the Western canon, Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 – 1900) has, second only to Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the ability to terrify, delight, inspire and repulse readers. And like…

Putting men back to work
Eli Lehrer

The attached policy study was co-authored by Catherine Moyer, a human-resources strategist living in Northern Virginia. It originally appeared in the Fall 2017 edition of National…