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, Bloomberg Law
Obamacare Ruling Paves Way for Fixing Flaws in Biosimilar System
Charles Duan

From Bloomberg Law:

But with the ACA surviving its latest Supreme Court challenge, Amin said “now is the chance” for lawmakers to resolve these issues and improve the biologics pathway….

Product Hopping and Rising Health Care Costs
Corinne Day

WASHINGTON (March 31, 2021)—Rapidly rising health care costs have put the spotlight on generic drugs, which save American patients millions of dollars every year. Yet, drug companies have gamed the…

Product Hopping: Federal and State Approaches
Charles Duan


By any measure, the generic drug market is a success story of American health care policy. Largely spurred by the enactment of state drug substitution laws and an accelerated…

, NBC News
Biden’s Covid vaccine plan is helpful. But here’s what’s really needed to speed things up.
Charles Duan

From NBC News:

There are already voices pushing the action we need on the vaccines we helped produce — from Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D-Texas, in Congress to some voices…

, Raw Story
Marco Rubio facing furious backlash after calling Dr. Anthony Fauci a liar and an elitist
Caleb Watney

From Raw Story:

“If we could rapidly increase production of medical masks, public health officials wouldn’t be forced to make this tradeoff between effectiveness and availability,” Politico…

, Sunrise Movement
Averting Climate Change: Lessons from the New Deal
Caleb Watney

From Sunrise Movement:

If you’ve been following the news about COVID, you’ll know that – after ongoing pressure – Trump leveraged the Defense Production Act (albeit not very well) to…

, USA Today
How to protect taxpayers’ investments in COVID-19 vaccines
Charles Duan

With distribution of the first COVID-19 vaccine under way, millions of Americans familiar with Big Pharma price gouging wonder if they will be priced out of access.
Although touted as…

, American Viewpoints
Podcast: The Pros And Cons Of Digital Contact Tracing
Kathryn Waldron

From American Viewpoints:

R Street Institute’s Kathryn Waldron provides an update on contact tracing app technology as part of the effort to slow down the spread of COVID19. She reviews…

Free the Vaccine
Charles Duan

From Columbia Political Review:

Yet even more companies and universities have not, and while there has been atypical collaboration in the race to find treatments and a vaccine, there have also…

, MarketWatch
If the market can’t provide the beneficial things society needs to save lives, give it a nudge
Caleb Watney

From MarketWatch:

The U.S. government is at no disadvantage, relative to Germany. Under Title III of the DPA, it has the same tool at its disposal: federal purchase guarantees. Reluctance to use…

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