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, MarketWatch
If the market can’t provide the beneficial things society needs to save lives, give it a nudge
Caleb Watney

From MarketWatch:

The U.S. government is at no disadvantage, relative to Germany. Under Title III of the DPA, it has the same tool at its disposal: federal purchase guarantees. Reluctance to use…

, Urbane Cowboys
Podcast: Episode 101: Masks, Supply Chain and Innovation with Caleb Watney
Josiah Neeley & Caleb Watney

From Urbane Cowboys:

Now that the lockdowns appear over and we venture back into the world, we discuss the debate about masks, and what we should be doing to ensure we have medical and safety…

, Newsy
Video: The Case for Government Supplied Face Masks
Caleb Watney

From Newsy:

R Street’s Caleb Watney discusses the case for government supplied face masks on Newsy.

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, The Guardian
Could a patent get in between you and a Covid-19 test? Yes
Charles Duan

From The Guardian:

In 2001, the United States faced a credible threat of an anthrax outbreak, yet Bayer refused to license its patents on ciprofloxacin (Cipro), the most effective antibiotic…

, Captured Economy
Bret Stephens’ Pharmapologetics
Charles Duan

From Captured Economy:

Now, when the demand for both innovation and access is high, it’s time to think outside the box and reevaluate the relationship between pharmaceutical drugs and the…

, The Washington Post
Why don’t hospitals have enough masks? Because coronavirus broke the market.
Caleb Watney

From The Washington Post:

The Food and Drug Administration, with strict protocols for the production of protective gear, has made only a few exceptions during the pandemic, granting emergency…

Event Summary: Innovation During COVID 19: From Vaccines to Open Source Ventilators to Homemade Masks
Alexa Cunniff

On Wednesday, May 6, the R Street Institute held a panel discussion on the innovation of health products that will help the public during COVID-19 and future pandemics. This discussion was…

, UFHealth
Anesthesiology COVID-19 initiatives attract local, national media attention
Charles Duan

From UFHealth:

The open-source ventilator project has been included in stories in the Philadelphia Inquirer and Washington Examiner.

, Vox
Experts’ 7 best ideas on how to beat Covid-19 and save the economy
Caleb Watney

From Vox:

Caleb Watney from the R Street Institute and Alec Stapp from the Progressive Policy Institute suggest avoiding this situation with an idea that will recur several times on this list:…

, The New Republic
No Vaccine in Sight
Charles Duan

From The New Republic:

The events of recent months, says a growing alliance of public health experts and industry reform advocates, have further exposed the faults of the current model and…