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, Bridge Alliance
Solutions: SSDI Backlogs and Permissionless Innovation
Charles Duan

From Bridge Alliance:

And what about Permissionless Innovation? That’s R Street’s proposal to encourage innovation and scientific discovery in America, which has shown signs of stalling….

, Brookings
What are the proper limits on police use of facial recognition?
Nila Bala & Caleb Watney

Last month, the city of San Francisco decided to ban the use of facial recognition technology in its various government agencies. While a complete ban in perpetuity likely goes too far, it does…

Testimony before the U.S. Senate on Drone Security
Kathryn Waldron

Submitted Statement for the Record of
Kathryn Waldron
Research Associate, National Security and Cybersecurity Policy
R Street Institute
Before the
Subcommittee on Security
Committee on…

Testimony on Deepfakes before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
Jeffrey Westling

Submitted Statement for the Record of
Jeffrey Westling
Fellow, Technology and Innovation Policy
The R Street Institute
Before the
Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

, Morning Consult
Fool Me Once … You Can’t Get Fooled Again
Jeffrey Westling

Despite public pressures, Facebook decided not to remove an altered video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that makes her appear drunk at a public event. In the wake of this incident, many…

, Marietta Daily Journal
The Uber effect on drunk driving
Marc Hyden

More than one quarter of America’s vehicular fatalities stem from drunk driving, and many of them happen right here in Georgia.

Reducing impaired driving has been one of Georgia lawmakers’ and…

Trans-Atlantic Principles for the Future of Work and Labor Automation
Ann Phelan

Washington (September 10) – The world is changing faster than our levers of policy can move. Using artificial intelligence, robotics and global communication networks, entrepreneurs are breaking…

Trans-Atlantic Principles for the Future of Work and Labor Automation
Caleb Watney

The essential question for the future of work is how we can prepare our labor markets and workforce for a period of dynamism and turnover as new technologies are incorporated throughout the…

, Reason
The problem with prohibitions on electronic contraband like 3D-printed gun designs
Charles Duan

From Reason:
Maybe the federal government could leverage its increasingly intrusive take on intellectual property law to seize the gun design files’ copyrights under eminent domain, and then go…

, Urbane Cowboys Podcast
Urbane Cowboys (EP 5) Get Smart: A convo with Michael Hendrix on smart cities, social capital and more
Josiah Neeley

Josiah Neeley and Doug McCullough’s Urbane Cowboys Podcast:

The Urbane Cowboys dare to return. This week they speak with Michael Hendrix, director of state and local policy at…