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Interoperability as a Lens onto Regulatory Paradigms
Chris Riley

From Competition Policy International:

As the world increasingly considers antitrust as a tool for governing and shaping large internet companies, we ask whether traditional antitrust analysis and…

Hearing on “Protecting Competition and Innovation in Home Technologies”
Jeffrey Westling

Dear Chairwoman Klobuchar, Ranking Member Lee, and members of the subcommittee,

R Street appreciates the Committee’s work to protect American consumers and competition as the economy continues…

The Online App Store Ecosystem
Wayne Brough

App stores help make smartphones smart

Digital Application Distribution Platforms, or app stores, are used by consumers to purchase and download apps for smartphones and other mobile devices. The…

, wavteq
Could the new “Zoom Towns” change the nature of talent clusters?
Caleb Watney

From wavteq:

Between 2000 and 2010, 57% of migrant inventors chose to work in the United States, ‘more than all other countries combined.’

Video: What Engineers Wish Economists Knew about Digital Technology – 14th Digital Economics Conference
Chris Riley

From Toulouse School of Economics:

ROUND TABLE: What Engineers Wish Economists Knew about Digital Technology

Moderator: Jacques CREMER (TSE)

▪ Yves-Alexandre DE MONTJOYE (Imperial…

, Communications Daily
Tillis Aims for Bipartisan DMCA Bill in April or May
Wayne Brough

From Communications Daily:

The discussion draft would be “bad for startups that encounter user-generated content,” Engine commented. It would disrupt 512 in fundamental ways, “upsetting the…

Regulation Digest - Vol. 10, No. 6
Jeffrey Westling

From The George Washington University Regulatory Studies Center:
R Street Institute
– Marketing Opportunities for Innovative Tech, Jeffrey Westling

Petition to Expand Marketing Opportunities for Innovative Technologies
Jeffrey Westling

Comments of R Street Institute

Technological innovation often moves fast, leaving outdated regulations designed for different environments and markets in the proverbial dust. As a result, the…

Bringing home the virtual bacon
Anne Hobson

From The Center for Growth and Opportunity at Utah State University:

VR platforms also face policy challenges similar to other online platforms.

, news leader.
Biden’s pro-immigration agenda is more expansive than Obama’s, but it has drawbacks
Caleb Watney

From news leader.:

Immigrants contribute disproportionately by starting new businesses at higher rates than natives, and making major contributions to scientific and other innovation.

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