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‘Landmark’ labor bill still wreaking economic havoc in California
Steven Greenhut

Just for old time’s sake and because my cellphone battery was about to die, I hailed an airport taxicab during a business trip last week to the East Coast rather than my usual practice of calling…

, Inside Sources
Unions, Great! The PRO Act? No Way.
Eli Lehrer

America’s labor unions are in trouble. A declining membership base, an antiquated business model and often hostile legal environments have created significant problems for American workers and…

, Nature Human Behavior
Not all machines are created equal
Ashley Nunes

When the Boeing 737 took to the skies in 1967, it shared some of the same design features as previous airplanes. However, there was one notable exception: the 737 required only two pilots in the…

, reason
Tim Wu, Biden’s New Tech Guru, Is Deeply Wrong About What Makes the Internet Great
Eli Lehrer

From reason:

“Politicians are wrong to kneecap ‘big’ business simply because they are big,” said R Street Institute President Eli Lehrer in an April statement. “America cannot afford to let…

Unions ramp up effort to beat back Newsom recall
Steven Greenhut

Analysis of the recall effort of Gov. Gavin Newsom has shifted from questions about whether this special election will take place to when it will happen. Recall supporters seem to have gathered…

, Inside Sources
Podcast: Why Getting Rid of Regulations is Good for Jobs
C. Jarrett Dieterle

From Inside Sources:

The R Street Institute’s Jarrett Dieterle argues that regulations are keeping people from working, but that a congressional solution may be on the way.

Podcast: Yaffee and Steve Greenhut of the R Street Institute Discuss the Pro Act, Biden’s Latest Liberal Grab Bag
Steven Greenhut

From WVNN Afternoons with Yaffee:

Yaffee and Steve Greenhut of the R Street Institute Discuss the Pro Act.

EIG American Dynamism Series | The Case for Non-compete Reform
Eli Lehrer


On April 29th, the Economic Innovation Group (EIG) hosted a webinar to discuss the Workforce Mobility Act, recently reintroduced bipartisan legislation from…

, American Action Forum
Women in the Gig Economy
Ian Adams & Brian Jencunas

From American Action Forum:

The passage of AB5 led to thousands of workers losing their jobs and increased costs to state businesses, resulting in billions of dollars in greater payroll…

, Washington Examiner
The PRO Act contains a provision similar to California’s disastrous AB 5 labor bill
Steven Greenhut

From Washington Examiner:

Steven Greenhut, the western region director of the R Street Institute, is also based out of California. “During the campaign, Joe Biden had promised to pass legislation…

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