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EIG American Dynamism Series | The Case for Non-compete Reform
Eli Lehrer


On April 29th, the Economic Innovation Group (EIG) hosted a webinar to discuss the Workforce Mobility Act, recently reintroduced bipartisan legislation from…

, American Action Forum
Women in the Gig Economy
Ian Adams & Brian Jencunas

From American Action Forum:

The passage of AB5 led to thousands of workers losing their jobs and increased costs to state businesses, resulting in billions of dollars in greater payroll…

, Washington Examiner
The PRO Act contains a provision similar to California’s disastrous AB 5 labor bill
Steven Greenhut

From Washington Examiner:

Steven Greenhut, the western region director of the R Street Institute, is also based out of California. “During the campaign, Joe Biden had promised to pass legislation…

, The American Spectator
The Latest Attack on Gig Workers
Steven Greenhut

The whole point of the Biden administration’s budget-busting $1.9 trillion stimulus bill is to aid struggling workers after the COVID-19 shutdowns obliterated their earnings. The legislation is…

, Senator Todd Young
Young, Murphy, Cramer, Kaine Introduce Bill Giving Workers Freedom to Leave
Eli Lehrer

From Senator Todd Young:

Eli Lehrer, President, R Street Institute: “Non-compete agreements are an affront to the free market. They reduce wages, discourage innovation and are deeply unfair to…

, New York Post
Social security will fail and other commentary
Steven Greenhut

From New York Post:

Libertarian: Wage Hike Would Hurt Poor

Team Biden wants to hike the nation’s minimum wage to $15 an hour, yet that, warns Steven Greenhut at The Orange County Register,…

, Insurance Journal
Conventional Unemployment Insurance Does Not Work in the Gig Economy
Eli Lehrer

Like those on the opposite coast, New York courts and administrative panels have recently found that Uber drivers qualify for unemployment benefits. This is a problem. Indeed, even if the courts…

, The American Spectator
California’s Ongoing War on Work
Steven Greenhut

California’s unions aren’t accustomed to losing, so it was no surprise that the Service Employees International Union filed a lawsuit this month challenging the constitutionality of Proposition…

, Forbes
Trump Labor Department Pushes Quick-Boiling Independent Contractor Rule that the White House Has Left on Simmer
Eli Lehrer

From Forbes:

Some who support the new rule have criticized its wording. The R Street Institute, a free-market think tank, said the form of independent work on marketplace platforms is…

, Quartz
Where the fight for a $15 minimum wage goes from here
Andrew Hanson

From Quartz:

Economists in the past have expressed concern that increases to the minimum wage could hurt employment in low-wage areas, since the wage hikes would be relatively steep in those…