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, Real Clear Politics
Uyghur Genocide; Progressive Reckoning; Asteroid Down, Populists Up
Erica Schoder

Good morning, it’s Tuesday, six weeks from Election Day 2022 — the midterms that will determine which of America’s two hyper-partisan (and often dysfunctional) major political parties will…

, Real Clear Markets
Quiet Quitting Isn’t the Answer: Passion That Vanquishes Burnout Is
Erica Schoder

The latest headlines about the American workplace have focused on “quiet quitting.” But this is more than catchy clickbait, it’s a real, ongoing issue for employers and employees.

, National Affairs
On Working from Home
Eli Lehrer

Since 2020, the disruption in commuting patterns stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic has rapidly increased the number of people working from home. This may feel like an unprecedented shift in human…

Radio: The Gig Economy is Good for Workers
Steven Greenhut

From Inside Sources With Boyd Matheson:

There has been a lot of talk about the Pink Recession, where women dropped out of the workforce during the pandemic. Now there’s concern not…

, The American Spectator
Men (Not) at Work
Steven Greenhut

Progressive politicians and economists are painting a dark picture about the future of work, as they depict a coming dystopia of American wage earners who have no job security or benefits, little…

, CT Mirror
Occupational licensure reform opens opportunities for former offenders —and everyone else
Sarah Wall

Connecticut’s 2022 legislative session certainly gave journalists and policy wonks a lot to talk about. For 12 short weeks, hours of coverage were devoted to some successful pushes —including…

, Inside Sources
Many Workers May Never Return to the Office, and That’s a Good Thing
Eli Lehrer

The spring of 2022 has seen large parts of American life return to their pre-pandemic normal. Travel? Daily air travel sits at about 90 percent of its pre-pandemic levels. Sports? The 2021 NFL’s…

, The Nevada Independent
The unexpected entrepreneurship of the COVID era
Steven Greenhut

From The Nevada Indepedent:

Making matters worse, both federal and state lawmakers have flirted with emulating the gig-crushing California restrictions on freelance workers — indicating that…

‘Landmark’ labor bill still wreaking economic havoc in California
Steven Greenhut

Just for old time’s sake and because my cellphone battery was about to die, I hailed an airport taxicab during a business trip last week to the East Coast rather than my usual practice of calling…

, Inside Sources
Unions, Great! The PRO Act? No Way.
Eli Lehrer

America’s labor unions are in trouble. A declining membership base, an antiquated business model and often hostile legal environments have created significant problems for American workers and…

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