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, National Affairs
On Working from Home
Eli Lehrer

Since 2020, the disruption in commuting patterns stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic has rapidly increased the number of people working from home. This may feel like an unprecedented shift in human…

Radio: The Gig Economy is Good for Workers
Steven Greenhut

From Inside Sources With Boyd Matheson:

There has been a lot of talk about the Pink Recession, where women dropped out of the workforce during the pandemic. Now there’s concern not…

, The American Spectator
Men (Not) at Work
Steven Greenhut

Progressive politicians and economists are painting a dark picture about the future of work, as they depict a coming dystopia of American wage earners who have no job security or benefits, little…

, CT Mirror
Occupational licensure reform opens opportunities for former offenders —and everyone else
Sarah Wall

Connecticut’s 2022 legislative session certainly gave journalists and policy wonks a lot to talk about. For 12 short weeks, hours of coverage were devoted to some successful pushes —including…

, Inside Sources
Many Workers May Never Return to the Office, and That’s a Good Thing
Eli Lehrer

The spring of 2022 has seen large parts of American life return to their pre-pandemic normal. Travel? Daily air travel sits at about 90 percent of its pre-pandemic levels. Sports? The 2021 NFL’s…

, The Nevada Independent
The unexpected entrepreneurship of the COVID era
Steven Greenhut

From The Nevada Indepedent:

Making matters worse, both federal and state lawmakers have flirted with emulating the gig-crushing California restrictions on freelance workers — indicating that…

‘Landmark’ labor bill still wreaking economic havoc in California
Steven Greenhut

Just for old time’s sake and because my cellphone battery was about to die, I hailed an airport taxicab during a business trip last week to the East Coast rather than my usual practice of calling…

, Inside Sources
Unions, Great! The PRO Act? No Way.
Eli Lehrer

America’s labor unions are in trouble. A declining membership base, an antiquated business model and often hostile legal environments have created significant problems for American workers and…

, Nature Human Behavior
Not all machines are created equal
Ashley Nunes

When the Boeing 737 took to the skies in 1967, it shared some of the same design features as previous airplanes. However, there was one notable exception: the 737 required only two pilots in the…

, reason
Tim Wu, Biden’s New Tech Guru, Is Deeply Wrong About What Makes the Internet Great
Eli Lehrer

From reason:

“Politicians are wrong to kneecap ‘big’ business simply because they are big,” said R Street Institute President Eli Lehrer in an April statement. “America cannot afford to let…

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