, Yahoo Finance
Fracking has its big moment in Pennsylvania’s Oz v Fetterman debate
Philip Rossetti

From Yahoo Finance:

“The likelihood of split government combined with a persisting energy security challenge means we’ll see more overall pressure on politicians to support domestic energy…

, Spectator World
Energy independence is a false hope
Jonathan Bydlak

In the wake of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, gasoline and energy prices soared in the United States. While they’ve come down a bit since, it’s worth examining why war in Eastern Europe caused a…

Healthy markets remedy energy and climate crises
Devin Hartman

Months before Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine, global oil and European natural gas markets were undergoing sharp price increases. Predictably, crisis escalation prompted calls for “fuel fixes”…

Trump’s Verbal Smackdown of Cuomo over Fracking, Northeast Pipeline Access Still Reverberates
William Murray

While the verbal smackdown President Donald Trump gave New York Governor Andrew Cuomo during a meeting last week couldn’t be heard outside the White House, it’s probably still being felt in…

Things are getting weird in pipeline country
William Murray

In an environment that only a lawyer looking for billable hours could love, federal courts are making a mess of executive branch guidance concerning whether federal agencies need to consider…

, Governing
Why we need to kick our foolish ethanol addiction
William Murray

Bad news arrives slowly to some U.S. political circles. The failure of the federal Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) program to achieve its policy goals over the past decade is one of the slowest…

U.S. steel requirements for pipelines undermines American energy, trade
William Murray

The United States is a free-trading nation, regardless what President Donald Trump says on any given day. Any doubters about current U.S. trade policy should look no further than an Aug. 1 op-ed in…

Welcome to Climate Junior High
William Murray

The new kid in the class is glib and loud, while the gal in charge of the “cool kids” pretended he hadn’t even entered the classroom. At least, that’s the way it seems from watching President…

Competition, ratepayers lose big in Ohio
Devin Hartman

In a unanimous vote, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) moved March 31 to accept modified plans from investor-owned utilities FirstEnergy Corp. and American Electric Power Ohio that…

, Wall Street Journal
Should oil firms be held liable in earthquake lawsuits?
Catrina Rorke

Holding companies liable for damages caused by fracking-induced earthquakes is an unreliable way to manage this new risk. The courts simply aren’t equipped to handle this issue in a way that is…

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