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Radio: What Energy Policy Will Look Like With a Divided Government
Josiah Neeley

From Inside Sources with Boyd Matheson:
Energy and gas prices continue to be a top priority for Americans. But with a divided Congress.. Republicans in the House, Democrats in the Senate… what…

Outlook for Energy Policy Under the Next Congress
Philip Rossetti & Josiah Neeley

The 2022 election results are finally coming into focus, which now leads to the question everyone is asking: what will energy and climate policy look like in the next Congress? The picture being…

, The Spectator World
Democrats’ last gambit: a corporate windfall tax
Jonathan Bydlak

Inflation continues to be the economic story of the day. While Democrats try to divert attention to the job market, and many Republicans seem more interested in appealing to “gut feelings” on…

, USA Today
An ‘invisible’ crisis: Already behind on utility bills, many Americans face a tough winter
Devin Hartman

From USA Today:

The rising prices aren’t expected to go away any time soon, according to Devin Hartman, director of energy and environmental policy at R Street Institute, a free-market think tank…

, RealClearPolicy
Why Climate Lawsuits Have Not Succeeded
Josiah Neeley

From movies like “Erin Brockovich” and “A Civil Action” to more recent fare like “Dark Waters,” Americans are used to seeing lawyers vindicate the importance of environmental protection…

, Orange County Register
Newsom strives to bring back the Jimmy Carter era
Steven Greenhut

SACRAMENTO – It was arguably the most politically disastrous speech from a president in the nation’s history. Against a backdrop of quarter-mile-long lines at gas stations, soaring inflation and…

, Fox Business
Energy reps say Dems’ spending, tax and climate bill ‘bad idea’ during recession as House preps final vote
Devin Hartman

From Fox Business:

R Street Institute Energy and Environmental Policy Director Devin Hartman told FOX Business that, despite both sides making a lot out of a bill, it may have more nuanced, and…

, Yahoo! Finance
The Democrat’s climate deal also has plenty for oil producers to like
Josiah Neeley

From Yahoo! Finance:

Still, Josiah Neeley, a senior energy fellow at the “limited government” think tank R Street Institute, notes that drilling rights can often change dramatically from…

, Financial Times
US states divided over petrol stations as LA considers ban on new pumps
Philip Rossetti

From the Financial Times:

“We’re seeing a bit of a cultural divide at play where more urban Americans that can adopt an EV lifestyle view gasoline vehicles as polluting and a detriment, and…

Radio: More Government Intervention is NOT the Solution to High Gas Prices
Philip Rossetti

Oil prices are falling, but the price at the gas pump remains high. Why? The R Street Institute’s Phil Rossetti outlines the problems in the refining industry and the government policies that aren’t…

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