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, reason
What’s behind skyrocketing gas prices?
Josiah Neeley

From reason:

“These sorts of disruptions are annoying, but they don’t signal an imminent Mad Max-style future for America. They are, by nature, self-limiting,” notes the R Street Institute’s…

, reason
The Colonial Gas Shortage Is Temporary, Bad Energy Policy Is Not
Josiah Neeley

When I wake up in the morning and check the news, I often feel like I am stuck in some kind of novel. Some days it feels like a madcap satire by Tom Wolfe. Other days the news reads like a…

, Tax Foundation
Wyden’s Energy Tax Proposal a Mixed Bag
Josiah Neeley & William Murray

From Tax Foundation:

As such, all companies, including fossil fuel companies, should be able to deduct their costs—from salaries for employees to new parts for an oil derrick. The R Street…

Regulation Digest - Vol. 10, No. 5
Philip Rossetti

From The George Washington University Regulatory Studies Center:
R Street Institute
– Oil & Gas Production on Public Land, Philip Rossetti

Potential Benefits and Costs from Phasing out Oil and Gas Production on Public Land
Philip Rossetti


As part of a flurry of executive actions, President Joe Biden has formally directed the Secretary of the Interior to pause all new oil and natural gas leases on public lands, pending…

, Financial Times
Climate change’s bogeyman isn’t only big oil
Ashley Nunes

Big oil is in the hot seat. Again. Two weeks ago, the US Supreme Court heard arguments on whether a lawsuit brought by Baltimore city officials against oil companies belongs in state courts, which…

Devin Hartman discusses the impact of Hurricane Laura on the oil industry
Devin Hartman

From KGET:

Devin Hartman discusses the impact of Hurricane Laura on the oil industry with Anna Wiernicki.

, E&E News
From NEPA to North Dakota, 4 pipeline fights to watch
Devin Hartman

From E&E News:

Devin Hartman, a former FERC employee who now heads energy and environmental policy at the R Street Institute, said that while R Street is fuel neutral, the cancellation of…

How Not to Build Pipelines
Josiah Neeley

Pipelines are in the news again, as they often are. This week a federal judge ordered the Dakota Access pipeline temporarily shut down so that a more thorough review of the pipeline’s environmental…

, Real Clear Energy
Proration Is a Bad Idea for America’s Oil & Gas Industry
Josiah Neeley

The last three months have been a rollercoaster for the oil and gas industry. Oil prices have taken a beating, falling from around $70 a barrel to under $20 a barrel due to a combination of a fall in…

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