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Trump’s Verbal Smackdown of Cuomo over Fracking, Northeast Pipeline Access Still Reverberates
William Murray

While the verbal smackdown President Donald Trump gave New York Governor Andrew Cuomo during a meeting last week couldn’t be heard outside the White House, it’s probably still being felt in…

, Forbes
Pending stricter marine fuel regulations roiling oil markets
William Murray

William Murray cited in Forbes:
The IMO regulations will undoubtedly be supportive of higher oil prices. Indeed, past implementation of environmental rules on fuels has proved this, most recently…

, OneNewsNow
California dreamin’ of a fossil fuel-less day
Steven Greenhut

From OneNewsNow:

Steven Greenhut of California-based R Street Institute says the state is not capable of meeting the electricity needs of 40 million Californians by switching to renewables,…

, Washington Examiner
FERC guru to lead energy group opposing Trump’s coal bailout
Devin Hartman

From Washington Examiner Daily on Energy:

A switch up is occurring in trade group circles when it comes to covering FERC’s sphere…

, New York Times
Trump’s plan for coal emissions: Let coal states regulate them
Eli Lehrer

From The New York Times:

“Everyone who votes on climate change is a Democratic base,” said Eli Lehrer, president of R Street, a free-market think tank in Washington that supports policies to…

, The Hill
Oil refiners make a peace offering to the ethanol industry
William Murray

In an effort to break a nasty, decades-long political conflict between Big Corn and Big Oil, independent oil refiners are proposing an increase in the octane level of gasoline after 2022 that will…

, Washington Examiner
Why Trump is going national with bid to save coal, nuclear
Devin Hartman

From Washington Examiner:
“I assume there will be a political calculation, where they can appease certain constituencies and target some of these units in wholesale markets, but these are areas…

Online discussion: Coal, nuclear, and national security
Devin Hartman

On June 1st President Trump directed Energy Secretary Rick Perry to halt the closure of competitive coal and nuclear power plants, which are being pushed offline by less expensive energy…

, Inside EPA
Reprising past opposition, Trump allies slam draft coal, nuclear strategy
Devin Hartman

From InsideEPA:
The free-market R Street Institute’s Devin Hartman adds in a June 2 blog post that “abusing a defense statute to meet a campaign promise is no laughing matter. To be clear, doing…

, Greentech Media
DOE plans to order guaranteed profits for coal, nuclear power plants
Josiah Neeley

From Greentech Media:
And the conservative Heritage Foundation joined with the free-market think tank R Street Institute to decry the move. “The motives couldn’t be more obvious — the same…