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Ransomware talks: How Biden could push Putin to the table
Paul Rosenzweig

From CSO:

“I don’t think that the prospects are very high for dealing with Russia unless and until the U.S. develops a strategy of some sorts for imposing adverse consequences on Russia that will…

, Cheddar
Video: President Biden Meets With Vladimir Putin to Discuss Terms of Cyberwarfare
Paul Rosenzweig

From Cheddar:

Paul Rosenzweig, Resident Senior Fellow of Cybersecurity and Emerging Threats at R Street Institute, discusses the key takeaways from President Biden and President Putin’s…

, Quartz
Hacking collective DarkSide are state-sanctioned pirates
Bryson Bort

From Quartz:

“We know that there’s a tacit approval here that these folks are allowed to operate with relative impunity,” said Bryson Bort, a senior fellow studying cybersecurity and…

The 5G conversation is dead
Tatyana Bolton

When it comes to discussing information and communication technology (ICT), the international conversation seems to be stuck on 5G. Each month sees a barrage of headlines along the lines of “5…

, Marketplace
More countries scrutinize foreign efforts to acquire their companies
Tatyana Bolton

From Marketplace:

China has its own set of restrictions on foreign companies and a blacklist. It too wants to reduce its vulnerabilities. Tatyana Bolton, with public policy research group the R…

, National Interest
Why Biden Needs to Counter North Korea’s Cyber Crimes
Kathryn Waldron & Franklin Lee

Former President Donald Trump and North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un may have shared a “deep and special friendship,” but it’s become abundantly clear in the last few months that the…

Platforms, Publishers and Privacy: Lessons from the Australian News Code
Sofia Lesmes

Last month, the Australian government clashed publicly with Facebook and Google over new legislation attempting to force the platforms to pay for news content. While the ugliest parts of the fight…

, The Diplomat
Rumors of War in the Taiwan Strait
Tatyana Bolton & Mary Brooks

From The Diplomat:

Finally, some argue the lack of effective U.S. pushback against the Hong Kong clampdown will embolden Beijing to move more forcefully to impose its will on Taipei.

, Roll Call
Bipartisan House group offers bill to repeal outdated war resolutions
Anthony Marcum

From Roll Call:

The multi-AUMF repeal effort has the support of a broad ideological mix of national security and good governance organizations including the Project for Government Oversight,…

, Morning Consult
In the Push for Congressional Modernization, the Senate Is Falling Behind
Canyon Brimhall & Mary Brooks

From Morning Consult:

Attacks from foreign powers point to additional concerns about Congress’ cybersecurity protocols.

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