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, Politico
How China acquires ‘the crown jewels’ of U.S. technology
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From Politico:
“I knew what was critical in 1958 — tanks, airplanes, avionics. Now, truthfully, everything is information. The world is about information, not about things,” said Paul…

, Lawfare
Law and public intuition on the use of force, part 1: An introduction
Megan Reiss

Tensions with North Korea have reinvigorated long-standing debates over when and how the United States should use military force. Legal experts have offered sometimes conflicting views on how…

, USA Today
FBI Director Chris Wray’s other mission: tending the bureau’s ‘brand’ after months of turmoil
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Cameron Smith cited in USA Today:
Trump has repeatedly directed his ire at the FBI and Justice Department, charging that the ongoing inquiry into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election was…

The National Guard should be sent where it belongs: Home
Lars Trautman

As they punch out at their day jobs one last time and kiss loved ones goodbye, our National Guard members may be wondering why they’re being asked to put their lives on hold to rush to our border…

, Lawfare
The Lawfare Podcast: Toomas Ilves on the situation
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Before the American president took to Twitter, Estonia’s president, Toomas Ilves, had used the social media platform to communicate with his country. President Ilves was the head of state of…

, The Hill
Trump’s nuclear threat policy is moving US in the right direction
Arthur Rizer & Megan Reiss

This administration’s tenure may be rife with staff turnover, tweetstorms and scandals, but there’s one thing it’s gotten right so far: Its nuclear strategy is a well-reasoned response to the…