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Disinformation in the Reagan Years and Lessons for Today
Megan Reiss

In hindsight, the United States should have expected that Russia would search for new purpose after its empire col- lapsed. The transition from superpower to “something else” was, in part, a…

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The President’s Election-Interference Order: A Needed First Step
Megan Reiss

President Trump issued Executive Order 13848 on Sept. 12 declaring election interference a national emergency. The order also sets up a protocol for applying sanctions to persons who conduct…

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Sending aid to North Korea often means inadvertently helping Kim Jong Un. But there are still ways to help.
Megan Reiss & Kathryn Waldron

North Korea often tries to hide from the world the results of decades of Communist authoritarian leadership and financial mismanagement. But for those who’ve seen past that facade, the results are…

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Law and public intuition on the use of force, part 3: Views on President Trump and North Korea
Megan Reiss

This post is the third in a multipart series. For an introduction to the surveys being discussed and the methodology that the authors employed, read their first post here.

In January 2018,…

, InsideSources
Trump should plan for the worst with North Korea
Jonathan Haggerty & Arthur Rizer

In what has now proved to be a premature declaration, President Trump recently tweeted, “There is no longer a nuclear threat” regarding North Korea. However, satellite imagery has since revealed…

IMPORTANT STUFF with Matt Lewis & Shoshana Weissmann #1
Media Coverage

From IMPORTANT STUFF with Matt Lewis & Shoshana Weissmann:

On the pilot episode of “IMPORTANT STUFF,” Matt and Shoshana discuss Brett Kavanaugh’s coming Supreme Court nomination…

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The Lawfare podcast: Jennifer Hillman and Clark Packard on trade and national security, part deux
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From Lawfare:
The Trump administration has taken an aggressive stance on U.S. trade relations, opting for bilateral negotiations, and in many cases, eschewing the multilateral trade order. The…

Why Congress and the American people should support foreign, non-military aid
Alan Smith

In the United States today, there is a continuing need to explain to the American public what most of their elected representatives understand very well: It is critical to maintain non-military…

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Trump eyes executive order expanding power to block deals between U.S., foreign telecom firms
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From Washington Post:

“This is manifestly an abuse of the limited discretion the law gives the president” to respond to foreign economic threats, said Paul Rosenzweig, a homeland security…

, Orange County Register
Incendiary rhetoric won’t help the political situation in Mexico
Steven Greenhut

When Donald Trump lamented Canadian shoe smuggling during a recent speech to a small-business group, I thought of a farcical 1995 movie called “Canadian Bacon.” Its premise wasn’t much stranger…