, Forbes
13 Changes Coming To The Banking Industry

From Forbes:
10. Better Regulation

Traditional banks will focus on taking deposits and lending for productive purposes and leave other financial services to innovative new fintech and digital…

, The Hill
Will the Federal Reserve have a monopoly in digital currencies?
Alex J. Pollock

Cryptocurrencies started out with a libertarian desire to give people an alternative to national money, thereby escaping government power to depreciate their fiat currencies through inflation. Many…

, ReadWrite
What will cryptocurrency be like in 10 years?
Alex J. Pollock

From ReadWrite:
The second issue the subcommittee raised was that of government-created cryptocurrencies. Alex J. Pollock of the R Street Institute said that: “In short, to have a central bank…

, Markets Insider
Former FHLB Chicago President and CEO, Alex J. Pollock, named Finzat Block Senior Advisor
Alex J. Pollock

From Markets Insider:
Finzat Block LLC., a Block One Capital portfolio company, announced that Alex J. Pollock has become a Senior Advisor to the firm.  Mr. Pollock, former President and CEO of the…

R Street’s Voting Guide for #SXSW2019
Sasha Moss

Voting Ends August 30!
We’ve put together some great policy panels for next year’s SXSW conference in Austin, Texas. BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP to get in the final conference program!

Please vote…

, Live Bitcoin News
EU Parliament report calls for CBDCs to level competition in cryptocurrency market
Alex J. Pollock

From Live Bitcoin News:
Last week, Alex Pollock, senior fellow at the R Street Institute, argued during a U.S. Congressional Subcommittee on Monetary Policy and Trade that “a central-bank digital…

, Coingeek
US Congress: Yes to crypto, no to central bank crypto
Alex J. Pollock

From Coingeek:
Alex Pollock, a senior fellow at the R Street Institute, took to the microphone to discuss central bank-digital currency (CBDC). He said, “[To] have a central bank digital currency…

, Digital Trends
Congressman says we should be banned from mining, using cryptocurrency
Alex J. Pollock

From Digital Trends:
Also brought up during the hearing was the idea of central banks issuing their own digital currency. Alex Pollock from the R Street Institute refuted the idea, as these banks…

The future of digital currency
Alex J. Pollock

From the House Financial Services Committee:
“There is no doubt that the digitalization of financial transactions, records, access to information, and communication will continue to increase, and…

, Crowdfund Insider
Congressional hearing on the future of money & crypto: “These innovations should be fostered not smothered”
Alex J. Pollock

From Crowdfund Insider:
As previously reported, the list of witnesses included the following individuals;

Dr. Rodney J. Garratt, Maxwell C. and Mary Pellish Chair, Professor of Economics,…

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