Environmental Regulation


, National Review
California Environmentalists Move to Kill Massive Reservoir Project as State Faces Record Drought
Steven Greenhut

From National Review:

“It’s a long-term problem caused by long-term inaction,” said Steven Greenhut, a California-based senior fellow at the free-market R Street Institute, and the author of…

, Connecticut Post
To decarbonize CT by 2040, try renewable natural gas
Sarah Wall

With the ink barely dried on Connecticut’s 2022 legislative session, a few key issues clearly made legislators’ priority list — students’ mental health and combatting juvenile crime both…

De Blasio’s Gas Stove Ban Was Intended To Help the Environment. Experts Say It’ll Backfire.
Josiah Neeley

From The Washington Free Beacon:

The result could be the worst of both worlds: higher emissions for New York City and a lower standard of living for its most vulnerable citizens.

“You have to…

Cleaner by the Dozen: Twelve Reforms to Make Texas Cleaner, Stronger and Freer
Josiah Neeley

Texas conservatives should look to fundamental principles in crafting a positive policy agenda on climate change. Though often overlooked, many of the best ways to improve the…

12 Energy and Resiliency Reforms for a Cleaner, Freer and Stronger Texas
Alexandra McCandless

WASHINGTON (April 25)—In a new report, R Street Institute Texas Director Josiah Neeley and Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute policy analyst Matt Patterson give a comprehensive account…

, Bloomberg
Want Green Energy? Cut Red Tape
Philip Rossetti

From Bloomberg:
Take the National Environmental Policy Act. Enacted in 1970, NEPA requires federal agencies to conduct environmental reviews for nearly every project that the government touches….

Want to recycle more? Try utilizing the market more
Philip Rossetti

For most people, recycling is a bit like flossing. It’s something you know you should do, but at least in the short term offers little tangible benefit. Economists, helpful as ever, might even…

, The Hill
President Biden’s Defense Production Act power grab
Eli Lehrer

Acting with bipartisan support, President Biden has invoked a 72-year old law, the Defense Production Act, to increase domestic production of the minerals used to make electric vehicle batteries….

Can we please stop with the DPA already?
Philip Rossetti

The administration, with a bipartisan blessing from key senators, has invoked the Defense Production Act (DPA) to expedite the production of critical minerals needed for clean energy…

Imposing mandatory disclosure policies on businesses is a popular tool—but does it work?
Sarah Wall

Among certain environmental and human rights activists, compelling businesses and corporations to match their enthusiasm in the pursuit of social responsibility has been a key objective for years….

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