Environmental Regulation


The Environmental Case for Improving NEPA
Philip Rossetti

Historically, one of the most important laws for preserving the environment has been the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). One of the first landmark environmental laws dating back to 1970,…

, AK Headlamp
Green light: ConocoPhillips. AKLNG & Private Sector. Extra-terrestrial commerce.
Philip Rossetti

From AK Headlamp:

Released to activists today, the first course is an introduction to market environmentalism. Featuring former Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (FL-27) and the R Street…

, Talk 107.3
Radio: Mornings with Brian Haldane: Philip Rosetti
Philip Rossetti

From Talk 107.3:

Senior Fellow for Energy and the Environment at R Street Philip Rosetti joined the show to discuss the cancelling of the Keystone Pipeline.

He points out that “looking at any…

To Protect Environment, Avoid Temptation of Low-Quality Rulemaking
Philip Rossetti

Over the past couple months, there has been a significant question as to how the Biden administration would navigate new regulatory rulemaking standards imposed late into the Trump administration….

, Bloomberg Green
Trump EPA Makes It Harder to Toughen Air Pollution Standards
Philip Rossetti

From Bloomberg Green:

The measure should drive more durable environmental regulation, said Philip Rossetti, a senior fellow with the R Street Institute, a free-market think…

, The Spokesman-Review
Eli Lehrer and Jeff Kupfer: Washington’s wildfire strategy must prioritize mitigation and resiliency
Eli Lehrer

If nothing else, 2020 showed Washington state residents they can’t stop worrying about wildfires.

The just-ended wildfire season, after all, left over 700,000 burned acres and scorched nearly…

, UrbaneCowboys
Podcast: Episode 125: Winning the Water Wars with Steven Greenhut
Josiah Neeley & Steven Greenhut

From UrbaneCowboys:

Steven Greenhut, author, columnist and R Street Institute Senior Fellow joins us to talk water, environmental politics, and…. raising goats.

, The American Spectator
Winning the Water Wars
Steven Greenhut

California is no stranger to water shortages and even to severe droughts. The latest one dragged on for six years and dominated Capitol discussions throughout its tortuous run. It was a genuine…

Cheers to Markets for Sustainable Drinks
Devin Hartman

I recently swung by my favorite D.C. brewery, Hellbender, to replenish my home stockpile of delicious, eco-responsible brew (how else does one beat a pandemic?). While I was there, the staff…

‘Environmental justice’ starts by providing more water
Steven Greenhut

Environmentalists have won the latest battle in California’s water wars, as California American Water just announced it is temporarily withdrawing its application to build a desalination plant on…

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