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, Natural Gas Intel
New Challenges Coming in Era of U.S. Energy Exports, Says Experts
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From Natural Gas Intel:

R Street Institute director Travis Kavulla told the panel that the nation’s electricity markets needed reform, and that “there are places where congressional intervention,…

, Biv
R Street energy work picked up in BIVs Living/Working
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From BIV:
While many people might assume that renewable fuel standards requiring ethanol to be added to gasoline is all about reducing greenhouse gases, in the U.S. the standard put in place in 2007…

, The Washington Times
Ethanol policy: A government failure that should stop
William Murray

Almost everyone reading this is aware that government interventions in the marketplace usually fail. From attempts to limit inflation in the 1970s to the sub-prime housing bubble in 2008,…

The Problem with an “All of the Above” Energy Strategy
Josiah Neeley

I recently attended an event where a former Obama administration official was talking about energy. This official spoke about many things, including how the administration had pursued an “All of…

, Cato
Green energy corporate welfare
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Devin Hartman cited in Cato:

[…]all these subsidies, restrictions, mandates, and trade barriers and let the free market […]

What’s in Andrew Wheeler’s EPA wheelhouse?
William Murray

Quickly, after so many months in the news, Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) Chief Scott Pruitt’s name has entered the way-back machine, along with his private phone booth and used…

, Daily Caller
Draining the swamp does not include energy subsidies
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From Daily Caller:
Opposition to the Energy Department’s planned use of DPA has been swift, with both R Street and The Heritage Foundation weighing in.

, The Hill
Energy policy should be guided by the free market — not by subsidizing losers
Devin Hartman

In January, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) unanimously rejected a profoundly anti-competitive proposal by the Energy Department to provide billions in subsidies to old,…

Are Electric Vehicles a Threat to the Texas Electrical Grid?
Josiah Neeley

Electric vehicles (EVs) can be a strangely polarizing topic among conservatives. Lots of conservatives remain skeptical of EV technologies and dislike the fact that they receive government subsidies….

, The Hill
Congress must oppose intervention in the energy market
Devin Hartman

Fear is the great foe of liberty. Nothing drives fear deeper into energy policymakers’ hearts than predicting blackouts.

Owners of unprofitable power plants sometimes seize on this fear to call…