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The High Price of “Cheap” Gas: What’s the True Cost of E15?
Nan Swift
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The High Price of “Cheap” Gas
Nan Swift

Yesterday, President Joe Biden issued an emergency waiver to permit summer sales of E15 gasoline in an effort to make the ongoing pain at the pump a little more bearable for consumers. E15 contains a…

Radio: Getting Electric Vehicle Subsidies Right
Philip Rossetti

From Inside Sources with Boyd Matheson:

A new Harvard Law study has found that current electric vehicle subsidies are not reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Phil Rosetti from the R…

Healthy markets remedy energy and climate crises
Devin Hartman

Months before Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine, global oil and European natural gas markets were undergoing sharp price increases. Predictably, crisis escalation prompted calls for “fuel fixes”…

Alternative fuels subsidies are small in size but with interesting potential
Philip Rossetti

This is the fourth part to a series of posts on this topic. Scroll to the end to find the most recent posts.
Biodiesel and Alternative Fuels
In this last analysis of Build Back Better’s (BBB)…

, RealClearPolicy
There Is No Silver Bullet for Energy Security
Philip Rossetti

In 1979, President Carter made his famous “crisis of confidence” speech, in which he implored Americans to hold fast against high gasoline prices and promised that renewable energy and…

Radio: Why the Government Shouldn’t Get Involved with Forcing Oil Production
Philip Rossetti

From Inside Sources with Boyd Matheson:

Some politicians are toying with the idea of using the Defense Production Act to get oil companies to pump more. The R Street Institute’s Phil…

, Newnan Times-Herald
History repeats itself: the government picks more losers
Marc Hyden

When it comes to picking winners and losers, the government’s track record might be worse than your local sports bookie. In fact, Georgia policymakers have a history of backing losers, even in…

, National Review
Biden Gets It Backwards on Clean Energy Subsidies
Philip Rossetti & Devin Hartman

From National Review:

But the time for subsidies (if there ever truly was one) has passed, as technological advances have cut the cost of generating power from wind and solar…

EV Subsidies Likely to Have Minimal Impact
Philip Rossetti

This is the third part to a series of posts on this topic. Scroll to the end to find the most recent posts.
In this installment of our series on Build Back Better (BBB), we examine the…

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