Energy Regulatory Reform


, UtilityDive
Election 2020: Trump’s FERC may need to shift course on clean energy, though Biden’s road will not be easy
Devin Hartman

From UtilityDive:
“The status quo isn’t sustainable … even under Trump 2.0 it’s not sustainable.”

There is going to be “massive pressure” to find an off-ramp, said Devin Hartman, director…

Flawed Regulatory System Encourages Bad Behavior By Electric Utilities
Josiah Neeley

The summer of 2020 saw shocking allegations of criminal conduct by electric companies in two midwestern states.

In July, Commonwealth Edison (ComEd), a subsidiary of Exelon Corporation, agreed to…

Presentation: Competition as the (Partial) Antidote to Bad Utility Behavior
Devin Hartman

Presented by R Street’s Devin Hartman at Harvard Electricity Policy Group on October 6, 2020.

Potential Benefits of a Southeast Regional Market and Pitfalls to Avoid
Jennifer Chen

From American Public Power Association:

In August, R Street, a public policy research organization, released a paper, How Voluntary Electricity Trading Can Help Efficiency in the Southeast,…

, Niskanen Center
FERC Technical Conference Highlights Carbon Pricing as a Cost-effective, Transparent, and Market-based Tool
Devin Hartman

From Niskanen Center:

“Ad hoc state policy has often led to mounting costs and anti-competitiveness concerns, which has renewed interest in exploring carbon pricing as the centerpiece of an…

Quick Reactions to FERC’s Carbon Pricing Conference
Devin Hartman

On September 30, FERC held its much-anticipated carbon pricing technical conference. My written pre-conference remarks delineated our overarching views of the conference. This plays into a bigger…

, E&E News
Chatterjee promises to remove barriers to renewable energy
Chris Villarreal

From E&E News:

Chris Villarreal, an associate fellow at the R Street Institute and independent consultant, said one of the concerns around finishing the proposed rule is that since FERC…

Presentation: R Street staff present to American Forest and Paper Association on Expanding RTOs in the Southeast
Jennifer Chen & Devin Hartman

Presented at the American Forest & Paper Association on September 17 by R Street’s Jennie Chen and Devin Hartman.

, Utility Dive
FERC’s carbon pricing dialogue may be worth the price of admission
Devin Hartman

The galvanization of the business community around climate policy is a sight to behold. The emerging consensus places carbon pricing at the center, as evidenced by the recent Business…

The most severe energy scandals since Enron highlight the need for competition in the electric power industry
William Gray

WASHINGTON (Sept. 23, 2020)—The latest utility scandals in Ohio and Illinois—the most severe since Enron— have sparked calls for electricity policy reform. In a new paper, R Street director of…