Energy Regulatory Reform


, Townhall
Brutal Video: Dems Demand Action on Green New Deal, Vote ‘Present’ on Own Legislation, Blame GOP
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From Townhall:

Its particulars are radical, including uprooting the entire American healthcare system and moving toward a guaranteed income regime. 

, The MacIver Institute
In Case You Missed It: U.S. Economy Looks Strong, Interest Rates Not Moving, and Evers’ Higher Education Budget
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From The MacIver Institute:

In an opinion piece written for National Review, Travis Kavulla and Marsha Smith, both former presidents of National Association of Regulatory Utility…

, Montana Public Radio
Colstrip Bill: Deregulation Is In The Eye Of The Beholder
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From Montana Public Radio:

Travis Kavulla is a former vice chairman of the Montana Public Service Commission (PSC), and a sharp critic of the bill NorthWestern is lobbying for. He’s now the…

, Public News Service
Opponents: Colstrip Bill Allows MT Utility to Skirt Regulation
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From Public News Service:

Travis Kavulla, a former Public Service Commissioner, said NorthWestern isn’t obligated to keep the plant open if it buys more energy, meaning the bill doesn’t…

, National Review
Renewable-Energy Prices Should Be Based on Competition
Travis Kavulla

Imagine you want to replace your older-model, gas-guzzler car with something trendy, maybe a hybrid. After some online research you head to a dealership, expecting to see a sticker price and work…

New England Natural Gas Pipeline Saga Continues Its Bureaucratic Groundhog Day
William Murray

Another chapter in the book of regulatory weirdness is being
written in federal court regarding the power of the Federal Energy Regulatory
Commission (FERC) to site natural gas pipelines.

In an…

, Utility Dive
EEI presses FERC for faster, streamlined PURPA review
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From Utility Dive:

“I mean the simple fact is state regulators don’t have a clear answer about whether they can use a competitive solicitation model to arrive at avoided cost prices that are the…

, The Washington Times
Ethanol policy: A government failure that should stop
William Murray

Almost everyone reading this is aware that government interventions in the marketplace usually fail. From attempts to limit inflation in the 1970s to the sub-prime housing bubble in 2008,…

, Reason
California Mandates 100 Percent Renewable Energy By 2045
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Cited in Reason:
Fighting climate change is a laudable goal, says Devin Hartman of the R Street Institute, a free market think tank. Unfortunately, California has picked the most expensive way to do…

The Problem with an “All of the Above” Energy Strategy
Josiah Neeley

I recently attended an event where a former Obama administration official was talking about energy. This official spoke about many things, including how the administration had pursued an “All of…