Energy Regulatory Reform


LETTER: FERC actions intended to address state policies raise costs for consumers
Josiah Neeley

Dear Chairman Chatterjee, Commissioner Glick, and Commissioner McNamee:

As associations representing commercial, industrial, and residential consumers and public interest groups, we write to…

Problems in Electricity Market Governance: An Assessment
Travis Kavulla

The decisions of an RTO executive may be more dispositive of the important questions of electricity policy than the pronouncements of, say, a typical governor, legislature, or state utility…

R Sheet on Performance Based Regulation
William Murray & Travis Kavulla

In the coming years, regulators should take the best ideas from the U.K. experience and adapt them to the American context. Britain’s advantage of a unified grid and accounting practice are…

R Street Institute Statement on Ohio House Bill 6
Travis Kavulla

Ann Phelan

WASHINGTON (July 23) –– Statement of Travis Kavulla, Energy Policy Director: “The fast tracking of the new House Bill 6 is a net loss…

New FERC makeup could ease rules mandating power purchases from US renewables
Travis Kavulla

From S&P Global Market Intelligence:
Other industry sources also expect action soon from FERC. “I would expect that PURPA reform would be one of the very first things a commission that has a 2-1…

EPA Drilling Regulations Remain Underrated Obstacle to Solving Global Warming
William Murray

Meeting the goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement to limit global warming will be impossible unless the United States leads the way. Doing so will involve making sacrifices not just in reducing our…

, Market Screener
Key Lawmaker: Senate ‘on Track’ to Pass Nuclear Bailout Bill
Travis Kavulla

From Market Screener:

The OMA – a strong opponent of HB 6 – has urged senators to strengthen the bill’s audit provisions to protect ratepayers. However, that has not been among the proposed…

Statement for the Record: Keeping The Lights On: Addressing Cyber Threats To The Grid
Kathryn Waldron

Submitted Statement for the Record of
Kathryn Waldron
Fellow, National Security and Cybersecurity Policy
R Street Institute
Before the
Subcommittee on Energy
Committee on Energy and…

Opening Remarks: Evolving Markets and Public Policy in New England
Travis Kavulla

Travis Kavulla, Director of Energy and Environmental Policy, R Street Institute

The following is adapted from a speech given at a general session of the New England Power Pool’s (NEPOOL) Summer…

Report: Kansas Utilities Run Coal Plants Year-Round Even Though It Costs Ratepayers Millions
Travis Kavulla

From KMUW:

“It doesn’t matter to the regulated utilities,” said Travis Kavulla, director of energy policy at the R Street Institute, a think tank that favors free markets and limited…