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, PMA Perspective
Travis Kavulla on PMA Perspective: Defending Pennsylvania’s competitive market for electricity
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PMA’s David Taylor interviews energy expert Travis Kavulla, former president of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners. A former utility commissioner in Montana, Kavulla…

, The Missouri Times
Opinion: Electricity choice would be good for Missouri consumers
Josiah Neeley

Whether it’s buying a car or choosing where to go for dinner, Missourians like having choices—but when it comes to electricity, Missourians are left with few. In fact, currently those of us who…

Testimony In OPPOSITION to HB 3995
Josiah Neeley

April 1, 2019

House Committee on State Affairs

Mr. Chairman and members,

My name is Josiah Neeley and I am the
Texas Director and an Energy and Environment Senior Fellow with the R…

Testimony In SUPPORT of Senate Joint Resolution 25, a Joint Resolution requiring the General Assembly to pass legislation to establish an open, competitive retail electric energy market
Josiah Neeley

March 28, 2019

Committee on Transportation,
Infrastructure and Public Safety

Mr. Chairman and members,

My name is Josiah Neeley and I am an Energy and Environment
Senior Fellow with the R…

How to Sell Santee Cooper
Josiah Neeley

As South Carolina considers whether to sell Santee Cooper, the state-owned electricity utility that is nearly $8 billion in debt, it should keep in mind the immortal words of Kenny Rogers: “Know when…

Travis Kavulla testifies before Senate Energy
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Our Director of Energy Policy, Travis Kavulla, testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.

, The Washington Post
Open electric markets to competition
Josiah Neeley

Throughout much of the country, consumers have no choice when it comes to buying electricity. Local utilities are given monopoly privileges with oversight from state regulatory bodies. This system…

, InsideSources
Going Green Is Raising Your Electric Bills
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From InsideSources:
“Since electricity cannot be stored on a large scale, a functioning grid requires that there be enough capacity to meet demand at all times. This means that for most of the…

, Savannah Morning News
Plant Vogtle a utility boondoggle
Marc Hyden

The construction of Plant Vogtle’s nuclear reactor units 3 and 4 has been a slow-motion disaster. Cost-overruns and repeated delays have marred the project. Developers are already five years behind…

, Power Mag
More groups weigh-in on Trump move to save coal, nuclear—including supporters
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From Power Mag:
In a blog post for non-profit public policy research organization R Street, Electricity Policy Manager Devin Hartman lambasted the effort as “nothing to do with national security…