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, Energy Fairness
Paul Griffin to Virginia regulators: Electricity deregulation raises electric rates, threatens reliability
Travis Kavulla

From Energy Fairness:

“Deregulation hasn’t worked where state policies allow monopolies to continue to control the market,” says Travis Kavulla, director of energy for the conservative…

Statement for the Record: Keeping The Lights On: Addressing Cyber Threats To The Grid
Kathryn Waldron

Submitted Statement for the Record of
Kathryn Waldron
Fellow, National Security and Cybersecurity Policy
R Street Institute
Before the
Subcommittee on Energy
Committee on Energy and…

, E&E News
Texas fight could ripple across U.S. grid
Josiah Neeley

From E&E News:

But Josiah Neeley, Texas director for the free market-oriented R Street Institute, said he thinks the bill marks a step in the wrong direction even though electric transmission…

, National Review
An Ohio Energy Revolution
Travis Kavulla

Ohio’s legislature courageously voted to de-monopolize its electricity sector two decades ago. Since then, power generators have had to compete with one another for consumers’ business, rather…

, The Center Square
Critics still concerned Alabama rural broadband law lacks proper oversight
Travis Kavulla

From The Center Square:

But Travis Kavulla, a former Montana public utility commissioner and director of energy policy at Washington, D.C.-based R Street Institute who described the initial bill…

, The Associated Press
Kansas utilities run coal plants all year, costing millions
Travis Kavulla

From The Associated Press:

“It doesn’t matter to the regulated utilities,” said Travis Kavulla, director of energy policy at the R Street Institute, a think tank that favors free markets and…

Opening Remarks: Evolving Markets and Public Policy in New England
Travis Kavulla

Travis Kavulla, Director of Energy and Environmental Policy, R Street Institute

The following is adapted from a speech given at a general session of the New England Power Pool’s (NEPOOL) Summer…

Inquiry Regarding the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Electric Transmission Incentives Policy
Travis Kavulla

Inquiry Regarding the Commission’s                 )           Docket No.      …

Reviewed Work: “The Billion-Dollar Coal Bailout Nobody is Talking About: Self-Committing in Power Markets”
Travis Kavulla

Imagine that you have experienced one too many power outages. You could buy a diesel generator, maybe some solar panels as well. With enough diesel supply, you could power your energy needs non-stop….