Electricity Policy


Playing Games with Competitive Electric Transmission
Josiah Neeley & Beth Garza

Electricity policy can often be complicated and technical, but the broader themes are easy to understand. Most people, for example, understand the idea of “gaming the system,” or using the rules…

, UtilityDive
Democrats to take Senate majority after Georgia victories. Here’s how it could impact the power sector.
Devin Hartman

From UtilityDive:

Transmission reform should be an infrastructure priority for Congress, regardless of whether a clean energy standard, or similar policy, is put in place, said Devin Hartman,…

Presentation: State Policy Strategies to Advance Energy Competition
Devin Hartman

From Conservative Energy Network Conclave:

RSI’s Devin Hartman presented on State Policy Strategies to Advance Energy Competition at Conservative Energy Network Conclave.

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Presentation: State Policies and Capacity Markets
Devin Hartman

From EUCI, Capacity Markets Pricing and Policy Summit:

RSI’s Devin Hartman presented on state policies and capacity markets at EUCI, Capacity Markets Pricing and Policy Summit.

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, Green Tech Media
Southeastern Utilities Launch Plan for Regional Energy-Trading Market
Jennifer Chen

From Green Tech Media:

This analysis did not assess SEEM’s potential impact, but a recent report from R Street does compare the differences between it and a more complete regional…

Competitive electric transmission deserves a second look
Josiah Neeley & Beth Garza

Over the past several decades, more than a dozen states have restructured their electric systems to allow for more competition in power generation. This has been an amazing policy achievement, that…

, R Street Institute
Event: What now? A post-election discussion with R Street Scholars
Jesse Kelley & Jeffrey Westling & Anthony Marcum & Clark Packard & Philip Rossetti

The election has concluded, and in January both the White House and Congress are going to look a little different.

Join us for a post-election meeting of the Legislative Branch Capacity…

R Street Comments on FERC’s Proposed Policy Statement on Carbon Pricing in Organized Wholesale Electricity Markets
Devin Hartman

Comments of the R Street Institute on the Notice of Proposed Policy Statement

On Oct. 15, 2020, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (Commission) issued a notice of proposed policy statement…

Leveraging Competitive Markets To Unlock The True Value Of AMI
Mike Haugh

From Concentric Energy Advisors:

An important new report authored by Michael Kagan for the R Street Institute indicates that leveraging the use of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) in…

Key Voices Call on Ohio to Repeal HB 6 Power Plant Bailouts: Here’s What They’re Saying
Devin Hartman & Mike Haugh

From Electric Power Supply Association:

Electric Competition: The Antidote for Bad Behavior: “The Illinois and Ohio utility scandals highlight the flaws of letting electric monopolies mingle in…