Electricity Policy


Flawed Regulatory System Encourages Bad Behavior By Electric Utilities
Josiah Neeley

The summer of 2020 saw shocking allegations of criminal conduct by electric companies in two midwestern states.

In July, Commonwealth Edison (ComEd), a subsidiary of Exelon Corporation, agreed to…

Fact Sheet on Options for Enhancing Regional Competition in Wholesale Electricity
Josiah Neeley & Devin Hartman


In much of the United States, electric utilities remain vertically integrated monopolies, with a single entity in charge of the generation, transmission and delivery of electricity to…

Post-Technical Conference Comments Hybrid Resources
Beth Garza

I. Issue Summary
On July 23, 2020, the staff of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (Commission or FERC) convened a technical conference to discuss hybrid resources. 1 In this context, hybrid…

, Washington Examiner
Daily on Energy, presented by National Clean Energy Week: Number of nuclear reactors at 30-year low — what it means
Devin Hartman & Mike Haugh

From Washington Examiner:

A CALL FOR ELECTRIC REFORM: Recent utility scandals in Ohio and Illinois are not isolated but rather demonstrative of the “perverse incentive structure of monopoly…

The most severe energy scandals since Enron highlight the need for competition in the electric power industry
William Gray

WASHINGTON (Sept. 23, 2020)—The latest utility scandals in Ohio and Illinois—the most severe since Enron— have sparked calls for electricity policy reform. In a new paper, R Street director of…

Electric Competition: The Antidote for Bad Behavior
Devin Hartman & Mike Haugh

The Illinois and Ohio utility scandals highlight the flaws of letting electric monopolies mingle in competitive markets. This is a call for state reform to isolate monopolies to distribution systems…

Opening Remarks in FERC’s Carbon Pricing Technical Conference
Devin Hartman

Mr. Chairman and Commissioners, thank you for hosting this technical conference.

Harmonizing state policy and wholesale electricity markets became a clear imperative in 2017, when FERC last hosted…

Presentation: ERCOT’s Energy Only Market
Beth Garza

The attached was presented to NEPOOL Participants Committee by R Street’s Beth Garza on September 3, 2020.

R Street Institute sees opportunity in Southeast market
Jennifer Chen

From PowerMarketsToday:

The R Street Institute yesterday released a study on the benefits of setting up a voluntary energy trading mechanism in the Southeast. Duke, Southern Company, TVA, and…

The Southeast is the Last Frontier of Organized Wholesale Electricity Markets. Here are the best options moving forward
William Gray

Over the past several years, southeastern states have adjusted their cost-of-service monopoly model for electric utilities to begin accommodating demand for renewable energy (mainly for large…