Electricity Policy


Price Controls for Texas Electricity?
Josiah Neeley

Over the last two decades, Texas’ competitive electric market has helped make the state a model of good electricity policy, delivering reliable power and saving consumers billions. Texas has been…

R Street Joins Group Asking Congress to Expand and Improve Competitive Electricity Markets
Devin Hartman

Today, R Street joined a diverse group asking Congress to expand and improve competitive wholesale electricity markets in order to lower costs for consumers, increase access to clean energy and boost…

The New Frontier for Texas Electricity Competition: Enabling Distributed Resources and Avoiding Price Controls
Josiah Neeley & Chris Villarreal

Texas has the freest electricity market in the nation. Most of the state operates under its own electric grid, managed by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT). And with a few exceptions,…

Presentation: Electricity Reform as a Free Market Climate Strategy
Devin Hartman

Presented to the Electricity Customer Alliance

A pro-market approach to climate change rewards electricity consumers by lowering costs, stimulating innovation, and letting consumers exercise their…

, Roll Call
Carbon-free nuclear power in a crisis just when it’s most needed
Devin Hartman

From Roll Call:

“Most electric industry procurement professionals I’ve spoken to are not bullish on small modular reactors,” said Devin Hartman of the R Street Institute, a conservative…

Post-Workshop Comments on Grid-Enhancing Technologies
Devin Hartman

I. Issue Summary

On November 5 and 6, 2019, the staff of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (Commission or FERC) convened a workshop to discuss grid-enhancing technologies (GETs). These…

In the matter of the implementation of § 40-3-117, c.r.s. regarding an Investigation into performance-based ratemaking.
Chris Villarreal

The R Street Institute (R Street) hereby submits these reply comments to the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (Commission) in response to initial comments submitted January 10, 2020 in the…

Initial Thoughts on the CLEAN Future Act
Josiah Neeley

On Wednesday the House Committee on Energy and Commerce released the legislative text for the CLEAN Future Act, a piece of omnibus legislation relating to climate change. The discussion draft…

Testimony on SJR 34
Mike Haugh

Testimony on SJR 34 from:
Mike Haugh, Senior Fellow, R Street Institute

January 30, 2020

Mr. Chairman and members, 

My name is Mike Haugh and I am a senior fellow in energy policy…

, Blue Virginia
“Historic bipartisan bill would open Virginia’s electricity market to competition”
Devin Hartman

From Blue Virginia:

“Virginia is shackled to a monopoly utility model that stifles innovation, increases costs and puts government in the difficult role of replacing competition. It’s time for…