Electricity Policy


Managing Transmission Line Ratings
Devin Hartman

From Federal Energy Regulatory Commission:

Other commenters also support the Commission’s basis for reform. R Street Institute states that the Commission’s problem statement is sound, explaining…

, Policy Resolution Group
Energy Update: Week of January 18th
Devin Hartman

From Policy Resolution Group:

FERC Clements to Speak at R St on Transmission – The R St. Institute holds a conversation on Thursday January 27th at 3:00 p.m. how to level the transmission…

A Quarter Century of Competitive Power Solutions
Devin Hartman & Beth Garza

From Electric Power Supply Association:

With the introduction of competition in the 1990s, competitive generators immediately began to reduce power plant outages and invest in…

, Security Management
Podcast: Managing Crises, From Winter Storms to Mental Health to Evacuations
Beth Garza

From Security Management:

Listen here.

Is Texas ready for another massive winter storm? Beth Garza joins SM Highlights host Chuck Harold to explain what happened to cause the…

, Security Management
Frozen Progress: Building Winter Storm Continuity in Texas
Beth Garza

From Security Management:

Beth Garza, a senior fellow at the R Street Institute, a think tank that specializes in policy research, notes that other Texas power companies are investing money in…

, Bloomberg Law
Clean Energy on FERC’s Agenda as Agency Eyes Utility Grid Powers
Devin Hartman

From Bloomberg Law:

The debate also comes as some in Congress are pressing the commission to spur projects that reduce emissions and lower consumer costs.

“The Biden administration is looking…

Podcast: Can More Competition Fix an Outdated Energy System? — Episode 146 of Local Energy Rules
Chris Villarreal

From Institute for Local Self-Reliance:

Electric utility monopolies, once a necessary evil, are time and again failing to meet the challenges of the current moment.

For this episode of…

, Bloomberg
Texas Passes Power Market Reforms to Boost Grid Reliability
Beth Garza

From Bloomberg:
“This ‘plan’ is basically a grab bag of good ideas, with specifics to be determined,” said Beth Garza, a former utility executive who is now a consultant for research…

, Bridge Michigan
Gov. Whitmer must protect against rising energy prices
Josiah Neeley

From Bridge Michigan:

Under Senate Bill 103, a federal requirement for competitive bidding on major energy infrastructure projects would be eliminated. That means when many of Michigan’s…

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