Electoral Reform


Ranked-Choice Voting Could Improve Alabama’s Primaries
Ryan Williamson

The Alabama Republican Senate primary runoff concluded last month after neither of the top two candidates received the necessary majority to declare victory. The state spent millions of dollars so…

, Detroit News
Michigan’s Independent Redistricting Commission: A model for other states
Ryan Williamson

In 2018, Michigan voters approved Proposal 2, creating the state’s Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission. Tasked with creating the U.S. congressional and state legislative districts for the…

It’s time to cut the red tape for absentee voters
Matt Germer

The requirements for voting by mail in North Carolina are absurd.

Let’s start with the basics: it’s important that our elections are secure, that outcomes are trustworthy, and that only those…

, The Well News
Study Suggests America’s Primary Election System Ripe for Reform
Matt Germer

From The Well News:

Political primaries are not mentioned in the Constitution of the United States, but it’s highly likely the founding fathers would have rejected them outright had anyone…

, Newnan Times-Herald
Georgia’s primaries reveal a disturbing degree of sore loser-ism
Marc Hyden

Social media is once again awash with elections-related conspiracy theories as Trump loyalists struggle to explain how four of his endorsed candidates were trounced so badly on Georgia’s primary…

A Republic, If You Can Keep It: The Pressing Need for Electoral Reform
Matt Germer & Jonathan Bydlak

The R Street Institute is committed to the idea that free markets and limited, effective government are the foundation of American prosperity. Unfortunately, our electoral system is not producing a…

Independent Redistricting Commissions
Sarah Wall


Over the last several decades, concerns have grown in many states over the impact of partisan gerrymandering, in which state legislators redrew district lines to shore up reelection…

Pathways to Primary Election Reform
Alexandra McCandless

WASHINGTON (June 1, 2022)—A new study by R Street Institute resident fellow Matt Germer examines the current state of primary elections, discusses how their purpose and form has changed over time…

America’s Primary Elections Are Ripe for Reform
Matt Germer

Primary elections have become an integral part of the way American voters elect their leaders, from city clerks to President of the United States. Yet primary elections are a…

Ohio Needs a Better Way to Draft Candidates
Matt Germer

Recently, we’ve seen the best and worst of Ohioans moving onward and upward.

Starting with the best, 19 players from Ohio universities were selected in the 2022 NFL Draft. The Buckeye State…

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