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Letter Requesting FEC to Hold New Public Comment Period for Proposed Advertising Rule
Jonathan Bydlak & Matt Germer & Ryan Williamson

Nov. 28, 2022

Federal Election
Commission 1050 First
Street, NE Washington,
D.C. 20463

Chair Dickerson, Vice Chair Lindenbaum, Commissioner Broussard, Commissioner Cooksey, Commissioner…

, Politico
The lame duck could be the last chance for election funding before 2024
Ryan Williamson

From Politico:

…Those pushing for the funding have argued that while the $400 million would be welcome, it doesn’t address a longer-term need for federal funding for elections.
Even so, the…

, The New York Times
Does Fusion Voting Offer Americans a Way Out of the Partisan Morass?
Eli Lehrer

From The New York Times:

…Under fusion voting, multiple parties can nominate the same candidate, who then appears more than once on the ballot. Proponents say it allows voters who don’t feel…

, The Hill
Final five voting may be having its moment
Jonathan Bydlak

Since Election Day, most political commentators have been preoccupied with which party will win a majority in the House and Senate. But an important reform effort that should also garner attention…

Enhancing Security and Integrity Through Rethinking Election Funding
Ryan Williamson


Elections cost American taxpayers approximately $2 billion per year—a figure that may grow to $5 billion in the near future. This total may seem eye-popping, but there are…

, The Newnan Times-Herald
Key takeaways from Georgia’s midterm election
Marc Hyden

With the November elections only about a week old, some campaign staffers are still celebrating and many politicians likely remain shocked by the election results.

Meanwhile, political…

, Orange County Register
A ‘Final Five’ system would be better than the current ‘Top Two’ in California
Ryan Williamson

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The recent midterm elections marked a decade since California moved to its “Top Two” election format, but after half a dozen election cycles including hundreds of races, Top…

Electoral Federalism: Centralized or Decentralized Elections?
Matt Germer

From Constitutional Conversations:

Richard Hasen and Kevin Kosar are both concerned about the polarizing partisan divide in American political life.  Hasen believes that “rampant conspiracism…

, Arizona PBS
Elections officials: 500,000 ballots still out, but vote count on track
Ryan Williamson

From Arizona PBS:

WASHINGTON – Arizona election officials said Thursday there were still more than 500,000 ballots to be counted from Tuesday’s elections, but they insisted they are still on…

Will a recount save your preferred candidate? Probably not
Ryan Williamson

With so many congressional elections resulting in narrow margins between the Democratic and Republican candidates, supporters from the unsuccessful candidates have raised the possibility of a recount…

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