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, The Newnan Times-Herald
Boycotting the Boycott
Marc Hyden

On a recent trip, I settled into the comfortable seats of my Delta Airlines flight. After landing, I frantically refreshed my phone to see how my Atlanta Braves were faring and enjoyed a couple mixed…

, The Cap Times
State Debate: WILL’s ‘Harvard lawyers’ failed in vote purge, Bruce Murphy declares
Caroline Kitchens

From The Cap Times:

In a Right Wisconsin posting, Caroline Kitchens of the think tank called R Street Institute argues that Wisconsin Republicans should stop investigating “irregularities” in…

, Ballotpedia
Arguments for and against no-excuse absentee/mail-in voting
Kevin Kosar & Marc Hyden & Steven Greenhut

From Ballotpedia:

Kevin Kosar, Marc Hyden and Steven Greenhut (R Street): “Voting absentee or by mail is a safe, trusted and age-old practice. Moreover, expanded access to absentee voting…

, Right Wisconsin
Wisconsin Election Reforms Worth Pursuing
Caroline Kitchens

It’s official: The Republican-controlled assembly passed a resolution to investigate formally the state’s…

, Issue One
Video: NCEI Speaker Series: “How State Voting Proposals Could Impact How Millions of Americans Vote”
Steven Greenhut

From Issue One:

Issue One’s National Council on Election Integrity hosted the first event of its 2021 Speaker Series on strengthening our elections, “How State Voting Proposals Could…

Improving Arizona’s Elections
Paul Rosenzweig & Steven Greenhut

Which would you rather have, a big, expensive toaster that only made toast one way and sometimes burnt the toast, or a smaller, more efficient, less costly toaster that could be adjusted to make…

, Aljazeera
After 2020 losses US Republicans move to limit voting rights
Paul Rosenzweig

From Aljazeera:

Influenced by Trump’s claims of fraud, 67 percent of Republican voters nationwide believe the 2020 election was invalid, according to a recent survey by the R Street Institute, a…

, The Newnan Times-Herald
Finally, substantial evidence the election was hacked
Marc Hyden

Georgia Republicans were left reeling after suffering some of their most serious defeats in recent memory. Once a Republican stronghold, the Peach State flipped blue for Joe Biden and also sent two…

, The Free Lance-Star
Curtailing absentee voting could crush GOP in future elections
Paul Rosenzweig

From The Free Lance-Star:

A number of conservatives also support absentee voting. Data from the conservative R-Street Institute shows absentee voting has been on the rise since 2008. The…

Poll: 57% of Republicans Support Independent Redistricting Commissions
Paul Rosenzweig

From CLC:

A new poll commissioned by the right-leaning R Street Institute found that 57% of Republican voters support independent redistricting commissions (IRC).

With a strong majority of…