Podcast: Opportunities in Education – Andy Smarick
Andy Smarick

From The Show-Me Institute Podcast:

Andy Smarick is the Director, Civil Society, Education and Work; Resident Senior Fellow at R Street where he researches and writes about civil-society…

, CATO Institute
Event: 40 Years of the U.S. Department of Education: Why Was It Created?
Kevin Kosar

From CATO Institute:

Aside from a short‐​lived data collection entity, before 1980 there was no Department of Education. Why did it come into existence then? What were the public policy…

, The Atlantic
Pushing Kids Along Is Prudent but Problematic
Andy Smarick

In the past several decades, the federal and state governments have enacted policies to increase “accountability” in schools. States now have clear guidelines in place about what students…

Surveying The Postsecondary Landscape In Rural America
Andy Smarick

…the diversity of rural communities across the country demands a diverse array of solutions to meet the particular needs of each. A one-size-fits-all approach would not be appropriate or possible…

Understanding Rural Education Requires a Reexamination of Community
Corinne Day

WASHINGTON (March 27, 2020)—There is increased awareness of a growing divide between urban and rural communities in the United States; one that has been prompted by an array of cultural, economic…

, RedefinED
How school choice puts all hands on deck
Victoria Bell

From RedefinED:

And as a new paper published by the R Street Institute spotlights, it’s but one example of the kind of civil society engagement unleashed by the Florida Tax Credit…

How Florida Engages the Community through the Tax Credit Scholarship Program
Corinne Day

WASHINGTON (March 18, 2020) – Because of the Supreme Court’s recent hearings on Espinoza vs. Montana Department of Revenue, tax credits have become a high-profile topic of conversation among…

The Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program
Victoria Bell

The FTC program has generated a wide spectrum of activity outside of the government to expand educational opportunity for hundreds of thousands of low-income students across Florida. Private schools…

, NCEA Talk
Does Educational Pluralism Build Civil Society?
Ashley Berner

From NCEA Talk:

At the end of the Miscellaneous section, I include two resources from Dr. Ashley Berner of Johns Hopkins. First, there is a report on pluralism studying the results of the School…

When more students are mentored by organizations in their communities, what happens?
Larry Nagengast

From Thomas B. Fordham Institute:

In a recent report that’s part of a broader series of case studies on civil society from R Street, Amy Cummings takes a closer look at Ohio’s Community…