Economic Opportunity


How the FDIC Can Help People with Criminal Records
Shoshana Weissmann & Nila Bala

From Brennan Center for Justice:

People with a criminal record face a number of challenges getting a job, from suspicious employers to rules that prevent them from obtaining occupational…

House Approves Fair Chance Act and Paid Family Leave Amendments to NDAA
Arthur Rizer

From the House Committee on Oversight and Reform:
The Fair Chance Act is supported by the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, the American Conservative Union, Faith & Freedom…

College in prison: What I learned this week

From AEI:
Policy: Although states are responsible for the provision of education inside prison, the federal government also has a role to play, specifically through the distribution of Pell Grants…

The Power of Choice in Prison Programming
Arthur Rizer

“For the eight years I was locked up, I never even heard the word ‘reentry,’” recalled Marcus Bullock, the prisoner-turned-CEO who was incarcerated in 1996 at the age of 15.


Cash Bail Reform: Pros & Cons
Marc Hyden

From Let Me Tell You Why You’re Wrong:

In Episode 74, we discuss the cash bail system and the proposed reforms. Joining us this week for opposing views are Marc Hyden of R Street Institute and…

Supreme Court to Decide Whether States Can Impose Excessive Fines on the Poor

From the ACLU:

This view has critical support from across the ideological spectrum. The ACLU’s amicus brief is joined by the R Street Institute, a free-market-oriented…

, Hill Happenings
Moving on from money bail: Federal and state policies for bipartisan reform
Lars Trautman

From Hill Happenings:
At any given time, our nation’s jails hold around 465,000 people that are still legally presumed innocent. Detained while awaiting their day in court, the…

, The Washington Post
Trump Hotel keeps its liquor license — and that’s as it should be
Jonathan Haggerty & C. Jarrett Dieterle

What do the president of the United States and an ex-convict from Michigan have in common?

They’ve both been involved in legal disputes with the government over their fitness to hold a…

, Giving Compass
This social entrepreneur is changing the way we help people in prison

From Giving Compass:
Bullock has received support from The Aspen Institute, local nonprofits and think tank R Street, but it was New Profit’s Unlocked Futures initiative that has given Bullock…

, Fox & Hounds
If California is burning, why is it turning away experienced firefighters?
Lars Trautman

Like the hydra of legend, California’s wildfires appear an inexhaustible force that simply multiplies and redoubles devastation in response to attempts to defeat it. Indeed, despite Herculean…