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R Street’s Jumoke Dada named one of CyberScoop’s 50 award winners
Ann Phelan

WASHINGTON (Oct. 17, 2022)—The R Street Institute is proud to announce that Jumoke Dada, project manager for R Street’s Making Space Initiative, has been named one of CyberScoop’s 50 award…

, CyberScoop
CyberScoop 50 Awards 2022: Most Inspiring Up & Comer
Jumoke Dada

From CyberScoop:

The CyberScoop 50 Awards celebrate and honor the accomplishments of cybersecurity leaders in both the public and private sectors. These people are responsible for protecting vital…

, TP Insights
Tech Programs for Children in Philadelphia are Creating a Pipeline into STEM Careers
Jumoke Dada & Tatyana Bolton

From TP Insights:

Why Focus on K-12?
Individual small programs may not solve the issue that the tech workforce is overwhelmingly male and white, but Philadelphia is on the right track by looking…

Craig Newmark Philanthropies continues support of R Street’s cybersecurity initiative: the #MakingSpace CyberBase
Ayan Islam

WASHINGTON (May 17, 2022) – Craig Newmark Philanthropies (CNP) recently announced new funding to continue support of the R Street Institute’s #MakingSpace initiative and the CyberBase. Both…

, WeWork
Women-led businesses that support and strengthen others
Jumoke Dada

From WeWork:

Recently, Dingle was recognized as one of “21 Women in Cybersecurity You Need to Know” by the Making Space Initiative. One of her goals is to make the competition even tougher in…

, Ms. Magazine
Making Space for Diversity in Cybersecurity
Tatyana Bolton & Jumoke Dada

As we wrap up Black History Month and head into Women’s History Month, it’s important to highlight the diversity, equity and inclusion challenges still facing the cyber workforce. As our…

, R Street Institute
Event: The State of Cybersecurity Careers for Black Professionals
Jumoke Dada

It’s been reported that in 2021, over 500,000 cybersecurity-related jobs went unfilled. With the growing need for more diverse talent and the reality that Black…

, The Washington Post
Lawmakers want to crack down on child porn but there’s a cyber downside
Jumoke Dada

From The Washington Post:

The R Street Institute holds an event on Black professionals in the cybersecurity workforce Wednesday at 1 p.m.

Event: Embracing the Power of Networks
Jumoke Dada

from WEST Virtual Career Dev Summit 2022:

Embracing the Power of Networks, featuring Jumoke K. Dada

Whether you have been in the tech industry…

, Endpoint
Bridging the Gender Gap in Cybersecurity Will Keep Us Safer
Jumoke Dada

From Endpoint:

Though the actions of women in cybersecurity may not be as visibly apparent as men’s, they are crucial to the industry, says Jumoke Dada, lead project manager at the Making Space…

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