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Why Are Republicans Upset About Corporate Free Speech All of a Sudden?
Charles Duan

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But in reality, if you look at the briefs in this case, a really broad ideological array of groups were on Google’s side, including like the R Street Institute, like pro market pro…

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Fair Use Developments: Supreme Court Rules For Google In Oracle Copyright Dispute
Charles Duan

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Scholars like Charles Duan of the R Street Institute believe that the concepts in this ruling will resonate far beyond software, as well. As Justice Breyer wrote,…

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Extraordinary news for all software developers: the consequences of the ruling in Oracle vs. Google
Charles Duan

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Charles Duan , director of technology policy at the R Street Institute, explains on social media that the judges understand the re-implementation of APIs as fair use as a matter of…

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Google Won. So Did Tech.
Charles Duan

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“That’s going to be a big comfort for a lot of the companies that are trying to start up and be compatible with their competitors,” said Charles Duan, a senior fellow…

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Copyright case a win for Google and fair use.
Charles Duan

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“The decision is a major win for competition and consumer choice in the information technology market,” said Charles Duan, a senior fellow for technology and innovation policy at…

Google’s Copying of Oracle Code Is Fair Use, Supreme Court Rules
Charles Duan

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Microsoft, Mozilla, the Computer & Communications Industry Association, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Public Knowledge, R Street Institute and the…

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Google’s Copyright Win Over Oracle Impacts Fair Use, Software
Charles Duan

From Bloomberg Law:

“This is going to be really interesting for fair use cases going forward,” said Charles Duan, a senior fellow at the R Street Institute, a Washington, D.C. think tank….

Google defeats Oracle in copyright fight at US Supreme Court
Charles Duan

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The Court twice cited the amicus brief of the R Street Institute, self-described as “a nonprofit, non-partisan policy research organization” that “promotes free markets as well as…

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Supreme Court Hands Google A Win Over Oracle In Multibillion-Dollar Case
Charles Duan

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The decision settles many of the copyright issues that have plagued tech companies for more than a decade, said Charles Duan, senior fellow for technology and innovation policy at the R…

Google LLC v. Oracle America, Inc.
Charles Duan

From The United States Supreme Court:

Some of the amici refer to what Google did as “reimplementation,” defined as the “building of a system . . . that repurposes the same words and…