R Street Policy Study No. 182 Updating our Laws for the Modern Video Marketplace
Tom Struble

The laws governing our video marketplace have gone almost entirely unchanged since the 1990s, despite recent technological advancements that are radically reshaping the way Americans produce,…

, Project Disco
Resisting Expansion of the Audio Home Recording Act in AARC v. Denso
Charles Duan

From Project Disco:

Last week, three major technology associations¹ joined four leading public interest groups²in an amicus brief arguing against an expansive interpretation of the Audio…

The Consent Decrees are at it Again!
Sasha Moss

For the first time in nearly three years, music licensing has become a hot topic in Washington, D.C. Last time I wrote extensively on the subject was in “Transparency in Music Licensing and the…

Music Modernization Act and the Future of Music Licensing
Sasha Moss

On Sept. 18 the Senate passed, under unanimous consent, a large modernization package known as the “Music Modernization Act” (MMA). For the first time since the passage of the Digital Millennium…

EFF tells SCOTUS that inventions must be new
Charles Duan

From World Intellectual Property Review:
The EFF’s 18-page amicus curiae brief was filed in collaboration with the R Street Institute, a non-profit policy research organisation.

, Communications Daily
Cox torrent piracy trial do-over seen revolving around different arguments
Charles Duan

From Communications Daily:
The 4th U.S Circuit Court of Appeals decision earlier this year remanding the district court’s 2016 decision (see 1802010026) was the first in a long time when ISPs didn’t…

Comments to the FTC: The Role of Intellectual Property and Competition Policy in Promoting Innovation
Charles Duan

Comments of the R Street Institute
In response to the Federal Trade Commission’s request for comments dated June 20, 2018, the R Street Institute respectfully submits the following comments….

Federal circuit rejects pharmaceutical company’s attempt to dodge review of its patents

From EFF:
After administrative judges at the Patent Office denied the request to terminate the IPRs, the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe appealed to the Federal Circuit. The appeal generated a lot of…

EU copyright directive moves forward: What does it mean for in house lawyers in Silicon Valley?
Mike Godwin

“The only companies that are really going to be able to implement filtering on a wide scale are the big incumbent companies, like YouTube,” said Mike Godwin, a distinguished…

, Project Disco
Survey of briefs in support of Google’s rehearing petition in Oracle case
Charles Duan

From Project Disco:
Public Knowledge and the R Street Institute

Public Knowledge (“PK”) and the R Street Institute (“R Street”) made two arguments in their amicus brief. The first…