Section 512 of Title 17, a Report of the Register of Copyrights
Sasha Moss

From United States Copyright Office:

On red flag knowledge, OSPs and user advocacy groups similarly agree that “the courts that have narrowly interpreted ‘red flag’ knowledge have been…

, NYU Law
Copyright in the Texts of the Law: Historical Perspectives
Charles Duan

Recently, state governments have begun to claim a copyright interest in their official published codes of law, in particular arguing that ancillary materials such as annotations to the statutory text…

, Slate
May the Force of the Law Be With You
Charles Duan

I had a bad feeling about this when I first saw the tweets about Disney claiming “ownership” of #maythe4th. The lawyers I follow derided Disney’s attempt to secure a contract with anyone…

Tech Policy Update March 2020
Charles Duan

It’s just another March, this is fine, nothing special going on in this month’s R Street Tech, and definitely no theme to the ledes here among our Technology and Innovation Policy department’s…

, Washingtonian
How Slate Ranked the World’s Most Evil Tech Companies
Charles Duan

From Washingtonian:

In the end, about forty people, including Charles Duan of the R Street Institute, Brian Krebs of the publication Krebs on Security, and Georgetown Law professor Julie…

, Slate
The Evil List: Which tech companies are doing the most harm?
Charles Duan

From Slate:

Our respondents say: “The one surprise in my list may be Disney—though it obviously is like many other tech firms in aggressively pursuing copyrights. Two answers to this: First,…

, Public Knowledge
Public Knowledge Joins Amicus Brief Urging Supreme Court to Overturn Federal Circuit in Google v Oracle
Charles Duan

From Public Knowledge:

Today, Public Knowledge joined the R Street Institute and the Niskanen Center in filing an amicus brief at the Supreme Court in the case of Google v Oracle. The case asks…

Google LLC v. Oracle America, Inc.
Charles Duan

The Java SE declarations of this case are simply a language of commands. As an application programming interface, or API, they exhibit features common to any language: a…

, ZD Net
The Supreme Court will decide software development’s future in Google v. Oracle
Charles Duan

From ZD Net:

Ironically enough, Charles Duan, Director of Technology and Innovation Policy at the R Street Institute, a Washington, DC non-profit think tank and Google ally, recently argued…

, TechDirt
Turns Out Oracle Copied Amazon’s S3 APIs; When Confronted, Pretends That’s Different (Spoiler Alert: It’s Not)
Charles Duan

From TechDirt:

However, Charles Duan, over at the R Street Institute (disclosure: we’ve partnered with R Street on a variety of projects over the years) has written up quite an incredible article…