, The Regulatory Review
Regulating Ghost Guns
Charles Duan

From The Regulatory Review:

First Amendment questions about restricting schematics for 3D-printed guns can be avoided by using copyright law, R Street Institute’s Charles…

Bright Ideas
Charles Duan


3. The “It Happens” Argument. In many industries, from software to the medical, legal and retail industries, copying of this nature happens. Several briefs16 offer examples to…

Supreme Court puzzles over the nature of software in landmark Google v. Oracle case
Charles Duan

From CNN:

“Everyone was at sea and just waiting for one good analogy to latch onto, which apparently was QWERTY,” tweeted Charles Duan, a senior fellow at the R Street Institute, which had filed…

Section 512 of Title 17, a Report of the Register of Copyrights
Sasha Moss

From United States Copyright Office:

On red flag knowledge, OSPs and user advocacy groups similarly agree that “the courts that have narrowly interpreted ‘red flag’ knowledge have been…

, NYU Law
Copyright in the Texts of the Law: Historical Perspectives
Charles Duan

Recently, state governments have begun to claim a copyright interest in their official published codes of law, in particular arguing that ancillary materials such as annotations to the statutory text…

, Slate
May the Force of the Law Be With You
Charles Duan

I had a bad feeling about this when I first saw the tweets about Disney claiming “ownership” of #maythe4th. The lawyers I follow derided Disney’s attempt to secure a contract with anyone…

Tech Policy Update March 2020
Charles Duan

It’s just another March, this is fine, nothing special going on in this month’s R Street Tech, and definitely no theme to the ledes here among our Technology and Innovation Policy department’s…

, Washingtonian
How Slate Ranked the World’s Most Evil Tech Companies
Charles Duan

From Washingtonian:

In the end, about forty people, including Charles Duan of the R Street Institute, Brian Krebs of the publication Krebs on Security, and Georgetown Law professor Julie…

, Slate
The Evil List: Which tech companies are doing the most harm?
Charles Duan

From Slate:

Our respondents say: “The one surprise in my list may be Disney—though it obviously is like many other tech firms in aggressively pursuing copyrights. Two answers to this: First,…

, Public Knowledge
Public Knowledge Joins Amicus Brief Urging Supreme Court to Overturn Federal Circuit in Google v Oracle
Charles Duan

From Public Knowledge:

Today, Public Knowledge joined the R Street Institute and the Niskanen Center in filing an amicus brief at the Supreme Court in the case of Google v Oracle. The case asks…