Carbon Markets in Agriculture: A Market-Based Conservation Solution
Caroline Kitchens

Voluntary carbon markets in agriculture are indeed at a crucial tipping point. Policymakers have a role to play in bringing greater validity to the markets, which will ensure that this momentum is…

Voluntary Carbon Markets are crucial to lowering greenhouse gas emissions
Alexa Cunniff

WASHINGTON (Oct. 19, 2020)—Voluntary carbon markets allow farmers and foresters to get paid for using climate-friendly practices while helping companies reduce their carbon footprint. Given these…

Observing the Mann Gulch fire at 70
Travis Kavulla

Aug. 5 marks the seventieth anniversary of the death by fire of 13 young firefighters in Mann Gulch.

Started by lightning, the fire raged on what was then the hottest day on record for nearby…

, Greenbiz
‘Clean tax cuts’ and the global free market for plastic solutions
Josiah Neeley

From GreenBiz:

Key meetings have been co-hosted by groups like Rocky Mountain Institute, The Nature Conservancy, the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law at Columbia University and the R Street…

, Federalist
Taking the environment seriously starts with shaking your fist at the kids on your lawn
Josiah Neeley

Earth Day doesn’t exactly have a reputation as a conservative holiday. Started by hippies or something in 1970, the first Earth Day events were full of environmental doom and gloom, and included a…

R Sheet on Conservative Climate Solutions
Josiah Neeley & Caroline Kitchens








Image credit: Romolo Tavani

, Herald-Tribune
Florida would benefit from paring back sugar program
Clark Packard

The Trump administration has managed to upset people on both sides of the ideological divide with wrong turns on both trade policy and environmental policy.

It can right the ship on both fronts by…

, Washington Examiner
The EPA will keep funding the Chesapeake Bay Journal. Should it?

From the Washington Examiner:
Recommended for further reading is a paper last October by John Maxwell Hamilton and Kevin R. Kosar for the R Street Institute: “Government Information and…

In a divided Congress, farm bill offers chance to find conservation consensus
Caroline Kitchens

As if the budget and immigration battles that have dominated the news cycle and legislative calendar weren’t enough, Congress has another big-ticket, must-pass piece of legislation on the horizon….

Free-Market Groups: Thanks to OMB for Leadership on Agriculture Safety Net Reforms
Caroline Kitchens

March 19, 2018

Director Mick Mulvaney and staff:

On behalf of the organizations and individuals below, we write to express our thanks for the constructive reforms to major agriculture programs…

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