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Is Big So Bad? Political Competition Enforcement Threatens Consumers
Jeffrey Westling

Based on reports, Attorney General William Barr has decided to bring an antitrust case against tech-giant Google by the end of the month, against the advice of many of his department’s career staff….

, Politico Morning Tech
Industry Groups Push FTC to Fight Qualcomm
Charles Duan

From Politico Morning Tech:

Tesla, Honda, Ford and HP are among the companies urging the FTC to keep up its antitrust battle with Qualcomm. An appeals court determined earlier this month…

, Ars Technica
Appeals court ruling for Qualcomm “a victory of theory over facts”
Charles Duan

From Ars Technica:

This part of the decision didn’t sit well with Charles Duan, a patent expert at the R Street Institute.

“Intel was obviously substantially hampered in its ability to compete…

, American Interest
What Big Tech Can Learn from the Comic Book Industry
Eli Lehrer

Nearly everyone, it seems, has ideas about how to regulate and rein in Big Tech. President Donald Trump wants a special panel to monitor companies like Facebook and Twitter and issued an executive…

, Inside Sources
Tech Titans Grilled at Congressional Antitrust Hearing
Jeffrey Westling

From Inside Sources:

Jeffrey Westling, a technology and innovation resident fellow at the R Street Institute, a free-market think tank, agreed that the focus of the hearing went beyond its…

, Slate
Lessons for Congress From the Big Tech Antitrust Hearings
Mike Godwin

You may be forgiven for having thought that Wednesday’s Big Tech CEO hearing—in which the top executives at Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook were scheduled to get grilled by Congress on…

, The Washington Times
21st century robber barons? Push to break up Big Tech divides conservatives
Daisy Soderberg-Rivkin

From The Washington Times:

But the push for government intervention runs counter to traditional conservative values, said Daisy Soderberg-Rivkin, a resident fellow on the policy team at the…

R Street Policy Study No. 182 Updating our Laws for the Modern Video Marketplace
Tom Struble

The laws governing our video marketplace have gone almost entirely unchanged since the 1990s, despite recent technological advancements that are radically reshaping the way Americans produce,…

R Street Urges Senate Judiciary to House All Civil Antitrust Enforcement in a Single Agency
Tom Struble & Jeffrey Westling

September 17, 2019


Hon. Michael Lee, Chairman

Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy and Consumer Rights Committee on the Judiciary

U.S. Senate

224 Dirksen Senate Office…

The DOJ Should Keep Its Historic Role Guarding Competition and Innovation in the Music Business
Charles Duan

Given the importance of the limits the consent decrees impose, EFF joined allies including Public Knowledge, the Consumer Technology Association, and the R Street Institute in voicing its opposition…