Cancel Culture Comes to Climate Change
Josiah Neeley

Recent years have seen a flurry of incidents of
“deplatforming,” where controversial speakers are disinvited or individuals are
excluded from events because of their “unsafe” views. Many of…

, Crosscut
Bob Inglis sees value in the Green New Deal — and he’s a Republican
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From Crosscut:

All the groups that you now have heard of — RepublicEn, R Street Institute, Niskanen Center, Alliance for Market Solutions, Climate Leadership…

, Politico Morning Energy
A look at Trump’s Iran move
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From Politico Morning Energy:

WEIGHING IN: Travis Kavulla, director of energy and environmental policy at the right-leaning R Street Institute, argues in POLITICO’s Agenda that nuclear…

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Opinion: Matt Gaetz’s ‘Green Real Deal’ Is A Conservative Alternative To The Green New Deal
Caroline Kitchens

Perhaps nothing has united Republicans more this Congress than the progressive Democrats’ climate plan known as the Green New Deal. Republicans have missed no opportunity to hammer the costs…

, Red State
Building Conservative Arguments For Progressive Positions Is Not Conservative
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From Red State:

The Conservative Case for Climate Action

, The Brookings Institute
Where does US climate policy stand in 2019?
Philip Wallach

To think about federal climate policy these days is to think about the future. Will we see Democrats embrace a radical program like the Green New Deal? Or will elites of both parties come to…

, The Hill
Personal responsibility is not enough to fix climate change
Josiah Neeley

Is Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a climate hypocrite? That was the recent charge leveled against the freshman member of Congress, due to her apparent preference for car travel…

New England Natural Gas Pipeline Saga Continues Its Bureaucratic Groundhog Day
William Murray

Another chapter in the book of regulatory weirdness is being
written in federal court regarding the power of the Federal Energy Regulatory
Commission (FERC) to site natural gas pipelines.

In an…

, RealClearPolicy
To Cut Emissions, DC Council Should Reconsider Carbon Tax
William Murray

Earlier this year, the District of Columbia City Council came close to passing a carbon pricing plan that would have turned the District into a world leader in curtailing climate emissions. At the…

, Daily Caller
I Believe in Climate Change: Can I still Hate the UN?
Josiah Neeley

Most conservatives are suspicious of the United Nations. The U.N. combines endless lofty rhetoric with an equally endless capacity for venality and corruption.

It’s the sort of organization that…