How much can Biden do on climate with a (barely) Democratic Senate?
Philip Rossetti & Josiah Neeley

For the last two months, political strategists and prognosticators have been acting based on the assumption of a Biden presidency and a Republican-controlled Senate. With the recent Democratic…

5 Myths About Climate Policy
Philip Rossetti

Too often, politicos try to give the impression that they have the magic beans for sale that will finally resolve climate change. But we should not take claims of policy efficacy at face value when…

, Climate Advisers
Biden’s Climate Outlook – Year One
Josiah Neeley & Philip Rossetti

From Climate Advisers:

There may be bipartisan support for a number of narrow measures, including reforms to the National Environmental Policy Act and creating a government-run verification…

, Newstalk 1320 WJAS
Video: What might Biden’s climate policy look like?
Josiah Neeley

From Newstalk 1320 WJAS:

R Street’s Josiah Neeley discusses what Biden’s climate policy might look like on NewsTalk 1320 WJAS.

Don’t expect regulations to be a viable climate strategy
Philip Rossetti

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” goes the saying, attributed to Albert Einstein. Einstein was speaking to quantum mechanics, as he generally…

Radio: How will climate change be impacted amid a divided government?
Josiah Neeley

From Triangle’s Morning News with Scott Briggaman:

R Street’s Josiah Neeley discusses on Triangle’s Morning News with Scott Briggaman how climate change will be impacted amid a divided…

, MarketWatch
Fossil-fuel apologist or sensible statesman? Responses to Biden’s pick of Kerry for climate envoy
Philip Rossetti

From MarketWatch:

“The effectiveness of foreign policy is dictated just as much by perceptions as it is of reality, and the truth is many of our foreign partners that we trade with and have…

Executive action won’t save the Biden climate agenda
Josiah Neeley

Policy pushes during presidencies tend to go through a set cycle. First, there is an attempt to get one’s agenda through Congress. Occasionally this works; most of the time it doesn’t….

Is There a Climate Benefit to Reducing Packaging Materials?
Philip Rossetti

Materials consumption has come under increasing scrutiny in climate policy. According to the World Economic Forum, four to eight percent of global oil use is associated with plastics. Part of the…

Ocean-Based Climate Solutions Act may do more harm than good
Beth Garza & Philip Rossetti

Introduced by chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, Raúl Grijalva (D-Ariz.), the Ocean-Based Climate Solutions Act (OBCSA) is a conglomeration of several bills in the United States…