, Deseret News
Why these conservatives changed their minds on climate change
Josiah Neeley

From Deseret News:
The biggest source of conservative skepticism on climate change is fear of what the solution might be, said Josiah Neeley, senior fellow in energy policy at the R Street…

, Republic En
Climate Week En Review, November 22, 2019
Josiah Neeley

From Republic En:

And while we haven’t been fully debriefed on Bob’s tour of the Lone Star State, here is a teaser photo of him with EcoRighters Josiah Neeley from R Street…

, Washington Examiner
Regulators must unleash new nuclear power technology to fight climate change
William Murray

Lost in the hubbub over climate lawsuits and unrest is how investments in emissions-reduction technology made over the past decade are starting to improve the clean energy marketplace.


, S&P Global
Washington Week: FERC pick heads to Congress, EPA moves coal ash deadline
William Murray

From S&P Global:

The R Street Institute will host a discussion on “Understanding Carbon-Neutral and Carbon-Negative Technologies” at the Capitol Visitor Center in Washington, D.C.

, The Daily Caller
Elton John Wants To Tax The Rest Of Us ‘For The Environment’ — So Why Not Tax His Jet?
Josiah Neeley

Are celebrities bad for the environment?
One hears this claim with growing frequency as critics point out the inconsistency between the pro-environment views espoused by many in the jet set and…

, ClimateXchange
It’s raining carbon pricing bills on Capitol Hill: a comparative look
Josiah Neeley

From ClimateXchange:
Nevertheless, thanks to Rooney’s support, the two bills can be branded as bipartisan; conservative-leaning think tanks, like Niskanen Center and R-Street…

US Conservative and Libertarian Experts and Solar Geoengineering: An Assessment
Josiah Neeley

From European Journal of American Studies:

Neeley, Josiah. “Geoengineering: The Cold War on Global Warming.” R-Street, February 27,…

, Urbane Cowboys Podcast
Hot Enough For Ya? (The Climate Science Episode)
Josiah Neeley

From The Urbane Cowboys Podcast:

We are joined by John Nielsen-Gammon, Texas State Climatologist. We talk about climate science and policy implications.

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Climate Tariffs Are Coming
Josiah Neeley

The list of people who both support President Trump’s pro-tariff trade agenda and support a carbon tax isn’t very large. But it may be about to get a little bit larger. Last week, at the National…

Was the Clean Power Plan Pointless?
Josiah Neeley

After much anticipation, the Trump administration has recently unveiled its replacement for the Obama-era Clean Power Plan. The CPP, which was the subject of legal challenges and many dire economic…