, The Washington Post
House Republicans to unveil conservative road map on climate, energy
Philip Rossetti

From The Washington Post:
Philip Rossetti, a senior fellow on energy at the R Street Institute, a free-market think tank, agreed.

“Republicans are poised to take the House, but…

Radio: The Secret to Clean Energy? More Competition
Devin Hartman

From Inside Sources with Boyd Matheson:

Is business good for the environment? While the media likes to portray companies as caring more about profits than climate change, the R…

, Harvard Law Review
Local Prosecution in the Era of Climate Change
Eli Lehrer

From Harvard Law Review:

But even where climate change is a politically sensitive topic, local prosecutors could instead benefit from promoting their commitment to building resilience. Eli Lehrer,…

Bottle Bills Bolster Recycling Rates
Alexandra McCandless

WASHINGTON (March 28, 2022)—A new analysis released today by R Street Resident Fellow Philip Rossetti examines the effectiveness of deposit refund systems (DRS), also known as bottle bills, in…

Deposit refund systems are more effective than mandates
Philip Rossetti

Recent speculation that a federal level bill for a deposit return system (DRS) (commonly called a bottle bill), as well as recent efforts by states to reform DRSs, has renewed interest…

Steven Greenhut Moderates the California Burning Panel at the California Ideas in Action Conference
Steven Greenhut

From Pacific Research Institute:

California again experienced a severe wildfire season in 2021, in the shadow of an ongoing water crisis that is…

, The American Spectator
A Plague on Humanity
Steven Greenhut

During a recent drive from Portland, Oregon, to Sacramento, I spotted a bizarre billboard along Interstate 5 that proclaimed, “A lot of humans wish they never were born.” That’s no doubt true…

, Townhall
Build Back Better Will Fail to Reach Climate Goals
Philip Rossetti

From Townhall:

There are several ways that the Biden administration can pursue economic freedom in a way that benefits the environment and taxpayers alike. Some common sense policies easing…

, RealClearPolicy
Forging Climate Consensus from the Wreckage of Build Back Better
Devin Hartman

Progressives’ promised “big” and “bold” climate action took a big, bold hit when Sen. Joe Manchin (D- W. Va.) announced his opposition to Build Back Better (BBB) in December. Despite…

, Daily Wire
New York Governor Proposes First-In-The-Nation Ban On Gas Hookups For New Buildings
Josiah Neeley & Steven Greenhut

From Daily Wire:

But research from R Street, a more conservative think tank, found that such a ban, particularly on vehicles, won’t do much to combat climate change.

“America currently…

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