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, Faith Angle
Andy Smarick and Tim Schultz: ‘Juristocracy’ and the Supreme Court, from Bostock to Espinoza
Andy Smarick

From Faith Angle:

Letters in the Time of Covid

, Knight Foundation
What’s Next for Tech and Democracy?
Eli Lehrer

From Knight Foundation:

Without physical contact and casual socialization, many already strained institutions have approached the breaking point. In the long term, market forces will revive the…

Deplatforming the Institutions
Andy Smarick

Institutions in a free society can be understood as the natural products of liberty. When people live freely over time, they come to recognize recurring themes in social life and to appreciate human…

, Commentary Magazine
Letters in the Time of Covid
Andy Smarick

A young Isaac Newton coped with the anxiety of the plague’s 1665 return to England by decamping to a farmhouse and inventing calculus, revolutionizing optics, and uncovering the first mysteries of…

, The Public Discourse
Reclaiming Social Justice
Andy Smarick

Today, the term “social justice” is invoked almost exclusively by those on the political left. Those on the right seldom even engage in these debates. This shouldn’t be the case, both because…

, Education Next
The Risk of Reducing Principles to Policies
Andy Smarick

Red State Blues: How the Conservative Revolution Stalled in the States
by Matt Grossman
Cambridge University Press, 2019, $24.99; 204 pages.

As reviewed by Andy Smarick

In the Trump era,…

, Law & Liberty
A Better Conservatism Requires a Better Firmament
Andy Smarick

I attribute today’s friction on America’s political right to three factors. The first relates to the enduring difficulty of translating the principles of conservatism into practice. American…

, The Dispatch
Why State and Local Governments Are So Vital to Our Coronavirus Response
Andy Smarick

In just a matter of days, President Donald Trump went from expressing the desire that we get the economy going in just a few weeks to announcing that “social distancing guidance” would remain in…

Does Educational Pluralism Build Civil Society? A Case Study Of Indianapolis, 2001-2019
Ashley Berner

We fight a lot about charters and choice in this country, but most democracies support distinctive schools as a matter of principle and practice.
Press release: How Pluralism-Friendly School-Choice…

Who am I to judge? The case for classical liberal education
Clare Basil

The New York Times is no stranger to initiating debates over curricular content, as the release of the “1619 Project” by the New York Times Magazine last year demonstrates. The publication…

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