Civil Society


, The Bulwark
Civility and Its Critics
Andy Smarick

As long as there are political debates, there will be those who participate in nasty ways—lying, distorting, insulting. This is just the price we pay for possessing Homo sapiens DNA and living in…

How Civil Society Can Bring About Justice for Juveniles in Florida
Corinne Day

WASHINGTON (Nov. 13, 2019) – The criminal justice system is generally the epitome of government control, with any role for civil society usually relegated to the reentry and reintegration of…

Civil Society Series: Empowering Civil Society To Improve Juvenile Justice In Florida
Lars Trautman & Andy Smarick

Responding to scofflaws may seem like the quintessential government endeavor; the government is, after all, responsible for enforcing our laws. Yet, the civil citation experiment in Florida offers…

, Law & Liberty
Keep Calm and Self-Govern On
Andy Smarick

Decades from now, historians might well refer to this era as The Great Hand-Wringing. Certainly, the nation faces serious challenges, from the tragic spike in “deaths of despair” and too-low…

, Medium
Fables of the Reconstruction
Andy Smarick

From Medium:
Writing in the Bulwark, Andy Smarick writes that while Donald Trump is making American conservatism unbearable right now, once he leaves the scene, things will go back to normal….

America the Beautiful Though Imperfect
Andy Smarick

As Ben Franklin intimated when he announced to spectators at the Constitutional Convention that “You have a republic, if you can keep it,” a nation as innovative as ours requires maintenance,…

, The Bulwark
This Is Not Your Grandfather’s Conservatism
Andy Smarick

The Robert Doar era at the American Enterprise Institute is kicking off with a bang. The think tank announced Friday it has hired Yuval Levin, arguably the most important writer in conservative…

, The New Atlantis
The Emergent Order of Twitter
Andy Smarick

When a set of arrangements is making people miserable, coercion is often a big part of the explanation. Think of authoritarianism, discrimination, or vigilantism, where individuals suffer because of…

, TribTalk
Educate skeptical parents about vaccines. Don’t demonize them.
Eli Lehrer

Nearly all American parents ought to vaccinate their children. In Texas, the overwhelming majority do. Yet recent outbreaks of measles and other vaccine-preventable diseases have drawn…

Anti-Vaccine Hysteria is Leading to Disease Outbreaks
Eli Lehrer

From Independent Women’s Forum:

As Eli Lehrer of the R Street Institute and I wrote in an opinion article last week, these monitoring programs can help state health officials track…