R Street’s program on Civil Society, Education and Work studies the building blocks of society and governing, including localism, federalism, social capital, tradition, philanthropy and mediating institutions. It produces research, analysis and commentary to inform policymakers’ work on a range of domestic policies. Our initiatives have a particular focus on schools and workforce training as essential contributors to America’s effort to form citizens, workers, and public leaders. See our case studies here.

We are excited to announce the launch of an important new talent-development initiative, the “Foundations of Conservative Policymaking Fellowship.” This fellowship will bring together cohorts of highly successful mid-career professionals working in public service, primarily at the state and local levels. Twice over the course of a year, fellows will convene for four days to learn more about the principles of American conservatism and how they can be applied to contemporary policymaking. In recent years, our politics have become increasingly toxic, old coalitions are breaking apart, and long-held positions are being reconsidered. This fellowship will provide an opportunity for talented individuals committed to building careers in public service to better understand the beliefs that have animated American conservatism. This will both help them appreciate a particular set of fundamental principles of governing and enable them to help shape the debate about the future of conservatism.

To learn more about the fellows in the first cohort, click here. If you are interested in being considered for a future cohort, please contact Andy Smarick at [email protected]