Civil Society Case Studies


Charter Schools Program: Federal Investment In Educational Opportunity
Virginia Gentles

The Charter Schools Program provides the nation’s K-12 education system with start-up funding for mission-driven schools that operate with more flexibility, creativity, and innovation than…

Civil Society Series: Chartering in Kansas City
Michael McShane

Chartering was not just an outgrowth, but a force multiplier of the civil society.
Press release: Charter Schools Open New Paths for Success to Students in Kansas City

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Civil Society Series: Delaware Pathways
Larry Nagengast

We think of Delaware as the poster child for pathways nationally. (Delaware) put together a coalition that cut across agencies — public, pirate and nonprofit. In most states, it’s a government…

Civil Society Series: Grand Reforms in the Grand Canyon State: Education Savings Accounts Bring Civil Society to Life in Arizona
Lindsey M. Burke, Ph.D.

Arizona’s ESA program has not only catalyzed a robust civil society response in the Grand Canyon State, it has ignited an entirely new method of designing education choice programs.
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Civil Society Series: Empowering Civil Society To Improve Juvenile Justice In Florida
Lars Trautman

Responding to scofflaws may seem like the quintessential government endeavor; the government is, after all, responsible for enforcing our laws. Yet, the civil citation experiment in Florida offers…

Civil Society Series: Ohio’s Community Connectors Program
Amy Cummings

“More than 97 percent of these students lived in poverty, 70 percent had reported family histories of alcohol abuse and 56 percent had reported family histories of drug abuse. According to a survey…