Cementing Criminal Justice Reform


Jesse Kelley speaks with ALECTV about Criminal Justice reform
Jesse Kelley

From ALEC:

Jesse Kelley speaks with ALECTV about Criminal Justice reform

, The Center Square
Capping supervision sentences in Pennsylvania will make us safer
Arthur Rizer

“Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time” seems like a straightforward equation made for simpler times. Indeed, the phrase was made popular by the 1970s cop show “Baretta” and even…

, Inside Sources
If You Ban Menthols, What’s Next?
Jesse Kelley

The Worcester Telegram in Massachusetts recently polled 165 of its online readers, asking “Do you favor a ban on flavored tobacco products?” The results were fifty-fifty. With the Bay State on…

, The Advocate
Guest column: U.S. Sen. John Kennedy wrong in his take on pretrial risk assessment
Emily Mooney

Republican U.S. Sen. John Kennedy, of Louisiana, recently denounced algorithmic pre-trial risk assessment tools as “a dangerous collision of the poorly vetted cost cuts and socialist agendas that…

, Newsy
Nila Bala on Newsy’s The Why
Nila Bala

From Newsy:

Nila Bala discusses facial recognition technology and how policymakers should approach regulating it.

, Brookings
What are the proper limits on police use of facial recognition?
Nila Bala & Caleb Watney

Last month, the city of San Francisco decided to ban the use of facial recognition technology in its various government agencies. While a complete ban in perpetuity likely goes too far, it does…

The Use of Lay Magistrates in the United States
Lars Trautman & SteVon Felton

With an arrest occurring once every three seconds in the United States and magistrates called to adjudicate the freedom of many of these individuals, the remaining states need to follow suit and…

, Real Clear Health
Smoking Marijuana Is Bad for Your Health, but Spending Time in Jail Is Worse
Jesse Kelley & Arthur Rizer

From cheesy taglines insisting “This ain’t your grandfather’s marijuana” to hyperbolic headlines warning that “Cannabis Users Risk their Sanity,” we have been lectured for decades about…

, Arnold Ventures
Shining a Light Inside Prisons
Arthur Rizer

From Arnold Ventures:

Arthur Rizer, director of criminal justice and civil liberties at the R Street Institute, says the only way to advance prison reform is to first address the inhumane…

, Law 360
Death Row Case Stirs Fears Over Quality Of Defense Counsel
Arthur Rizer

From Law 360:

Arthur Rizer, director of the Criminal Justice and Civil Liberties division of the R Street Institute, agreed, saying the quality of representation is “very dependent on where…