Cementing Criminal Justice Reform


, Insider Advantage
Raising the Age of Adult Criminal Responsibility a Matter of Dollars and (Common) Sense
Marc Hyden

The budget crunch is on, and bean counters are hard at work trying to figure out a way to balance the state’s budget, keep Georgia’s coveted AAA bond rating, and do so without disrupting…

, Washington Examiner
The economic and moral costs of our inhumane prison system
Arthur Rizer

It is said that distance brings clarity. This has certainly been true for me when visiting other countries and observing their public safety systems. Most recently, a trip to Germany highlighted just…

, The Hill
Why other states should follow the lead on New Jersey clean slate law
Nila Bala

New Jersey Governor Philip Murphy recently signed a clean slate bill that has opened up new opportunities for millions of residents who have been involved in the justice system. Other states should…

Raising The Age Of Criminal Responsibility In Georgia
Nila Bala & Marc Hyden

Under current Georgia law, minors cannot vote, buy a lottery ticket or even open a checking account. Indeed, 17-year-olds are treated as children in almost every way—except in the…

, The Heartland Institute
Michigan House Passes ‘Clean Slate’ Bills
Jesse Kelley

From The Heartland Institute:
Automatic expungement would improve life prospects for ex-offenders, says Jesse Kelley, manager of criminal justice and civil liberties issues at the R Street…

, Washington Examiner
A year after the First Step Act, Congress can do more for criminal justice reform
Emily Mooney

It was just last December that law enforcement leaders, religious leaders, members of Congress, and criminal justice reform groups across the political spectrum came together to watch President…

Increasing Collaboration Between Police and Mental Health Professionals
Lars Trautman & Jonathan Haggerty

From National Conference of State Legislatures:

Additional resources of police-mental health collaborations:

R Street: Statewide Policies Relating to Pre-Arrest Diversion and Crisis Response

, Senator Cory Booker
Booker, Johnson’s “Ban the Box” Heads to President’s Desk
Jesse Kelley

From Senator Cory Booker:

A bipartisan bill authored by U.S. Senators Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Ron Johnson (R-WI) to give individuals with past convictions a better chance to find employment…

, The Hill
Restoring voting rights for felons embraces the American tenet of second chances
Nila Bala & Lars Trautman

Last Thursday, with a stroke of his pen, newly elected Gov. Andy Beshear finally managed to remove Kentucky from the exceedingly short and shameful list of states with lifetime voting bans for…

, Senator Cory Booker
Booker, Johnson’s “Ban the Box” Bill Passes House
Jesse Kelley

From Senator Cory Booker:

A bill authored by U.S. Senators Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Ron Johnson (R-WI) to give formerly incarcerated individuals a better chance to find employment passed the U.S….