Cementing Criminal Justice Reform


, The Crime Report
Why ‘Enforcing’ the Law is Not the Same as Doing Justice
Lars Trautman & Arthur Rizer

“Law enforcement” was never meant to be a moniker.

After all, it is just one possible response in a toolkit full of them for our public safety officials.

The fact that “LEO” (law…

Reynolds to hold FOCUS meeting about criminal justice reform
Arthur Rizer

From KCCI:

Speakers include representatives from the Des Moines Police Department, Iowa State Patrol, Department of Transportation, R Street Institute and the Governor’s Office of Drug Control…

, azcentral.
Let’s reduce Arizona’s prison population and give sentencing discretion back to judges
Arthur Rizer

From azcentral.:

Calling this policy radical and politically divisive, they fail to mention the support of leading conservative groups, including Americans for Prosperity, American Conservative…

, American Action Forum
FCC Moves to Reduce Costs of Phone Calls from Prison
Emily Mooney & Nila Bala

From American Action Forum:

Among those incarcerated, roughly 40 percent are reported to be struggling with a mental health issue, and more than half are struggling with drug use or…

R Street Institute Applauds New National Survey on Criminal Justice Reform
Casey Witte

Since the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer in late May, thousands have taken to the streets to demand action on a host of criminal justice issues. With…

, What a Curious Idea
Podcast: We Are Better Than This
Arthur Rizer

From What a Curious Idea:
Arthur is the Director of Criminal Justice and Civil Liberties with R Street Institute. His opinions and policy solutions to Police Culture, Pre-Trial Detention, Federal…

Letter to New York Governor Cuomo on Assembly Bill A7463B
Arthur Rizer

Governor Cuomo:

My name is Arthur Rizer and I am the Director of the Criminal Justice & Civil Liberties Policy at the R Street Institute. Before joining the R Street, I served as a federal…

, Dream Corps
New Poll From #CUT50 & Jan Shows Voters Favor Candidates Who Pass Reforms
Arthur Rizer

From Dream Corps:

“What’s clear is that Americans are dissatisfied with inaction. A vast majority of people want their elected representatives to take action to fix the broken pieces of our…

, Politico
States crowd into Florida voting rights case as election nears
Arthur Rizer

From Politico:

The Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank, joined nonprofit advocacy group the Fines and Fees Justice Center, the free-market R Street Institute and the Florida Association of…

, Inside Sources
Automating Our Justice System to Ensure Justice for All
Nila Bala

Despite our increasingly digital world, many courthouses and legal aid offices across the country remain far behind the technological curve. In a number of states, petitioners must still file forms…