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What Can We Do?: Policy Responses to Wildfire Risk
R.J. Lehmann

R.J. Lehmann’s presentation as part of the panel discussion “Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire: Wildfire Risk in the 21st Century” during the Climate Change: Response and Resilience…

, reason
California’s Wonky Insurance and Land Use Regulations Make the State’s Wildfires Deadlier and More Destructive

From reason:
“Ultimately there are people living in high-risk zones who cannot afford to bear the full risk of the places they’ve chosen to live,” says R.J. Lehmann, an insurance policy expert at R…

, Carolina Journal
Shifting sands: We continue to build and live along the N.C. coast, but should we?

From Carolina Journal:
R.J. Lehmann is a senior fellow at R Street, a nonprofit, nonpartisan, public policy research organization. Lehmann says people need to understand the full risk of…

, Roll Call
How ‘resilience’ became a politically safe word for ‘climate change’

From Roll Call:
R.J. Lehmann, a senior fellow at the center-right R Street Institute, said the embrace of the term dates back to hurricanes in 2004 and 2005, but a series of devastating storms in…

, Sunshine State News
Dan Webster Wants the Feds to Follow Florida’s Lead in Extreme-Weather Situations

From Sunshine State News:
“Since 2012, taxpayers have laid out more than $200 billion in regular and emergency disaster relief spending,” said R.J. Lehmann, the director of finance, insurance and…

, U.S. Rep. Daniel Webster
Reps Webster & Cartwright Unveil Legislation to Increase America’s Preparedness For Extreme Weather Events

From U.S. Rep. Daniel Webster:
‘Since 2012, taxpayers have laid out more than $200 billion in regular and emergency disaster relief spending,’ said R.J. Lehmann, Director of Finance, Insurance &…

, Reason
California Follows the Disastrous Flood Insurance Path to Fire Insurance Fiasco

From Reason:
“Nearly half of all new homes are built in the wildfire-prone wildland-urban interface,” the R Street Institute’s Ray Lehmann wrote in May in the Insurance Journal. “To the extent…

, Inside Sources
What Does it Mean for Taxpayers When It’s Always Earthquake Season in California?

From Inside Sources:
In a study released last year, R Street Institute scholars R.J. Lehmann and Daniel Semelsberger found that California is home to approximately two-thirds of Fannie Mae and…

, Insurance Journal
Misguided Editorialists Try to Raise the Beach House Bailout from the Dead
R.J. Lehmann

Each time it has been trotted out on the public stage, the Beach House Bailout has died an ignominious death. Leave it to the necromancers on the Tampa Bay Times editorial board to try to raise this…

, Insurance Journal
California Does Not Have a Wildfire Insurance Crisis
R.J. Lehmann

It’s understandable that wildfire is on the top of mind for California lawmakers this session. Coming on the heels of the 2017 wildfire season that saw $13.2 billion in insured losses, the fires…