Carbon Pricing


Climate Tariffs Are Coming
Josiah Neeley

The list of people who both support President Trump’s pro-tariff trade agenda and support a carbon tax isn’t very large. But it may be about to get a little bit larger. Last week, at the National…

Was the Clean Power Plan Pointless?
Josiah Neeley

After much anticipation, the Trump administration has recently unveiled its replacement for the Obama-era Clean Power Plan. The CPP, which was the subject of legal challenges and many dire economic…

Cancel Culture Comes to Climate Change
Josiah Neeley

Recent years have seen a flurry of incidents of
“deplatforming,” where controversial speakers are disinvited or individuals are
excluded from events because of their “unsafe” views. Many of…

Green New Deal vs. Green Real Deal: What Do They Mean for Advanced Energy?
Travis Kavulla

From Advanced Energy Economy:

As the Green New Deal gained national attention, we also wondered what the response of the Republican Party would be, recognizing that certain center-right groups…

, Inside Sources
A Conservative Carbon Tax? Experts Say Yes to a Market-Based Solution to Climate Change
Josiah Neeley

From Inside Sources:

“One advantage of the rebate is it is very transparent where the money is going,” says Josiah Neeley, director of energy policy at the R Street Institute, who adds that…

, Inside Sources
House Republicans Still Trying to Solidify Their Position on Environmental Issues
Josiah Neeley

From Inside Sources:

The proposal languishes in committee, having gained some cosponsors but not, it seems, support from either party’s leadership. This is somewhat surprising, since carbon…

, Politico
Conservatives get head start molding Republican climate message

From Politico:
So far, those conservative groups are out in front. A number of groups on the so-called eco-right that has called for policies to address the changing climate — including the…

How Not to Grow Government
Josiah Neeley

While I was out enjoying a good old fashioned Texas Christmas, Dan Mitchell of the Cato Institute wrote a thoughtful critique of some of my recent articles on the carbon tax that I think warrants a…

R Street Institute policy paper: A carbon tax, but at what price?
Ann Phelan

WASHINGTON (Dec. 12) – A carbon tax has rightly been called a “textbook” response to climate change, and economists from across the political spectrum have endorsed it as the most efficient…

A carbon tax, but at what price?
Josiah Neeley

“While there can be legitimate disagreements over what an appropriate carbon price should be, this is not an argument against having a carbon tax in the first place. If we are not sure, for example,…