, The American Spectator
Sad, Dying Gasps of Pension Reform
Steven Greenhut

The San Diego City Council’s vote Monday to join the union side in an effort to invalidate a 2012 ballot initiative signaled an ignominious end to one of the most promising pension-reform efforts…

, The American Spectator
Socialized Medicine Is Just the Start
Steven Greenhut

Late Monday evening, I felt a stabbing sensation in my gut, so I went to the emergency room when it became apparent the pain wasn’t going away. I had to wait to see a doctor of course, but then…

Rising conservatives as hostile to freedom as leftists
Steven Greenhut

Delegates to the California Democratic Party convention last weekend drew national attention after they booed a presidential candidate, former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, for saying that…

Your tax dollars at work as cities shut traffic lanes
Steven Greenhut

At a 2017 Riverside rally touting legislation to increase gas taxes and vehicle-license fees to boost California’s infrastructure spending, then-Gov. Jerry Brown was characteristically grandiose:…

, Fox and Hounds
Unions seek to control deliveries by raising bogus safety fears
Steven Greenhut

California lawmakers would have you believe that the state faces some sort of public-safety crisis simply because drivers who deliver food and beverages to people’s homes need not undergo specific…

, The American Spectator
Keeping Minority Kids in Their Place
Steven Greenhut

It’s not every day (or any day, for that matter) that I read an editorial by the Washington Post and am moved to cheer. But the editorial board’s salvo against Bernie…

, Insurance Journal
California Does Not Have a Wildfire Insurance Crisis
R.J. Lehmann

It’s understandable that wildfire is on the top of mind for California lawmakers this session. Coming on the heels of the 2017 wildfire season that saw $13.2 billion in insured losses, the fires…

Anti-media deeds are worse than Trump’s diatribes
Steven Greenhut

Reporters have long denounced Donald Trump’s “war on journalists” given the president’s routine Twitter attacks about “fake news,” his kind words about authoritarian rulers who have…

, The Daily Wire
CA Governor, Looking To Shift Blame, Reportedly Calls State’s Homeless Problem A National Disgrace
Media Coverage

From The Daily Wire:

Of course, Newsom wants to look everywhere but in his own backyard to find the source of the problem; Steven Greenhut, the Western region director for R Street Institute,…

, Intellectual Takeout
California Makes Housing Scarcer
Media Coverage

From Intellectual Takeout:

Hostility towards landlords results in many dwellings being left vacant rather than housing a needy tenant. Would-be landlords won’t rent out, for fear that they…