, Orange County Register
California becomes ground zero for booze by mail again
C. Jarrett Dieterle

The Golden State appears poised to once again play an outsized role in the future of alcohol in America. Over three decades ago, California was at the vanguard of allowing cross-country wine…

, Daily Wire
New York Governor Proposes First-In-The-Nation Ban On Gas Hookups For New Buildings
Josiah Neeley & Steven Greenhut

From Daily Wire:

But research from R Street, a more conservative think tank, found that such a ban, particularly on vehicles, won’t do much to combat climate change.

“America currently…

Testimony in support of community-initiated overdose prevention programs
Stacey McKenna

January 11, 2022
California State Assembly Committee on Health
California State Capitol
1315 10th St, Sacramento, CA 95814
Dear Assembly Member Wood:
I am writing on behalf of R Street Institute…

, The American Spectator
California in Decline
Steven Greenhut

The COVID-19 pandemic has become the go-to excuse for pretty much everything these days, from reduced public services and limited business operations to what have you. My favorite recent example…

, Orange County Register
The lonely crusade against government hubris
Steven Greenhut

Upon election to office, politicians come to believe that they have the wherewithal to solve the world’s toughest problems. They usually mishandle the nuts-and-bolts chores they’re charged with…

, Orange County Register
Newsom sticks to Nanny State pandemic policies
Steven Greenhut

After watching the states apply different COVID-19 restrictions, we should all come away with a better understanding of why our nation’s Founding Fathers believed in federalism, where states…

, Orange County Register
State’s leaders must take the crime wave seriously
Steven Greenhut

Like all areas of our society these days, every problem draws simple partisan answers — and then sparks a nasty battle over policy proposals and between two factions that portray the other side as…

, American Family News
CA knocked for ‘symbolism’ over composting egg shells
Steven Greenhut

From American Family News:

A mandatory composting program kicks off Jan. 1 in California, mandating 40 million people empty their food scraps into a countertop container and eventually to their…

, The American Spectator
Inflating Medical Costs
Steven Greenhut

Like rust, California’s initiative process never sleeps. There’s always some new political battle that’s brewing given the state’s permissive rules for qualifying statewide ballot measures,…

, Orange County Register
Politicians are still stuck on Prohibitionist policies
Steven Greenhut

Few explanations about the ultimate pointlessness of Prohibition are better than the one found in the 1969 Creedence Clearwater Revival song, Bootleg: “Take you a glass of water, make it…

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