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National Review Podcast: Burning Down the State
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From National Review Podcast:

What really causes wildfires, Republican losses in California, and border clashes with immigrant caravans? And did war end the Great Depression?

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, California Policy Center
Surplus masks deep fiscal problems, especially in school districts
Steven Greenhut

As Gov. Jerry Brown heads into the sunset, he leaves California’s general-fund budget in remarkably sound shape, according to an analysis last month from the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s…

Redevelopment 2.0: State Sens. Jim Beall, Mike McGuire Push New Affordable Housing Bill
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From San Jose Inside:
The problem, as Steven Greenhut reported in a 2017 piece at, was that the RDAs, which were originally devised in the 1940s to fight urban blight in the state,…

, Reason
California’s Republican Party Is Irrelevant. Embracing Criminal Justice Reform Could Help Change That.
Steven Greenhut

California’s two major Republican factions—conservatives and moderates—have been arguing about the future of the party for at least two decades. They don’t agree on much, but after the California…

, The Western Journal
California Homeless Population Surges Nearly 14% in Single Year
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From The Western Journal:
Steven Greenhut, the Western region director for R Street Institute, a Washington-based think tank, said regulation has hurt the problem, not fixed it, according to…

, OC Register
Forget old debates, here’s a truly novel approach for the California GOP
Steven Greenhut

California’s two major Republican factions — conservatives and moderates — have been arguing about the future of the party for at least two decades. They don’t agree on much, but after the…

, The American Spectator
California’s Latest Pension Hubris
Steven Greenhut

California officials have an incredible knack for proposing dubious, government solutions to problems that don’t actually exist, while ignoring the real problems that are under their purview. The…

It’s time for environmentalists to back revenue-neutral carbon tax
Steven Greenhut

Few states are as environmentally friendly as Washington, and few governors are as committed to dealing with climate change as Jay Inslee, who often is called “one of America’s leading climate…

, OC Register
Maybe the California GOP should ditch Republican label
Steven Greenhut

Democratic and Republican partisans are still bickering over the national significance of Tuesday’s mixed-verdict midterm elections. I wish they’d give the country a rest from their political…

, OC Register
Brown can pardon minor offenders
Eli Lehrer

If Jerry Brown wants to end his 16 total years as California governor on a high note, there’s something big, bold and important that could cement his legacy: a blanket gubernatorial pardon for all…