, The American Spectator
Winning the Water Wars
Steven Greenhut

California is no stranger to water shortages and even to severe droughts. The latest one dragged on for six years and dominated Capitol discussions throughout its tortuous run. It was a genuine…

, reason
Newsom Attempts To Mandate Full Transition to Electric Cars by 2035
Steven Greenhut

From reason:

Instead, Newsom is proposing the kind of green energy program that, here in California, often serves as a transfer of tax money from the poor to the wealthy. Newsom can say in his…

, One News Now
Better a consumer-led market change than a hard-nosed edict
Steven Greenhut

From One News Now:
Steven Greenhut, western region director of the R Street Institute, points out the market is already moving in the direction of electric vehicles, especially in the Golden…

‘Environmental justice’ starts by providing more water
Steven Greenhut

Environmentalists have won the latest battle in California’s water wars, as California American Water just announced it is temporarily withdrawing its application to build a desalination plant on…

, The American Spectator
California Doesn’t Need to Burn
Steven Greenhut

Gov. Gavin Newsom blames climate change for the raging wildfires, but there are far simpler ways to address this latest crisis.
California’s leaders have a knack for taking bold, headline-grabbing…

‘War on suburbs’ is more about politics than reality
Steven Greenhut

As Republicans battle Democratic electoral advances in the nation’s politically pivotal suburbs, they’ve been sounding the alarms about a liberal plot to dismantle our beloved single-family…

, The American Spectator
On Police Reform, Business as Usual
Steven Greenhut

Some political observers would have us believe that substantive police reform bills failed in this year’s legislative session because of the COVID-shortened schedule — and the myriad…

, Fox & Hounds
To Fix the Energy Shortage, Forgot the Blame Game
Josiah Neeley & Beth Garza

Even as California continues to deal with the consequences of repeated rolling blackouts, people are already fighting over who is to blame. In this case there are a lot of usual suspects, ranging…

, The American Spectator
The ‘No Limits’ Legislature
Steven Greenhut

Every legislative session, it’s the same old story. Lawmakers propose a host of new regulations, taxes, and spending programs — and the rest of us yell and complain, then resign ourselves to the…

, The Newnan Times-Herald
Don’t let California export bad ideas
Marc Hyden

“States are the laboratories of democracy,” according to a phrase attributed to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, and he was right. Because of America’s system of federalism, state and…