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Unions Fight Return to Schooling
Steven Greenhut

The little-known Oakley Union Elementary School District, in the sprawling suburbs 50 miles east of San Francisco, isn’t accustomed to national attention. The school board’s hot mic moment,…

Recall gives voters a needed check on governor’s power
Steven Greenhut

As opponents of Gov. Gavin Newsom come closer to placing a recall on the ballot, some pundits have argued that voters should only boot a sitting politician for grievous misbehavior such as crimes and…

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Xavier Becerra’s Dubious Health-Care Record
Steven Greenhut

After an unusually long delay, the U.S. Senate is finally moving ahead with hearings to confirm California Attorney General Xavier Becerra as Health and Human Services (HHS) secretary. Given the…

In SUPPORT of HB 1035, “State Government – Attorney General – Independent Law Enforcement Prosecution Unit”
Jesse Kelley

Chairman Clippinger, Vice-chair Atterbeary and members of the committee:

My name is Jesse Kelley, and I am a government affairs manager for the criminal justice and civil liberties team at the R…

Video: California’s Water Future: How a Biden Administration Will Change Its Flow
Steven Greenhut

From Pacific Research Institute:

Federal water policy affecting California can best be described as being in turmoil in recent years. Following a significant shift in federal water policy…

Victims deserve justice, not political score settling

After 140 female legislators, staffers and lobbyists signed a shocking letter in 2017 denouncing a California Capitol culture where men “leveraged their power and positions to treat us however they…

, GV Wire
Despite Rainfall, State Still Aiming for 55 Gallon Per Person Water Conservation Target
Steven Greenhut

From GV Wire:

Author Steve Greenhut, who recently wrote the book “Winning the Water Wars”, argues the state is essentially trying to squeeze juice out of a turnip.

“50 percent of the…

, New York Post
Social security will fail and other commentary
Steven Greenhut

From New York Post:

Libertarian: Wage Hike Would Hurt Poor

Team Biden wants to hike the nation’s minimum wage to $15 an hour, yet that, warns Steven Greenhut at The Orange County Register,…

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It’s All About (Political) ‘Science’
Steven Greenhut

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has always claimed that he has based his coronavirus-related stay-at-home orders solely on the “science,” yet suddenly — without any dramatic changes in scientific…

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It’s Not Just Trump. California Labor Unions Are Trying To Reverse the Outcome of an Election Too.
Steven Greenhut

In his first inaugural address in January 1911, California’s progressive Gov. Hiram Johnson detailed a far-reaching “people’s reform program” that would help wrest control of the state’s government…