, The American Spectator
Newsom’s Gas-Tax Switcheroo
Steven Greenhut

“Never give the bastards more money,” a friend always says when discussing proposed tax increases. “They’ll only squander it.” That also epitomizes my philosophy over decades of voting…

California continues leftward trend with Newsom’s legislative actions
Steven Greenhut

Gov. Gavin Newsom has been acting on bills in dribs and drabs over the past month, giving plenty of insight into the direction of his new administration. After the final count following Sunday’s…

, Politico
NEWSOM demands PG&E pay $100 to blackout victims — Zuckerberg meeting with conservative pundits — landmark bills, vetoes in big week for Governor — REPORT: SOCAL officials harvesting body parts? — another Debate day for Dem 2020 candidates
Steven Greenhut

From Politico:
We’ve reached the tipping point, where California’s progressive political imperatives are having such glaring real-world repercussions that it’s hard to keep ignoring them.

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Say Goodbye to Charter Schools
Steven Greenhut

California progressives claim to be the champions of the poor and downtrodden, but their vocal support for legislation that obliterates the state’s charter schools reinforces that they mainly are…

, reason
Vaping Panic Ignores How E-Cigarettes Save Lives
Steven Greenhut

During a public meeting of California’s official tobacco committee, formed largely to divvy up the proceeds of a large tobacco-tax hike approved by voters in 2016, commissioners bemoaned the small…

Californians chased out of state by bad public policy
Steven Greenhut

I remember getting that phone call 20-some years ago while at my desk at The Lima News, which was a sister newspaper to The Orange County Register. “Would I like to come to California to work at…

Investor-State Dispute Settlement in the Digital Economy: The Case for Structured Proportionality
Steven Greenhut

From Northwestern Journal of International Law & Business:
In 2016, R Street, a think tank in Washington, D.C., issued a report ranking different cities’ Airbnb regulations according to the…

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Good News Is Bad News in California
Steven Greenhut

California’s economy is slowing, and it couldn’t come at a better time. Don’t get me wrong — as a worker, investor, and property investor, I’d love to see the economic good times go on…

, Orange County Breeze
Governor approves Senator Bates’ license portability bill
Steven Greenhut

From Orange County Breeze:

Its support, along with the support of diverse organizations such as the Steinberg Institute and the R Street Institute, made this new law possible.

The R Street…

, Senator Pat Bates
Governor Approves Sen. Bates’ License Portability Bill
Steven Greenhut

From Senator Pat Bates:

The R Street Institute, a free market think tank, also voiced its support for SB 679. Steven Greenhut, Western Region Director for R Street, said, “California’s…