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Is outrageous public pay in California the cause of bad roads?
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From KFI-AM 640:
Steven Greenhut wrote a fantastic piece for The American Spectator about the real reason why California has horrible infrastructure.

He alleges the outsized power of…

, The American Spectator
They’re Coming After the Prop. 13 ‘Loophole’
Steven Greenhut

The award for the most ridiculous opening paragraph in a news story, this week anyway, goes to CBS Sacramento for its coverage of a 2020 ballot measure that the secretary of state has recently…

, The Spectator
Surprise! DMV May Have Registered Non-Citizen Voters
Steven Greenhut

We never could have seen this one coming. News stories in recent weeks show that a new California motor-voter law that requires the Department of Motor Vehicles to automatically register people who…

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Outrageous Public Pay Is Cause of Bad Roads
Steven Greenhut

California conservatives thought they were riding the cusp of a populist wave when they qualified Proposition 6 for the November ballot. If passed, that statewide initiative would repeal the…

, Reason
Unions Change Their Tune on Janus Supreme Court Ruling
Steven Greenhut

This column was first published by the California Policy Center.

The U.S. Supreme Court is attacking working people by destroying public-sector unions. That’s the gist of the argument…

, American Spectator
Who Is Being Cynical Here?
Steven Greenhut

Many Californians have this weird notion that the rest of the country is like some kind of Third World backwater, yet those of us who travel around the country are always struck by the alternate…

R Street Institute applauds California DMV decision to begin consideration of rules for autonomous delivery vehicles
Ann Phelan

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (September 21) – The R Street Institute applauds the California DMV’s decision to hold a public workshop on Friday, October 19 for the development of regulations related to…

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May the Farce be With You: Han Solo Preaches Climate Doom
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Cited in the American Thinker:
Yes, the world is filled with crapholes, but they shouldn’t exist in the U.S. — at least not literally. Yet San Francisco has turned into a literal cesspool, and…

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Politico’s California Playbook
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From Politico’s California Playbook:
“Opinion: Charters blast Gavin Newsom, but did they shoot their own feet?,’’ by Steven Greenhut in the Los Angeles Daily News: “The real surprise is that…

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Anti-vaping vote a set back for poz health
Damon L. Jacobs

On Tuesday, June 5th, San Francisco voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition E, which is intended to ban the sale of all flavored tobacco products for adults over the age of 21.

Included in this…