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, FOX 5 On The Hill
Video: Spending vs. Debt Ceiling
Jonathan Bydlak

From FOX 5 On The Hill:

Jonathan Bydlak of the R Street Institute joins the show to discuss how government can change spending to avoid raising the debt ceiling in the future.

, Inside Sources
The Debt Limit Isn’t the Problem. Spending Is.
Jonathan Bydlak

Headline after headline during recent months has centered on the fight to raise the nation’s debt ceiling. Many emphasized a potential doomsday scenario that could unfold if the limit isn’t…

, Medill on the Hill
Inflationary politics: GOP messaging capitalizes on rising consumer prices
Jonathan Bydlak

From Medill on the Hill:
If monthly inflation reports continue showing less-than-favorable numbers, however, that may no longer be an option. Jonathan Bydlak, director of the Governance Program at…

, HuffPost
With The Biden Agenda Imperiled, It’s Time For Democrats To Break With Foolish Traditions
James Wallner

From HuffPost:

It is not as though they do not have the power to do so. Senate rules are not enshrined in the Constitution. Changing them requires a simple majority vote. The parliamentarian,…

, FOX News
Pelosi handed major defeat by rising progressive Democrat stars, as Biden agenda put on ice
James Wallner

From FOX News:

“You have these big showdowns, you have these self-imposed deadlines. And then no matter what happens you get a greater understanding heading out of those deadlines of where you…

Video: Congress and Government Spending
Jonathan Bydlak

From C-SPAN Washington Journal:

Jonathan Bydlak talked about efforts by Congress to raise the debt limit and debates over spending for infrastructure and social programs.

, Spectator World
Republicans’ fiscal responsibility theater
Jonathan Bydlak

If you think Washington couldn’t get any more dysfunctional, think again.

On Monday night, Senate Republicans blocked a Democratic attempt to avoid a government shutdown. This raises the…

, R Street Institute
Event: Pentagon Purse Strings Episode 8: Breaking Down the FY 2022 NDAA and What Comes Next
Jonathan Bydlak & Nan Swift

As the House seeks to finalize work on its version of the annual defense funding bill—the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)—and the Senate looks ahead to…

Democrats’ tax plan is war on freedom and investment
Steven Greenhut

Leftists are thrilled by the Biden administration’s plan to stamp out the bogeyman of tax havens – low-tax jurisdictions where corporations and other investors can keep their money away from the…

Huffman introduces bill to abolish wasteful Space Force
Jonathan Bydlak

From Congressman Jared Huffman:

Text of the legislation can be found here.

Huffman was joined in the introduction by Representatives Mark Pocan (WI-02), Jesús “Chuy” García (IL-04),…

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