Budget and Spending Reform


, Spectator World
More rail trouble could be on the horizon
Jonathan Bydlak

Economic news over the last few months has been bleak. Whether it’s inflation, supply chain disruptions, or the threat of recession, worrying news abounds.

But among the headlines, there was a…

, Congressional Record
Congressional Record: Discussion of the Inflation Reduction Act
Jonathan Bydlak

From The Congressional Record:

Mr. BRADY. Madam Speaker…I include in the Record the following list of 586 credible voices of opposition to this bill. They include business leaders, taxpayer…

USA Act – Cathy McMorris Rodgers
Jonathan Bydlak

From Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers:

“The Unauthorized Spending Accountability (USA) Act is an obvious step toward getting our fiscal house in order. Unauthorized appropriations are an…

Open Letter to FY23 NDAA Conferees: Protect “Progress Payments Incentive Pilot”
Nan Swift

As you prepare to conference the Fiscal Year 2023 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), we, the undersigned organizations, strongly urge members of the Senate Committee on Armed Services and the…

, Fox News
Emergency COVID money from early 2021 bill slow to be spent, goes to many non-COVID uses
Jonathan Bydlak

From Fox News:

“That’s the kind of thing that we should be exactly 0% surprised by,” R Street Institute senior fellow Jonathan Bydlak said. “Any time you have that much money flowing out of…

, Fox News
Vulnerable House Dem pushes back on GOP claim that student loan handout will increase inflation, taxes
Jonathan Bydlak

From Fox News:

Jonathan Bydlak, policy director for governance at the libertarian R Street Institute, said this week that the White House’s argument that the plan will not negatively impact…

, Fox Business
Biden admin messaging on how $300B student loan handout will impact inflation is misleading, experts say
Jonathan Bydlak

From Fox Business:

Jonathan Bydlak, policy director for governance at the libertarian R Street Institute, said Wednesday the White House’s argument stretches the truth.

“Pausing student loans…

, Fox News
Biden and congressional Democrats have spent about $3.8 trillion on their agenda since Inauguration Day
Jonathan Bydlak

From Fox News:

But R Street Institute policy director for governance Jonathan Bydlak told Fox News Digital that those are almost insignificant compared to Democrats’ historic spending of taxpayer…

Industries, Business Leaders, Taxpayer Orgs: Manchin-Biden Build Back Better Harms Economy, Kills Jobs
Jonathan Bydlak

From House Ways & Means Republicans:

Democrats’ Manchin-Biden Build Back Better would destroy American innovation, raise taxes on lower- and middle-income workers, result in more audits for…

, Orange County Register
Democrats use ‘deficit reduction’ to weaponize the IRS
Steven Greenhut

SACRAMENTO – The Internal Revenue Service’s national headquarters in Washington, D.C. – a hulking New Deal-era monstrosity that’s ironically located on Constitution Avenue – has U.S….

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