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, Morning Consult
Washington Events Calendar
Jonathan Bydlak

From Morning Consult:
Sen. Braun participates in R Street Institute-National Taxpayers Union webinar on the Biden administration’s FY2022 budget request, 10:00 am

, Government Executive
More Than a Dozen IG Vacancies Await Nominees from Biden
Nan Swift

From Government Executive:

“Taxpayers should be really dismayed that these vacancies persisted across administrations,” said Nan Swift, resident fellow for the governance program at the R…

, RealClearPolicy
President Biden’s Gift to Republicans
Jonathan Bydlak

The Biden administration has been hailed as a return to normalcy: No more Twitter tirades, prickly press conferences, or — at least so far — corruption and dishonesty.

But if recent…

, The Western Journal
Experts Warn Biden’s Terrible Child Care Plan Will Have Unintended Consequences
Jonathan Bydlak

From The Western Journal:

Jonathan Bydlak, the director of the Fiscal and Budget Policy Project at the R Street Institute, told Fox News on Tuesday that subsidizing child care could hurt…

, Fox News
Biden plan to subsidize child care could have unintended consequences, including price increases, experts say
Jonathan Bydlak

From Fox News:

“The idea of using subsidies to essentially engineer some sort of outcome is not exactly a great idea. Any time you end up subsidizing something that represents a market…

, Demand Progress
Video: Demand Progress Webinar on FY 2022 Appropriations Public Witness Testimony
Eli Lehrer & Nan Swift

From Demand Progress:

In prior years, public witnesses have been very fortunate to have their voices heard by Congressional appropriations lawmakers and staff.

Unfortunately, due to the…

Demand Progress FY 2022 Appropriations Public Witness Event
Nan Swift

Thank you to Demand Progress for hosting this alternative forum for members of the government accountability community to share publicly their FY22 appropriations requests in lieu of the typical…

, Dreier Roundtable
Restoring the Power of the Purse
Nan Swift

From Dreier Roundtable:
Restoring the Power of the Purse
by jpitney | Apr 23, 2021 | Appropriations, Budget, Congress
Nan Swift at LegBranch.org: Dear Chairman Leahy, Vice Chairman Shelby,…

Bipartisan Coalition Urges Appropriators to Restore Congress’ Power of the Purse
Nan Swift

Dear Chairman Leahy, Vice Chairman Shelby, Senator Van Hollen, and Senator Hyde-Smith:

We are an ideologically diverse coalition of organizations that have come together to preserve and promote…

, Politico
Groups push Austin to downsize budget “wish lists”
Jonathan Bydlak

From Politico:

A coalition of advocacy groups from across the political spectrum called on Austin on Monday to rein in the “unfunded requirements lists” that the military branches compile each…