Broadband Regulation


Calls for government owned broadband
Jeffrey Westling

From The Philadelphia Inquirer:
In a recent article (April 24), The Inquirer explores calls for government-owned broadband networks. Unfortunately, these networks often fail as local governments…

Hearing on “Broadband Equity: Addressing Disparities in Access and Affordability”
Jeffrey Westling

Dear Chairman Doyle and Ranking Member Latta,

R Street commends the Committee on its continuing efforts to promote broadband availability and adoption, as well as this hearing to explore potential…

, reason
Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Would Redefine ‘Broadband’ To Justify Spending $100 Billion on Government-run Internet
Jeffrey Westling

From reason:

“‘Future proof’ networks often means symmetric speeds,” explains Jeffrey Westling, a technology and innovation policy fellow at the R Street Institute, a free market think tank. In…

Pole Replacement Explainer
Jeffrey Westling
How can Florida continue to lead the future?
Jeffrey Westling

From The James Madison Institute:

Florida is a national leader in broadband infrastructure and deployment. The R Street Institute’s 2020 Broadband Scorecard grants the…

Updating the Lifeline Program
Jeffrey Westling

Image credit: asharkyu

The 5G conversation is dead
Tatyana Bolton

When it comes to discussing information and communication technology (ICT), the international conversation seems to be stuck on 5G. Each month sees a barrage of headlines along the lines of “5…

Biden infrastructure package ignores practical reforms to spur broadband deployment
Jeffrey Westling

A reliable broadband connection has never been more important as Americans try to stay connected during these isolating times. Understanding this, the Biden administration announced plans to…

, John Locke Foundation
Expanding Rural Broadband Access in North Carolina
Jeffrey Westling & Tom Struble

From John Locke Foundation:

In the R Street Institute’s 2020 Broadband Scorecard Report for the states, North Carolina was given a B+ grade. The scorecard ranks states on a broad range of laws…

, The Stokes News
N.C. looks to relax regulations to speed up broadband access
Jeffrey Westling

From The Stokes News:

As the JLF notes in a recent policy paper on broadband, more than 95% of North Carolina can choose from at least three broadband providers, making the state better connected…