Broadband Regulation


Tech & Innovation: Priorities for 2021 and Beyond
Jeffrey Westling & Wayne Brough

With the pandemic forcing Americans online, the role that technological innovation and deployment play in promoting prosperity has never been more clear. As the new administration begins to…

, The Center Square
No good for taxpayers – Biden administration likely to tout more taxpayer-funded broadband
Jeffrey Westling

From The Center Square:

Jeffrey Westling, a fellow in innovation and technology policy at R Street Institute, told TPA that government can help usher in infrastructure growth in other ways, such…

FCC taking important steps to promote broadband deployment
William Gray

The R Street Institute commends the Commission’s continued deregulatory approach to broadband which has allowed significant investment in networks and deployment of cutting-edge services. On…

, The Newnan Times-Herald
Rural broadband still faces challenges, but options exist
Marc Hyden

Anyone who has driven through Atlanta during rush hour recently has witnessed quite the spectacle: the city’s well-documented gridlock seems to have largely dissipated. This is mostly because more…

Bridging the Digital Divide from the Bottom Up
Jeffrey Westling

Earlier this month, R Street held a panel discussion on bridging the digital divide—the gap between those who have broadband connection and those who don’t. While the discussion ranged from a…

, Inside Sources
Biden’s Broadband Plan Would Promote Risky Taxpayer-Funded Networks
Jeffrey Westling

From Inside Sources:

Jeffrey Westling, a fellow in innovation and technology policy at the Libertarian-leaning R Street Institute, told TPA that Biden’s plan would put taxpayers at risk by…

Event: Bridging the Digital Divide: How to Promote Broadband Adoption During the Pandemic and Beyond
Jeffrey Westling

With many Americans staying at home, the pandemic has highlighted the critical role that high-speed broadband plays in our lives. However, it has also shown a light on the growing disparity…

, The Washington Post
The Technology 202: Privacy advocates battle each other over whether California’s Proposition 24 better protects consumers
Jeffrey Westling

From The Washington Post:


The Senate Commerce Committee will hold an oversight hearing about the Federal Trade Commission on Wednesday at 10 a.m.
George Washington…

, American Action Forum
The Internet of Things Requires A Backbone of Strong Broadband
Tom Struble & Jeffrey Westling

From American Action Forum:

For example, the R Street Institute’s annual Broadband Scorecard shows the state-level barriers to deployment or operation, from zoning and construction permits to…

It Takes Two to Make a Proceeding Go Slow
Jeffrey Westling

Earlier this month, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) released its congressionally-mandated study of the 3.1-3.55 GHz band, which wireless operators have long…