, Law & Liberty
The Rise (and Fall) of the Modern Bank of England
Alex J. Pollock

The notion of “an essentially contestable concept” means an issue which by its very nature can never be definitively settled, no matter how much brilliance is expended on it, and about which no…

, The Wall Street Journal
The Price of Inflation, Now and in the Future
Alex J. Pollock

From The Wall Street Journal:

Your excellent editorial “Biden Has an Inflation Problem” (Aug. 12) points out that average real wages have fallen for seven months in a row. In other words, the…

Letter to the editor: Fed’s Inflation Genie May Deliver More Than Wanted
Alex J. Pollock

For the first four months of this year, the seasonally-adjusted consumer-price index is rising at an annualized rate of 6.2%. Without the seasonal adjustments, it is rising at 7.8%.


Joint Industry Letter on QRM Risk Retention Review
R.J. Lehmann

The undersigned organizations representing financial services, real estate finance, housing, consumer affairs, and civil rights appreciate the opportunity to respond to the notice of commencement of…

, Forbes
13 Changes Coming To The Banking Industry

From Forbes:
10. Better Regulation

Traditional banks will focus on taking deposits and lending for productive purposes and leave other financial services to innovative new fintech and digital…

, Free Lunch Podcast
Free Lunch Podcast Episode 57 – LIBOR – Will a $200 Trillion Global Benchmark Disappear – or Not?

From Free Lunch Podcast:
LIBOR is a hugely important interest rate benchmark, used globally and embedded in over $200 trillion of financial contracts. It has its notable shortcomings, including…

, Financial Times
Echoes of the US savings and loan industry’s collapse
Alex J. Pollock

Metro Bank has the problem so pointedly observed by the great Walter Bagehot in 1873: “Every banker knows that if he has to prove he is worthy of credit . . . in fact his credit is…

, American Banker
Is Dodd-Frank council evolving, or throwing in the towel?
Alex J. Pollock

From American Banker:

“In my judgment at the time” the FSOC was established was that “it was not well constructed,” said Alex Pollock, a senior fellow at the R Street Institute. “It’s set up…

Pollock participates in a discussion with Professor Mark H. Rose
Alex J. Pollock

R Street Distinguished Senior Fellow Alex J. Pollock took part in a March 27 panel at the American Enterprise Institute to discuss economic historian Mark Rose’s new book, “Market Rules:…

, Real Clear Markets
Thoughts on the Source of International Economic Advantage
Alex J. Pollock

What are the possible sources of America’s international economic advantages and success at creating a superior standard of living for its people?  Each fundamental factor of production gives…

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