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, The American Spectator
Deregulated Drinking: A Rare Pandemic Pick-Me-Up
C. Jarrett Dieterle

By this point, any semi-astute political observer has heard of Rahm Emanuel’s oft-repeated quip that one should never let a crisis go to waste. In fact, it’s become something of a theory of…

, National Review
It’s Time to Allow Bourbon in Our Mailboxes
C. Jarrett Dieterle

Americans can be forgiven for being confused. In many places, you can now get a margarita delivered to your door from the local Mexican restaurant; the brewery down the street can drop off a growler;…

, Hops & Spirits
Podcast: Episode 57: Changing alcohol laws and what it means with policy expert Jarrett Dieterle
C. Jarrett Dieterle

From Hops & Spirits:

Jarrett Dieterle, alcohol policy expert with R Street, joins to talk about changes in alcohol laws and his book “Give Me Liberty and Give Me A Drink!”. We discuss how…

, SiriusXM 167
Radio: Jarrett Dieterle Joins Matt Gurney on The Daily Edition
C. Jarrett Dieterle

From SiriusXM 167:

R Street’s Jarrett Dieterle joins Matt Gurney on The Daily Edition.

, Real Clear Policy
Why is the Post Office Partying Like It’s 1921?
C. Jarrett Dieterle

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything — besides vaccines being awesome — it’s that having everything delivered to our doors is way easier than constantly running to a store. Need a…

, New York Daily News
Let them drink cocktails: New York yanks away to-go alcohol, a popular pandemic innovation
C. Jarrett Dieterle

As government officials try to encourage more New Yorkers to get vaccinated — using every trick in the book, including free subway rides and tickets to museums and zoos — Gov. Cuomo is…

Alcohol Licensing Quantity Caps
C. Jarrett Dieterle
The Covid Rules That Might Be Gone for Good
C. Jarrett Dieterle

During the pandemic, states relaxed certain rules and regulations to help people social distance. But the R Street Institute’s Jarrett Dieterle says they may get rid of them permanently.

, Marketplace
New laws keep alcohol-to-go on the menu after the pandemic – Marketplace
C. Jarrett Dieterle

Still, according to Jarrett Dieterle, who researches alcohol regulation at R Street, a policy think tank, “2020 was the most important year for alcohol since the end of Prohibition.”


, The Dallas Morning News
If Texans can buy alcohol-to-go from restaurants on Sundays, it’s time to lift all blue laws
Josiah Neeley & C. Jarrett Dieterle

Texas lawmakers passed a long-overdue update to alcohol laws, allowing restaurants to sell alcohol-to-go on Sunday. Now it’s time to scrap blue laws.
On Wednesday, Gov. Greg Abbott signed into law…

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