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The life and times of Walter Bagehot: A discussion with James Grant

James Grant, one of the wittiest and most incisive financial writers of our day, is completing a new book on the life and times of Walter Bagehot, who was famous for his dictum that a central bank should meet a crisis by lending freely against good banking assets at a high rate of interest. Bagehot, crowned “the greatest Victorian” by historian G. M. Young, edited The Economist, advised William E. Gladstone, attacked Benjamin Disraeli, and warned British investors against lending to “emerging markets.” Like James Grant, Bagehot was a keen observer of financial behavior, credit flows, and political economy. What would he say if he were alive today?

Join AEI as James Grant discusses his newest book and current events with R Street’s Alex Pollock and AEI’s Paul Kupiec.



4:45 PM

5:00 PM
Paul H. Kupiec, AEI

5:05 PM
The Life and Times of Walter Bagehot:
James Grant, Grant’s Interest Rate Observer

5:50 PM
Panel discussion

James Grant, Grant’s Interest Rate Observer
Paul H. Kupiec, AEI
Alex J. Pollock, R Street Institute

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Adjournment to wine and cheese reception

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