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Profits Built on Personal Data

Profits Built on Personal Data

When: January 27 2022 12:00 PM EST
Where: Virtual

Americans developed, funded, and are perpetuating a new economic sector built on personal data analysis. In return for free services, users grant firms such as Google, Amazon, Garmin, and Facebook rights to use and reuse their personal data. These firms collect and monetize this data to create new products and services. Some also sell their analyses and data sets to a wide range of governmental and corporate customers. Many call such business models surveillance capitalism, because as Shoshana Zuboff has noted, these firms “repackage personal data as prediction products for customers who want to learn how we think, what we will do in the future, and even how we vote.”

The world has benefited from these products and services, but researchers have found that these business models can undermine human rights, affect political and social stability, and reduce human autonomy and trust. In this webinar, our speakers will  examine the business model and discuss some of  these negative effects. They will then suggest potential strategies to mitigate some of these effects and answer audience questions.


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