Time10:00AM11:00AM EST LocationU.S. Capitol Visitor Center , First Street NE, CVC268 , DC, 20515
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Postal Reform: Options and Opportunity for the 116th Congress

In May, the Postal Service reported a $2.1 billion loss in the second quarter of its 2019 fiscal year, after losing $3.9 billion the previous year. With finances growing increasingly dire, Congress has begun looking for answers. This spring, both houses held hearings on paths forward for the struggling agency, and the House is considering a bipartisan reform bill that would give USPS more financial breathing room. But this proposal would not address the long-term structural problems at USPS, meaning Congress would need to act again in a few years. By that point, the underlying problems driving ongoing losses will have only gotten worse.

To that end, R Street has organized a panel to discuss the current legislation and consider avenues for further postal reform, including piloting new potential revenue sources, formalizing the agency’s universal service obligation, and overcoming the deadlock between postal interest groups.

Each panelist will have 10-15 minutes to speak, followed by a moderated question and answer session for the balance of time until 1 pm.


Lori Rectanus, Director of Physical Infrastructure, Government Accountability Office

Kevin Kosar, Vice President of Policy, R Street Institute

Nick Zaiac, Fellow in Commercial Freedom, R Street Institute


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