Time10:00AM7:00PM EST Location1101 N Highland St, Arlington, VA, 22201
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Opinion Leaders Workshop with Matt Lewis

Meals Included. $30 with Early Registration!

Conservatives across the world find inspiration from great thought leaders who motivate them into action and make the case for conservative principles to mass audiences.

These unique leaders have written compelling books, appear on television regularly, and have a global brand. How did they do it and what is it that has earned them such a large following in the movement?

The Leadership Institute has helped many people like Matt Lewis, Cabot Phillips, Kat Timpf and more get there. At the Opinion Leaders Workshop, one of these leaders, Matt Lewis will teach you how! You will learn how:

… and much more!
  • Matt Lewis – Senior Columnist, The Daily Beast
  • Keith Urbahn – Founder and President, Javelin
  • Shoshana Weissmann – Digital Media Specialist, R-Street Institute

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