Time4:00PM7:00PM EST LocationCTA Innovation House, 21 D Street, Washington, DC, 20003
Events hosted by RSI AND In-Person

AI, Energy and the Future of High-Powered Computing


[Moderator] Ewelina Czapla, Director of Climate Policy, Citizens For Responsible Energy Solutions

Wayne T. Brough, Director, Technology and Innovation, R Street Institute

Kellee Wicker, Director, Science and Technology Innovation, Wilson Center

Devin Hartman, Director of Energy and Environmental Policy, R Street Institute


The computational revolution is upon us, promising to radically transform every facet of our economy, society and government. From accelerating cancer cures to building more accurate climate models, AI offers opportunities to accelerate research and development on some of society’s most vexing challenges.

As AI continues to play a greater role in the economy, energy demand by the data centers that drive it is also increasing—making it necessary to explore the interconnection between AI and energy. While AI may increase energy use, it also holds promise for increasing energy efficiency.

AI can accelerate the clean energy transition by expediting generator interconnections and optimizing distributed energy networks. It can also unlock pathways to verifiable carbon removal and offsets, as well as enhance industrial process efficiencies that lessen environmental impact.

Join us for an engaging discussion about AI, energy and the future of high-powered computing. Panel begins at 4PM ET, with the accompanying happy hour running from 5:30PM to 7PM.