A Joint Event with the R Street Institute and the Indiana University’s Observatory on Social Media

When: June 1st, 2-3:30pm, ET

Where: Zoom


  • [Moderator] Tatyana Bolton, Policy Director for Cybersecurity and Emerging Threats, R Street Institute
  • Filippo Menczer, Director, The Observatory on Social Media
  • Pik-Mai Hui, PhD student in Complex Systems and Network Science, Indiana University
  • Cory Simpson, Senior Director, Cyberspace Solarium Commission
  • Robert Morgus, Senior Director, Cyberspace Solarium Commission
  • Todd O’Boyle, Senior Manager for Public Policy, Twitter

All panelists’ views are their own and do not represent the opinions of the entity they are affiliated with.

The rise of social media platforms has introduced another widespread phenomenon—the spread of misleading information. Whether introduced organically or deliberately, misinformation threatens the integrity of democratic journalism. Because misinformation has become a serious threat to governance, it requires interdisciplinary efforts and collaboration to mitigate. To this end, Indiana University’s Observatory on Social Media (OSoMe) researches information diffusion and misinformation in media ecosystems, and develops accessible, educational resources to chart trends in real-time.

Join leading experts as they demonstrate Botslayer, a tool that tracks and detects the amplification of information campaigns. The demonstration will be followed by a discussion on how Botslayer can empower stakeholders to be resilient and conscious inhabitants of internet media.